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Thanks to our powerful framework, we grant full compatibility among all our plugins and the possibility to get advanced additional features by their combined use. Choosing a unique author for all the plugins grants you steadiness, compatibility, and no risk.
YITH is here today. And tomorrow too.

5 reasons to choose YITH

We are a 100% independent platform

Unlike marketplaces selling plugins that are developed by always different or unknown authors, YITH is the first independent platform for the sale of plugins for WooCommerce. Every plugin available in our catalog has been designed and developed by our in-company team of developers, the same team that constantly takes care of improving and updating our products. That being so, we are the only ones to offer quality and steadiness to all our customers year after year.

Full compatibility among all plugins

All our plugins are developed through a proprietary framework that we have constantly improved and strengthened plugin by plugin. This grants 100% compatibility among plugins and a unique solution to get all the features you need for your e-commerce. You won't need to look for essential tools elsewhere to create an online store nor to worry about incompatibilities and consequent errors. When used together, most of our plugins offer you even more advanced features that turn them into more powerful and versatile tools for the growth of your online business.

We can help you to enhance your shop

Many of our plugins are powerful marketing tools that will help you enhance your e-commerce, increase conversions, loyalize customers through offers and focused discounts, and much more. Our plugins are designed after careful market analysis about the ways customers purchase online and the most popular e-commerce sites, such as Amazon and Zalando. We can guarantee that every plugin and its features are an essential step to enhance your e-commerce and help you generate more sales. In short, we can make a difference in your online business. You only need to put us to the test.

A continuous service guaranteed over the years

Our company is on the market of themes and plugins for WooCommerce from 2009 and has a team of nearly 50 persons and three headquarters located in Italy, Spain and Argentina. Thanks to our constant growth, we can guarantee a continuous service for plugin updates and technical support, year after year.

Our amazing customer support service

One of our key strengths is the technical support service offered to those purchasing our plugins. We don’t offer one-time support, but we care for you day-by-day with an average percentage of customers satisfaction stable at 99%. Visit our Help Center >


We don't offer one-time support, we care for you day-by-day.

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