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E-CommerceLevel up your store with YITH ‘Make the most out of Valentine’s Day’

Our advanced apologies if you were expecting a romantic date with one of the team… this tutorial is all about how you can make more money as an e-commerce business during this season. Valentine’s day is only one day and for many retailers, this can be very stressful as much emotion surrounds this day and the customer wants it to be absolutely perfect. It is not uncommon that a business is planning a great offer throughout January, but as the day gets nearer, panic rises as there’s lots of detail on how to fulfil orders and deliver them on time. 

We’ll be using the example of a Flower shop to see how to better manage customer expectations, as well as increasing your revenue through upselling, better organisation and expanding your services and products including:

  1. Adding a personal message to gifts
  2. Adding a gift card or experience 
  3. Upselling a box of Chocolates
  4. Setting a delivery date for Valentine’s day
  5. Manage your orders with a custom order status
  6. Don’t lose shoppers with an ‘easy login’ reminder


1) Adding a personal message

Do you have a shop that sells personalized gifts and struggles to get the right details sent or charge the right amount? If that is the case, let us introduce the YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons plugin to you. It has the ability to add anything to a product, whether this is a name to be engraved, a personal message or a photo that needs to be uploaded, as well as many more options. You can even charge a fee per letter. But for the sake of the Flower shop example, let’s keep it simple. Customers are able to add an additional card to be attached to a bunch of flowers with a personal message. No more phoning, emails and matching the message with an order, it is straight there with the actual order.

Here is how the customer can add a personal message to an order


2) Selling Gift Cards

Apart from selling gift cards of your own shop and products, you could collaborate with neighbouring or complementing businesses. Let’s imagine your next-door shop is a beauty salon, you could agree to sell their services for a commission and they could do the same on your products.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards allows you to create your own designs or set the value against products. An easy way to upgrade or sell something for the undecided customer that has to buy something.

By adding an additional service or product, you can now get the customer to buy the whole experience through you instead of the customers having to go to different shops. 

With Gift Cards, you can set a date for the delivery, so getting that purchase from a customer early has never been easier.

Here is an example of what the Gift Card buying experience looks like


3) Upselling chocolates

A hard-to-resist deal like a box of chocolates at 50% off, when spending a minimum amount, can greatly increase revenue. Not only do you encourage the customer to spend more, but also sell another item while the customer feels good getting this special deal. With YITH Deals for WooCommerce you can set these rules, so for example, if a customer buys the standard bunch of flowers, I can now prompt the customer to upgrade and get a box of chocolate at 50% off. All, with one single prompt at the moment when they are most likely to convert.

Doubling your revenue – the popup deal to upsell a box of chocolates


4) Setting Delivery Dates

Not every item you sell has to be delivered on Valentine’s day, but if it is, you’d rather know in advance. Even more important is when you have a limited number of delivery drivers and each can only deliver 10 bunches per hour. You certainly would want to limit this and be able to sleep at night in the run-up to Valentine’s day. Giving the option of a delivery date is the easiest way to manage this. YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date can be installed and set up within minutes.

The delivery date and available time-slots can be set at the checkout


5) Custom Order status

With YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status, you can create different statuses’ for your orders. This is particularly useful when you have orders that need another step in the process. In our first example, when adding custom messages or ‘names’ for engraving, you can create an order status of ‘customisation’. Or if you have many orders that need processing a day before Valentine’s day, you can give these orders a custom status. There are so many more reasons why you would want to change the status of an order and this can really help to keep track of them at every stage, and also by all the staff processing them. On top of that, each status can trigger an email to notify the customer of the process. 

Different types of order status’ – each status can trigger a follow-up action.


6) Easy Login and Registration

Streamlining the buying process is always a hot topic. A user-friendly website has obvious benefits for both parties, but with the new WooCommerce Easy Login & Register plugin, we have noticed another trend…  Impulse purchases are mostly bought on mobile devices and whilst performing another task, like watching TV, travelling or being at work. This often results in a high ‘abandoned cart’ rate, maybe to keep the purchase a surprise for a loved one, or generally when the buying process is disturbed due to other external influences. There are so many reasons why people abandon their cart and it is never a bad idea to remind them about it later on. With WooCommerce Easy Login & Register popup reminder, we have made the login and registration a whole lot easier. This is a completely new plugin that, when coupled to an abandoned cart reminder plugin, or external service like MailChimp, you will see the conversion rate increase dramatically.


The Easy Login for WooCommerce in action with an easy way to login or register.


With just one of these six plugins, you can greatly streamline both the buying process and administration of your WooCommerce store, nevermind the growth in revenue from increased sales and improved customer service.

With all YITH plugins, you can test these on a sandbox site with all the premium settings. Even better is that you can enable other plugins to see how they complement each other. 

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