Free ThemesLibra: a free & powerful corporate wordpress theme

Libra: a Latin name that recalls the stars and the deep blue of  the universe. It’s not a coincidence that the menu and the header of this theme are indisputably characterized by the color of infinity. A very specific symbolic choice which isn’t not born from the immediacy of a thought, but from the design thinking of our designers.

The initial aim was to work on a concept of purity, introspection but also of sensibility and calm. As it always happens during the graphic representation of an idea, the drafts undergo many passages that get overwritten again and again generating new intuitions, new deductions, new ways to interpret the aesthetic of a message, which in this case has kept its initial purpose: enhance intelligence and wisdom.

Live demo

Libra is a powerful corporate/ portfolio theme with a very large layout (1170 pixel), but extraordinary responsive. In fact if you try to open it on your tablet or on your smartphone, you’ll notice that there are no limits  to use or fruition of its contents. The theme fits perfectly the screen of the device, from the desktop monitor to the smallest display of an iPhone.

Don’t wait no longer, download and test it immediately.


General specifications

Big, powerful and authoritative, Libra is the right theme to face the growth, to reorganize your ideas and your business and start doing things seriously. This doesn't exclude the possibility that it could be employed by business newcomers, given by the simplicity of its configuration panel. But if at a certain point arises the need to communicate in a more professional manner representing  the image of a brand in  a more powerful and organized way, then you need tools capable of doing this kind of job. Libra can!

The configuration of Libra is easy thanks to a dashboard designed (and frequently improved) to allow even inexperienced users to install and set every single element of the theme in a few of minutes.

We believe that your efforts must be related to your business. Leave the technical stuff to us.

But now let’s see how the panel works.

Logo... and not only

In the screenshot below you can start to realize how the Libra panel is made. The logo is (at least in terms of configuration) the first thing to handle. You can enable the custom logo and upload your picture. And not only…

Theme option

The configuration of the first section of the panel

As you can see from the screenshot above, the configuration options of the first section of  the panel (accessible from Libra Free > Theme Options) have been designed to make you get with a couple of clicks very advanced functions.

You can control:

  • logo customization;
  • tag-line;
  • favicon:
  • breadcrumb;
  • layout of the website (this is great);
  • responsive behavior.


Always in the general settings, after  “settings”, we find the section dedicated to the footer. Here, besides personalizing text and links shown by default by  Libra, you can choose from different types of footers:

  1. Two Columns Footer
  2. Centered Footer
  3. Big Footer + Two Columns
  4. Big Footer + Centered
  5. Sidebar + Two Colums
  6. Sidebar + Centered


Archive, category and search page

After follows a section - called “Pages” -  where you can configure some preferences regarding:

  • the archive page
  • the category page
  • the search page

For all three of them you can choose whether to show or not the title of the page, assign a title and choose how to display the contents, entirely or only an excerpt (summary).

Pages options


Needless to say the importance of a blog for those who  decide to promote their business through the network. Our themes always offer more than one choice in the matter. In the premium version of Libra, in fact there are 6 different types of solutions which will be discussed later.

Instead for the free version, you can download and immediately use, the big thumbnails like in the image below:

Blog layout

For what regards the configuration, the panel allow you to personalize your blog choosing to:

  • exclude certain categories from the lists on your blog, if you think that some must stay more hidden
  • show or not, the featured image
  • show or not the details of the featured image
  • show or not the date
  • show or not, the author
  • show or not the comments
  • choose from a bigger list the icon of  your favorite comments, or decide to upload it directly from your computer
  • show or not “read more” or “continue” or another text in the footer of the preview of the posts on the blog page
  • show or not the related posts
  • give a different name for the related posts (eg. relevant articles)
  • give a description (besides the title ) of the related posts
  • show a specific number of related posts (eg. 5 or 7 or 10 etc.)
  • give a specific order to the related posts (eg. random or according to the author, ID, date etc.)
  • give an increasing/decreasing order to the related posts
  • show or not the date of the related posts
  • show or not the title of the related posts
  • show or not the author of the related posts
  • show or not the number of comments to the related posts

Theme options


Showing others what readers/clients think is a good way to build up credibility and authority. Even better if the testimonials are structured in a clear and professional way.

The free version of Libra offers the square style to show feedbacks:


Moreover, the user has the possibility to set up several  choices: With two  on/off switch and a dropdown menu:

  • Show Thumbnail: you can decide whether to show or not the photo of the testimonial. It’s easy as drinking a glass of water.
  • Link to testimonial detail page: you can decide whether to link or not the website of the testimonial.
  • Testimonial text type: to show all the feedbacks or only part of them.

Please notice the slider that indicates the number of words to display for each testimonial.

Testimonial options

Custom codes

We already said that our panel has been designed to simplify the phases of the configuration process of the theme. And it’s for this reason that it gets frequently updated and improved. However we also considered the needs of expert users, those who have experience with codes and want to further customize  the elements of the theme.

In fact in the last section of the Libra panel you’ll find custom fields  where you can modify the CSS style and the javascript.

Custom style

Custom script

The Sidebar

The sidebar: a very useful tool/space to manage strategic information and improve the user’s navigation experience. But it's not always true if you can’t completely control it. Many themes, for example have a fixed position. With Libra, instead, you can decide where to place the sidebar and also choose the type according to the page where its widgets will be displayed.

Sidebars options

Both for the pages and for the posts, the panel  immediately offers two settings:

  • The switch button, to activate/deactivate a certain sidebar for all types of pages.
  • The choice of the positioning of the sidebar (right or left) or a layout without a sidebar.

Custom post type options


We said that Libra is the right theme to face the growth and start doing things seriously. All this, for a corporate/portfolio website, means the possibility to show services in a professional manner. That’s why the theme, starting from the free version, allows you to use special custom post type for services.

Service options

The service page can be configured and implemented thanks to a shortcode manager present on the toolbar of the editor’s page. Without writing a line of code, you can configure buttons, icons or show services in the mode you like. Simple and intuitive.

YITH Schortcode

Services shortcode

Drag & Drop Menu

The Libra menus are compatible with the Drag & Drop system introduced in the  version 3.0 of WordPress. To create a main navigation menu you must drag the elements to the specific area.


Theme navigation


The theme is localized in English. Using the translation file released with the theme, you can easily translate it in any other language.

Support File

Along with the theme we’re releasing a support file which will be help you through the entire configuration process of the theme.

For obvious reasons, we can’t offer support for every user that downloads and starts up Libra, as it would impossible for us to keep up with all the requests without overlooking something and without penalizing our work, considering also the number of users that follow us today and the possibility that this theme could also be included in the official directory of WordPress.

The premium version of Libra

And for all those who want more? No problem. There’s the premium version of Libra a  sort of Aladdin’s lamp: whatever thing you desire for your website, with couple of  clicks you’ll see pop up as for magic on your web pages.

First of all, let’s see what Libra Premium has to offer for those who want more advanced solutions:

  • Free Support and  Video Tutorials
  • 9 types of sliders
  • Extension of the theme options
  • SEO
  • Unlimited colors
  • Over 600 fonts of the Google library
  • Background Uploader + 50 backgrounds
  • Unlimited contact forms with Javascript validator
  • About Page
  • 11 different styles of portfolio
  • Shortcode manger with over 300 Shortcodes
  • Sample data
  • Custom Widget
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • 6 blog templates
  • 4 styles of testimonials

Free Support and Video Tutorials

With the premium version, you have unlimited access to our support forum and to all our tutorials, video tutorials and a  step-by-step guide that is updated frequently to help you manage our theme and resolve any technical problems.

9 types of sliders

News, personal photos or illustrations of products… many reasons where at a certain point (things start getting serious) you need to present contents in a more effective way to leave the mark in the user’s mind.

On the home page, this need is easily synthesized in a code technology called slider. In the premium version of Libra there are 9 different kinds of sliders:

  1. Revolution
  2. Flex Slider Elegant
  3. Flex Slider
  4. Flash
  5. Elastic
  6. Rotating
  7. Thumbnails
  8. Usquare
  9. Polaroid


Revolution Slider



Extension of the theme options

With the premium version you can control every single element of management, administration, creation and even promotion and indexing of your website.


The simple Know how is not enough. You must also know how to let people know. It’s important that your contents are well positioned and optimized on search engines.

One time this job was done by hand working on the code. Then plugins were developed to edit titles, descriptions and SEO friendly keywords. But we did more: we unburdened the system,  integrating the theme with these features. Now, everything is more easier than a plugin.

Libra allows you to optimize your website and your contents thanks to:

  • a panel created specifically for the website, pages, posts e custom post type;
  • SEO metabox present on every page or post.

Seo options

Seo options

Unlimited colors

As Jason Beaird says, defusing a bomb or realizing a website with a nice aspect, no matter what’s your job, is all a matter of colors, if you mess up with the colors you’re ruined. Obviously, if you choose the wrong color for a website nobody dies. But who can say that your career, website, or your reputation as a web designer or marketer could be compromised by a bad choice?

Colors are important, as it’s important to be able to test, configure, modify, etc them without losing sleep.

With the Libra panel, you can easily edit the colors of every section or element, from the text to the link, slogans, buttons, etc.

Background options

Over 600 fonts from the Google library

The main target for a website and therefore for a WordPress theme is to communicate. Communicate with users, readers, community, clients, etc…

Typography is the fundamental element of communication – essence of branding and a crucial element of web design –that, however  up to few years ago, wasn’t fully exploited (or as the same way in the traditional typography) because the safe lists included in users’ main operative systems were limited.

Today this problem no longer exists. Technics and technology allow us to use fonts not installed on our computer. And this gives to typography its original dignity as a higher art.

Now you can do whatever you like, also because Libra permits you to use over 600 fonts directly from Google’s font directory.

But be careful: typography can be very addictive. You could find yourself observing the menu of a restaurant for half an hour  before you order just to figure out which fonts were used to print it.

Once you start, it will be hard to stop… loving typography. :-)


Background Uploader + 50 backgrounds

Many designers overlook the kinetic factor of the navigator’s sensibility, or they just limit themselves to set layout and colors on the basis of a minimalist reasoning that sometimes reduces the ability to get people involved on an emotional level.

Still there are many details that can improve the user’s navigation experience, making it more sensory, concrete, closer to reality of people. The background of a website, with its pattern and textures and with its capacity to transfer real sensations, is part of this fantastic family of improving details.

With  Libra, besides a huge range of colors that you can mount thanks to the color picker, you can easily upload a pattern or a picture to personalize the background of your pages with no need to write a single line of code.

Custom background

Unlimited contact forms with Javascript validation

You don’t have limits with the contact forms. You can create it according to your needs, simply,  directly through Libra’s custom post type.

Contact form

About Page

One of the most important pages of a website,  which reveals the credibility and the heart of the project is the about page. Here there are people, roles, their story. You’ll find faces and eyes of those who worked at the website.

More time you dedicate to this page, better will be the readers impact. It’s a matter of  first good impressions, but also of human empathy .

Our designers have worked a lot on balance and spaces in order to obtain a good result and give to users the opportunity to choose between different styles. In fact Libra offers three styles:

  1. Accordion Style
  2. Circle Style
  3. U-square Style

Page Team



11 different portfolio styles

The strength of a portfolio theme is given by the way works/projects are displayed. Libra allows you to choose between 11 different portfolio styles :

  1. Libra
  2. Pinterest
  3. Slide Detail
  4. Filterable
  5. 2 columns
  6. 3 columns
  7. 4 columns
  8. Big Image
  9. Slider
  10. Project detail # 1
  11. Project detail # 2

Let's see them.

Libra Portfolio


Pinterest Portfolio

Portfolio pinterest

Slide Detail

Portfolio slide detail


Filterable portfolio

2 columns

Portfolio 2 columns

3 columns

Portfolio 3 columns

4 columns

Portfolio 4 columns

Big Image

Portfolio big image


Portfolio slider

Project Detail # 1

Portfolio full description

Project Detail # 2

Portfolio full description

Shortcode manager with over 300 Shortcodes

With just one click you can add elements of aesthetics, usability or contents to your web pages (video, sliders, buttons, tab, etc).



Sample data

With a simple click you can import our demo file and have in a second your website identical with our preview (to then modify the contents according your needs).

Custom Widget

With the installation of Libra, you also install a set of widget (latest projects, testimonials, etc.) not included in your basic WordPress.


Unlimited Sidebars

We already talked about the sidebar. We haven’t said yet that with the premium version you can create an unlimited number of custom sidebars.

6 templates of blog page

Even for the blog, we already  talked about it blog above. And again the premium version offers extensions which is worth making a brief mention. In particular, we're talking about the templates of the blog pages, which with Libra Premium are:

  1. Libra Big
  2. Libra Small
  3. Elegant
  4. Big Thumbnails (already available in the free version)
  5. Small Thumbnails
  6. Pinterest

Libra Big


Libra Small



Blog elegant

Big Thumbnails

(Already seen above)

Small Thumbnails



Blog pinterest

4 styles of testimonials

Same thing for the testimonials. We already talked about it above, because in the free version this feature is included. But with Libra premium the styles to show feedback and testimonials increase. They are:

  1. Circle Style
  2. Quote Style
  3. Square Style
  4. U-Square Style



We started with the concept of purity and introspection that underpins this project to enhance intelligence and wisdom , virtues that sometime predominate from the beginning , ma most of the times may arise in the course of time, when experience allow us to filter, separate and select useful and high quality products.

Libra is a theme full of experience, it belongs to the phase in which intelligence and wisdom start dominating to face the growth, to reorganize the ideas and start a phase in which things get done in a certain way.

Functions and features abound. And we've seen tons of them in this article. But now that you arrived at this point (by the way, congrats for your resistance!), let’s do like this: take a ride on the preview. And if you find confirmation that Libra is really the right theme to bring up your business, then download the free version, install and start using it. All the rest comes after.

You need purity and introspection. You need Libra!

Live demo