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WooCommerce TutorialsYITH Footer Banner: New Free WordPress Plugin Released

You have just finished realizing your amazing website. It is engaging, fast, cool, user friendly and with an amazing graphic design. You’ve worked hard on it to make it perfect but you still think there is something missing. To sell your products, to inform your users about your latest news and info, you’re trying to think about a better way to share them. What can you add? What can you think up to improve it?

Amazing news: We’ve released the new WordPress plugin YITH Footer Banner perfect for your problem! Yes, it is the one you see right here, in our website… isn’t it amazing? Obviously you also need it in your website!

Improve the conversion rate of your mailing list. With our new plugin you can easily improve subscribers to your newsletter.

The new Your Inpiration Themes Footer Banner plugin allows you to add a fancy banner in the footer of your page. It is really useful to display the latest news or to notify the last offers to your clients. YITH Footer Banner also includes an easy newsletter form that can be easily configured with the most important Email Marketing services (MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ect.).

Download live

With this plugin you can create a banner to add in the footer of your website pages. You can customize it in every aspect, as:

  • background
  • bottom border colors
  • title
  • message
  • logo
  • typography
  • Newsletter form

Ah, just one more thing: this WordPress plugin is completely free! You can download it for free directly from here so that you will have this amazing new tool on your website just in a few minutes. Let’s see how to configure it.

Installation and Configuration

Once you have uploaded the plugin, activate your plugin in Plugins > Installed plugins.

Go in Appearance > Footer Banner and be sure that Enable Footer Banner is ticked.


In Appearance > Footer Banner page you will find the settings of the plugin. Also the options are splitted in more tabs, to find them easily.


[table color=”white”]

General Settings
Enable Footer Banner Enable the plugin
Logo If you want, you can set here an image to be shown on the left side of the banner.
Title The title displayed. You can also use HTML code.
Subtitle The subtitle displayed. You can also use HTML code.
Link If you would like to wrap image, title and subtitle into a link, you’ll have to write it here. (example: https://yithemes.com)
Hide button Text to be shown and used as an hide button on banner’s right.
Hide forever button Text to be shown and used as an hide forever button on banner’s right.
Custom style Insert here your custom CSS style.
Title font of message Choose the font type, size and color for the titles inside the message text.
Paragraph font of message Choose the font type, size and color for the subtitle message text.
Hiding buttons fonts Choose the font type, size and color for the hiding button fonts.



[table color=”white”]

Background Settings
Background image Upload the images from your computer or choose from your media library the background image
Background Color Choose a background color
Customize the border Choose a border color
Background Repeat Select the repeat mode for the background image.
Background Position Select the position for the background image.
Background Attachment Select the attachment for the background image.



All options to configure the newsletter form of the footer baner. The options below allows you to link the newsletter form to an external service. You simply need to analyze the example form of external service and then configure each information in the option fields below.
[table color=”white”]

Enable Newsletter form Choose if you want to enable the newsletter form in the maintenance mode page.
Newsletter Submit Font Choose the font type, size and color for the submit button.
Newsletter Name and Email Inputs Font Choose the font type, size and color for the name and email inputs field.
Newsletter submit background The submit button background.
Newsletter submit hover background The submit button hover background.
Form configuration
Action URL Set the action url of the form.
Form method Set the method for the form request (POST or GET).
“Name” field label The label for the name field
“Name” field name The “name” attribute for the name field
“Email” field label The label for the email field
“Email” field name The “name” attribute for the email field
Submit button label The label for the submit button
Newsletter Hidden fields Set the hidden fields to include in the form. Use the form: field1=value1&field2=value2&field3=value3



If you wish to have the right focus and attention on your latest news, services and products, don’t miss the chance to have this amazing plugin in your website! Download it and enjoy it!

Download live