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Support reportCustomer Service: let’s see how July 2016 went

In one of our previous articles we gladly (and proudly) shared the results of the past six months of the YITH technical support.

We did so because customer satisfaction has always been our most important goal and source of pride, which has been proven by our results.

We didn’t just manage to further lower our answer time, but we kept a very high satisfaction level: 97% during the month of June

In order to keep you updated on our service and keep improving the quality of our work, we decided to create a monthly appointment that would collect the results provided by our support team in the past thirty days.

So here I proudly present the work of my colleagues during the month of July and I’m going to use this opportunity to personally thank Giuseppe for his services and efforts to help our customers.

So, what numbers are we talking about for this second month of the Summer?


We have confirmed our 97% customer satisfaction rate based on 308 votes, 299 of which were positive.

We are thankful to those 299 customers who took time to evaluate our service, let’s now see the data of this month in detail:


Back from the chaos generated by the WooCommerce update 2.6 and thanks to the collective efforts of all of our efforts who released updated versions of their plugins, this month we received roughly 1.510 tickets, about 10% less than the previous month.

Our goal is to lower this percentage even further, thanks to the articles in our Help Center, in order for fewer customers to feel the need to open a ticket to fix their issues 🙂

The reply time sligthly increased from 17,76 hours to 18.30 hours. An almost unnoticeable increase caused by the natural flux of tickets and that’s still far from the numbers we started with in January: 29 hours!

So July was another month we can say we are proud of ourselves.

While dealing with customers personally rather than considering them as tasks and numbers, several different situations take place: such as that time we celebrated our national football team scoring in a ticket with a customer or that user that loses its sidebars every single month and contacts us to recover them.

These small portions of life our customers experience make our job all the more human.

What follows are some of the many feedback we received this month… Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

  • Maie: Great fast support, and really patience with customer 😀 i know     sometime is really hard to deal with costumer especially with very     confuse and non-native English speaker. Big Thanks!
  • Luis: I’m ultra , super , mega grateful to Mr. Armando for service support
  • Mark: Great support! as always! Giuseppe is a credit to your business
  • Daniel : Awesome support as always.. This superb support will make make me a recurring customer for sure. Thanks again!
  • Jurie: Brilliant service, resolved the small issues I had in little time. I will recommend YIthemes to anyone, some of the best support I have received from any of the Theme/Plugin developers on the web.
  • Luis Miguel: Go if this was an issue ( ticket) pretty hard , thanks to you and only you , after a long time and several lines of code , you’ve finally managed to make my logo look good. So far I am quite satisfied with your work, help and support , I am pleased as client yith so far, anque on the way there have been some obstacles and misunderstandings , it is good to know that you ‘re on the other side of my work and you ‘re a good professional. I just hope you’re not going to leave me in the final stage . Never change 😉 Good , I’m satisfied  
  • consulting: I have used many service providers over the years, none have been as pro-active and quick in solving the problem, even to the point of providing rewritten php files, ready for inclusion in the next update. Taking a full licence is definitely the way to go. Thank you. Five star rating.

Thank you all for your kind words, encouragement and advice!

Enjoy your holiday season and see you in our next monthly report!

P.S. A little piece of advice for customers who open a ticket: always remember that updating your ticket before receiving an answer will reset your ticket priority in the queue, so only do that if that’s strictly necessary 🙂