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YITH WooCommerce Wishlist documentation

Popular products

Promotional email

For each product included right inside the table, you can send a promotional email puoi inviare un'email promozionale, based on one of the following modalities:

  • simultaneous sending to all users who added the product to their wishlist
    Send promotional email
  • sending to specific user, to choose from those related to the product
    Send promotional email to specific user

To configure the promotional email sending click on "Promotional email" button.

Email content

Relate the coupon to users by selecting it in "Email related coupon" field of the page, and organize the content of your email using the placeholders provided by the plugin.

  • {user_name}: username of the user
  • {user_email}: email of the user
  • {user_first_name}: name of the user, the WordPress "first name"
  • {user_last_name}: surname of the user, the WordPress "last name"
  • {product_image}: image of the product
  • {product_name}: name of the product
  • {product_price}: price of the product
  • {coupon_code}: coupon code you want to offer
  • {coupon_amount}: amount of the coupon
  • {add_to_cart_url}: URL to add the product to the cart and so to redirect users to the store.

Click on "Send emails" button to send emails to related users