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YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Documentation


Each wishlist created in the site is registered right inside "Wishlists" section of plugin settings dashboard.


Click on "View" field to have access to the selected wishlist detail.


"Multiwishlist" function allows user to create different wishlists to organize products better. In order to make this possible enable "Enable multi-wishlist support" field in "YIT Plugins -> Wishlist -> Settings".

Wishlist detail

In this case, every time users will add a new product to the wishlist, they could choose to select one of those already available or to create a new one.

Select wishlist

To gain access to their wishlists, users have two possibilities: by clicking on "manage wishlist" field right inside the widget (if inserted in sidebar) and/or "Wishlist" page.

Actions on wishlist

Actions on wishlist are three: creation, editing and search.
Each of these actions can be applied only if you have enabled the insertion of related links right inside the "Wishlist" page, or if you are using YITH Wishlist.

Show links

We analyze each possible action singularly.

Create new wishlist

To create a new wishlist is essential to insert the name and to select the status, to choose from "public","private" and "shared".

Create wishlist

To better understand the differences between statuses, follow this step of documentation.

Manage wishlist

To edit one of the created wishlists click on "Manage" field. From the page you will be redirected to, you could edit the status of the wishlist or remove it.

Manage wishlist

Each product inserted in the wishlist could be removed and moved to another wishlist among the available ones. This operation can be done right inside the selected wishlist detail page (only if "Show "Move to another wishlist" dropdown menu" option has been enabled).

Move product to other wishlist

Search wishlist

Search wishlist function allows to obtain a complete list of all the wishlists, with "public" status, related to the user's name or to the specified email address.

Move product to other wishlist

Ask for an estimate

By enabling "Enable "Ask for an estimate" button", a button will appear in the wishlist page of the user. By clicking on it users will be able to ask the administrator for the final price of the selected products. The administrator receives an email with a link to the concerned wishlist and with the email sent by the user asking for the estimate.

Ask for an estimate button

Enable "Show additional notes when asking for an estimante" option to give user the possibility to add some notes to the request to be sent.

Ask for an estimate - Additional notes

By default, email is sent to site administrator's email address. To add new recipients and change other details related to the email, access "Ask for an estimate" email section of the plugin settings dashboard.

Ask for an estimate - Email settings

Wishlist status

You can assign a status among "public","shared","private" to each wishlist. The differences between statuses is in the visibility they give to the wishlist.

  • "Public": wishlist is accessible to everyone, therefore it is shown as result in the search form in case the user's name or email address of the wishlist owner has been typed
  • "Shared": wishlist can be shown only to the owner and to users were given the direct link to the wishlist detail page. It is not shown in the search form.
  • "Private": wishlist is available only to its owner and site administrator.

The status of default wishlist is "public" and it can't be changed.

The wishlist name could be not univocal, considering that the plugin bases its functioning on its id. In fact it could happen that two or more wishlists have the same name, even though owned by different users.

Logged and Unlogged Users

By default, the plugin allows its functionalities both to registered users and to unauthenticated users. However, you can choose to linit wishlist use only to registered users by enabling "Disable the wishlist for unauthenticated users" option of "Settings" section of the plugin settings dashboard.
As soon as they try to add a product to the wishlist or display Wishlist page, they will be redirected to "My Account" page and a message will be shown that invites them to register.

Redirect for unlogged users

When plugin functionalities are enabled also for unregistered users, it is shown a message by default, right inside "Wishlist" page, that invites them to log in. This message can be changed in "Show login notice before wishlist table" field.

Login notice

Use %login_anchor% placeholder to show login link; leave empty to hide.