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How to build an effective Customer Service area in your e-commerceUX Training - Video Course

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How you can benefit from it:
  • You can help your customers find the information they are looking for and wipe out any doubt that prevents them from purchasing your products or services;
  • Learn how to organize a usable and effective customer service section to enhance your company's image and the shopping experience on your e-commerce;
  • Get public and positive reviews by your customers and conquer new potential customers' trust;
  • Strengthen the connection with your customers by offering them clear policies that encourage them to purchase without worries;

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After the course you will be able to understand how to create an usable and strong customer service area and improve the purchasing experience of the customers in all types of e-commerce sites.
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Customer service: one of the most important sections of your e-commerce

E-commerce owners (or those who develop one) often focus on those that are considered the most important pages: product details, cart, and checkout pages. They overlook a matter that, if anything, is essential to people who purchase a product they can’t see nor touch, on a site they don’t know and where perhaps they ended up by chance. We are referring to the area devoted to customer service where users can find information about the business policies (shipping, returns, refunds, etc.), where they can be in contact with the company (by completing a form, making a call, by a live chat), where they can find documentation, instructions, size chart tables, FAQs and everything they need to purchase with awareness and peace of mind.

In this video course, you will understand why a good customer service section can really make the difference in terms of sales, conversions and customer loyalty. Thanks to the many practical examples and websites analyzed during the course, you will discover how to put our guidelines into practice and how to organize a flawless customer service area in any kind of e-commerce.

Lesson 1: Introduction to the course

A short introduction to the video course that explains in detail the potentials of a usable customer service section and the benefits it can bring to your e-commerce.

Lesson 2: Help your customers to easily find the area devoted to customer service and improve their shopping experience

The customer service section must be easy to reach from any page of your site and through one-click. And that’s not all! It also must include information related to the most important policies, since that’s where users look for when they actually need them, or you will run the risk they’ll decide not to purchase and leave your e-commerce because of their doubts.

Lesson 3: Organize the customer service area with an effective and usable structure

E-commerce customer service must be easy to reach and, above all, to use. The information must be structured clearly and tidily to avoid users from being confused and overwhelming them with chaotic and not very useful details. In this lesson, we will analyze the most functional structure for the e-commerce customer service and how to design the page so that users can easily consult it.

Lesson 4: how to design a FAQ page that clears your customers’ doubts and encourages them to purchase

A FAQ page, if well-structured, can turn out to be the strong point of your e-commerce site, answering your customers’ doubts and reducing the workload of the customer service. Learn about how to organize an effective FAQ page to push your customers to purchase.

Lesson 5: how to interact with your customers by offering them easy and usable contact methods

In any e-commerce, it is essential to offer different contact methods to make the interaction between customers and the company easier. Customers decide to contact you to clear their pre-purchase doubts, to know more about your policies and the products you sell. Take advantage of this section to show them empathy and give the answers they need.

Lesson 6: use the live chat potentials to increase conversions and loyalize customers

According to statistics of 2020, 40% of users who visit a website expects to find a live chat service. In e-commerce sites, the percentage goes up to 50%. It means that half of the e-commerce customers who have doubts before the purchase will look for the chat to talk with an operator. If the chat service is not available, they will feel frustrated and will likely leave the site giving up the purchase. Through this lesson, we will analyze the importance of implementing a good chat service and the features it needs to have to be effective.

Lesson 7: how to organize easy and clear policies to strengthen trust in your company

Most of the people who purchase online want to know more about the company’s policies before buying a product: shipping costs, the possibility to return the product, the procedure to request a refund… These are only a few of the many doubts that prevent customers from purchasing. Learn how to organize your policies to clear these doubts and strengthen your online brand image.

Lesson 8: Store locator: enhance your brand image and help users locate your store easily

If you own a physical shop and don’t sell your products online only, the store locator can turn out to be an essential tool both to let customers reach your company or store easily and to give information about contact methods, timetables, directions, etc.

Lesson 9: 4 suggestions for a customer service focused on sales

We close this course with 4 “guidelines” that can make the difference in the connection with your customers and in their shopping experience on your e-commerce.

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Customer reviews

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7 reviews
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7 reviews for How to build an effective Customer Service area in your e-commerce

  1. 5 out of 5

    Marina García - verified owner

    highly recommended!this course is legit the best course tutorial out there! very underrated, hopefully it will soon become known everywhere in the digital sector. worth every penny spent. I'm overwhelmed by all the possibilities and amazing new info i required. thank you YITH!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Selene Reyes - verified owner

    Magnifico cursoLa información es espléndida, han hecho un análisis bastante acertado del sistema de atención al cliente y una vez puestas en practica, funcionan de maravilla. Espero que sigan sacando este tipo de cursos para personas con menos conocimientos técnicos como yo

  3. 5 out of 5

    Caroline Bouwer - verified owner

    I was triggered to see the rest of the videos after seeing the free ones. Although very obvious information, sometimes you need a third person to tell you about the importance of applying this.
    I think it will really help lifting my site to a next level!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Bernàrde Piaget - verified owner

    ParfaitMagnifique formation pour des gens comme moi qui se lancent dans ce métier en raison des circonstances. Cela a été très utile et m'a donné beaucoup de connaissances

  5. 5 out of 5

    Friedrick Harne - verified owner

    Great tipsThis is included in the Club I joined and, although it took some time before watching it, I must admit it is a precious tool that gave me nice ideas to improve this aspect of my e-commerce.


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After the course you will be able to understand how to create an usable and strong customer service area and improve the purchasing experience of the customers in all types of e-commerce sites.
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