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  • Instant access to all plugins (included future ones!)
  • Up to 30 sites license for all items
  • Unlimited downloads for each product
  • Regular updates and improvements
  • Support with dedicate help desk
  • Cancel easily anytime
Yearly subscription
Get $ 15,000.00+ of plugins only for
$ 599.99 / year SUBSCRIBE NOW


  • If you want to create a highly-professional shop. Since an e-commerce website needs advanced services like wishlists, gift cards, a real time search engine, credit card payment options, order tracking and many more. These are the starting point for an e-commerce website to give its best at its full potential, regardless how much your products can impress your users.
  • If you create several e-commerce websites in a year, or in case you wish to use the same themes or plugins for more than one project. We know that purchasing single licences for each product can be rather expensive. You would have to spend about $ 2,000.00 to own a license for each basic plugin needed to run a small/average e-commerce website. $ 4,000.00 for two websites, and more than $ 10,000.00 for six projects. And, of course, you would still need to pay for themes. It would be hard to write off expenses.
  • If you don’t want to use products that are not going to be updated anymore after six months. Build up a powerful e-commerce website that can become a real job. All your income will come from online selling, and it will be supported by the stability of the theme you have chosen and the plugins you installed. Think about it: you purchase themes and plugins from a company that does not update its products anymore after six months. How would that feel? What would you do in case you need support or if you need to fix a bug?
    This just doesn't happen with our membership: as long as you pay the annual fee, you will be entitled to receive updates and support for each one of our products you decided to install in your website. Any time you need!
  • If you have a small business, a creative talent or you are an artisan and you sell your products online using WooCommerce, the Subscription to our Club could be the most profitable investment you could do. Do you want to know why?
    We use our own WooCommerce Premium Plugins ourselves on this very same website! Thanks to the combined use of our different plugins, we succeeded to multiply the conversion rate of our Shop by 7. Yes, you read it right, BY SEVEN!
    As you can see in the chart below, we went from an average conversion of 0.22% in January 2015 to an average of almost 1.40% in February 2019.

    conversion rate increase

    This is due to the fact that an e-commerce made entirely using WooCommerce lacks many strong points thar are required for online shops. The combined use of several WooCommerce Premium Plugins such as: Mailchimp, Live Chat, Frequently Bought Together, Questions and Answers, Review Reminder, Review for Discount, Recovery Abandoned Cart, Stripe, Ajax Search, Ajax Product Filter and many others you can find in our website, allowed us to improve and manage many additional features that WooCommerce couldn’t manage by itself.


Present and future plugins


Our catalogue includes more than 104 plugins. But it doesn't end there: right now we are working on new products that will enrich our store in the next months. If you subscribe to our membership, you will be able to get all the plugins we are currently selling, and all those we will create in the future.

Present and future templates


We love creating new themes using different designs and features in order to meet everyone's needs. Our collection includes 3 themes, and more will come in the next months.

New plugins every year


A huge collection of products: we will add new plugins every year in order to fulfill the needs of all our customers. Our development team is one among the most ambitious and expert of the WordPress field: we won’t let you down, you can count on us.

30 licences for each product


If you are a freelance web designer, or if you work for a web agency, this kind of membership suits you perfectly. 30 licences for each product will help you soften the - already low - price of the subscription, as you will be free to use every plugin or theme on up to thirty different projects.

Suggest the products you want


Are you looking for a plugin we don't have? Tell us how it is and we will take it into account for a possible future development. Are you currently using one of our plugin? Would you like a specific new feature? Tell us how we can improve and we will do our best to make you happy. You will feel at home on Yithemes.

Dedicated support team


A theme or plugin would be useless without a support team ready to fix any possible issues and help you setting up the product you have purchased. Support matters, we know, and this is why our team answers our customers’ tickets every day.


Read this paragraph carefully, since the success or failure of your e-commerce store might depend on this.

We have analyzed and discovered the four main problems experienced by those who purchase WooCommerce add-ons:

  • Poor or nonexistent support
  • Slow support (5-7 days to answer)
  • Dismissive support
  • Product no longer updated/supported

Do you know what one of the most common errors people who buy WooCommerce add-ons is?

Unfortunately, there are still many customers that while trying to save money while purchasing a certain item, they pick the cheapest one finding themselves losing hundreds if not thousand of dollars in sales because the purchased extension has issues and the support offered for it falls into one of the four categories listed above.

When you purchase an add-on or theme for WooCommerce, one of the most important aspects, if not the most important, is the support service provided by the makers.

By subscribing to our Club service you will find a solution to any support related issue experienced using the add-ons in your store.

We decided to focus on our support service in order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.
When we say our customer support service is the best available in the market we mean it, it’s a reality that we have built day by day by constantly improving ourselves.
In order to better understand what we are talking about, you can read the comments from some of our subscribers at the bottom of this page, or follow the monthly report we recently started posting about the quality of the service we provided during the previous month.

Here are 8 good reasons to subscribe

and fix any issue in your e-commerce store:
High quality support

High quality support

All of our team of senior developers spend time every day handling the requests coming from our support platform, offering all of our customers years of experience in the field.

Quick answers

Quick answers

We try to answer each request for help within the same day we receive them (except for weekends) and most of the times we manage to do so in just a few hours after we received a ticket.

Simple and intuitive panel to manage/open support tickets

A simple and intuitive panel to manage/open support tickets

The panel that allows opening and managing tickets withing your personal area is simple and easy to use and it's been designed for us to collect all of the required information we might need to fix your issue in just one answer, whenever possible.

Regularly updated products

Regularly updated products

All of our products are regularly updated and made compatible with the latest releases of WordPress and WooCommerce.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Satisfying our customers is the objective we keep in our minds, which motivates us to keep doing our best: in the past three months the average percentage of customers satisfaction kept a stable 98%.

A continued service guaranteed in the years

A continued service guaranteed in the years

Dealing with a company rather than a single author allows you to feel secured about a continued service that will last through the years. A single developer may, as it often happens, suddenly disappear. We have been online since 2011 and we keep improving year after year

A constant improvement of our existing products

A constant improvement of our existing products

All of our products are constantly improved by fixing any bug our customers find and adding new features, most of which suggested by our customers.

Full compatibility between all of the plugins we offer

Full compatibility between all of the plugins we offer

An effective e-commerce store it is necessary to offer a high amount of features and, consequently, of plugins working together: and we offer 104 of them in our website! We guarantee that you will be able to combine with no issue whatsoever, as every plugin is regularly tested with the others as we add them to our catalog.


No more doubts!
Would you like a small recap?

  • All present and future plugins
  • All present and future templates
  • 30 licences for each product
  • Unlimited downloads for each product
  • Update and support for each product with a dedicated team
  • Be part of the community and suggest the products you want
  • Cancel easily anytime
  • $ 599.99 / year



Lashan Wanigatunga - Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

- https://twoguyswithballs.com

Moving to YITH is one of the best decisions I have made for my business.

I first came across YITH when searching for a membership and subscription plugin to replace the Woo membership which was limited in functionality. For example, I wanted to provide members free shipping option which I thought was a basic feature that Woo was not able to do. In addition to this I was paying several hundred dollars an year for individual premium plugins. I was only planning on using 4-5 plugins from YITH at the start and even with this small number the YITH club was a no brainer for me since I had access to their complete library of plugins. After signing up for YITH club I have implemented around 25 YITH plugins that has made my site one of the best shopping experiences in the industry. Normally this would be a maintenance nightmare, however, due to the high quality of YITH it has not been an issue.

There are several reasons in my opinion why the YITH club is a no brainer for any serious woocommerce site.
1. They have a large number of plugins that will cover virtually anything that you want your e-commerce site to do. With YITH I was able to replace all the paid premium plugins that I had (saving me over $400/year) and also replace a majority of the free plugins that I had with YITH premium plugins. This alone is HUGE for me since I can be confident there would be no compatibility issues or risk of site breaking with updates. In the rare event there is an issue I have support available, which brings me to my 2nd point.
2. YITH hands down is the best support I have had from any subscription service I have used. They respond very quickly with a solution that works. Their support staff is knowledgeable and will focus on resolving the issue quickly. There were a number of times I have contacted YITH and the problem had turned out be not related to YITH at all, but they have helped me resolve the issue. With other companies I've gotten the "this is not covered under support" line, but never with YITH.
3. With such a large selection of plugins you would not expect high quality. With YITH it is the opposite. All of their plugins when compared to their woocommecer counterparts or other premium plugins have a lot of features to cover most scenarios. They have also put a lot of thought into allowing built-in integration with their existing plugins.
4. As we all know Amazon is the benchmark for e-commerce and one of my objectives was to provide my customers with an Amazon like experience. With the YITH plugins I was able to add features like a VIP membership (similar to Amazon Prime), wish list, save for later, one-click purchase etc. In fact, I think my site is better than Amazon with the YITH plugins. Just kidding :)

Overall, moving to YITH is one of the best decisions I have made for my business. My only regret is not doing this when I first launched my e-commerce store. My advice to any e-commerce store out there of any size is, get the YITH club subscription. The additional sales and superior shopping experience for your customers will cover the YITH club annual cost many times over.

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Alessandro Nurchi - CEO at Doctor Doubledrop

- http://psytrance-pro.com


What about YITH themes?

I've tried other WooCommerce themes but they didn't satisfy my needs. Once I saw "The Polygon" by YITH, I decided to try it since the demo looked really nice. I have not tried other themes from YITH because I fell in love with this one and I've decided to build my shop with it. You can customize everything, from text to colors, sidebars, slogan, all the pages can show a different style and there's also an SEO section. Setup and customization are really simple and a good documentation will help you with all the basic and fundamental settings.

What about YITH plugins?

My first plugin was a free version. Honestly, I don't remember what it was, but I can remember how happy I was with it that I decided to try others. They have a very large number of plugins from which to choose and in less than one year I've seen at least 20 new ones and I assure you that you will have all of them installed. More than 20 plugins installed on my WordPress site! I've always heard that having more than 10 activated will drastically slow down the site speed. I'm not an expert, but it's not hard for me to think that YITH plugins are well written and make what they should really well. I've just seen an upcoming new plugin... I think it will be part of my site too!

What about YITH support?

I have never found such an efficient and fast support as YITH developers offer. There isn't anything I've asked for that the support team couldn't solve. They are also happy to hear your opinion about their products and they are ready to implement some new features if you suggest a good one. There are a very poor number of developers who check incompatibility issues caused by external developers' plugins. I've thrown a lot of money in the trash because the site was not working well and support told me that incompatibility issues with other plugins are not included in the support... So my question is "Why do you develop a plugin if you don't care about its well functioning with any other?" YITH support team do it. They make sure your site works well if you realize there's an incompatibility issue.

A dedicated support area is included in your YITH account. You just submit a ticket with all the details and, in a really short time, they reply and fix it. I could never make a site so nice and professional without YITH. I really felt the need to write a wonderful review about them as a little present for all they did for me. I hope you can have the same satisfaction with your shop, I wish the best for your business and of course... I MUST RECCOMEND YITH FOR YOUR SITE!

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Michał Lew - Lead Webdeveloper at Expromo

- http://www.expromo.pl/

With YITH the story is truly different

There are a few websites out there that claim to offer a lot of value with a membership model. Very often these claims end when you have a single problem with their product. With YITH the story is truly different. First of all - the software is amazing. All of the plugins are top of the game - better than any other competitor on the market.
But the support - this is where they really shine. Any kind of problem you bring to them - they solve it for you, even if it requires custom coding. I really believe they are the only company like this on the market. Thank you YITH - you make the life of me and my team really easier.

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Francesco Palmisciano - CEO at aggressivestore.eu

- http://www.aggressivestore.eu

I feel like recommending the YITH Club Subscription to everyone who wants to build a successful e-commerce website

Really satisfied, high-quality plugins and excellent support.
I decided to subscribe the YITH Club Subscription for my new e-commerce shop because I could download all the premium version plugins and get my plugins improved with extra services.
In the first place, I was somewhat reluctant because of the high cost of the Annual club; now, I’m totally satisfied because I found out that yith plugins are the best I’ve ever used, they’re continually updated to support the upcoming WP versions; besides, the support offered is flawless and quick and performed by highly professional team. Moreover, I could speak Italian with the staff.
I have implemented my website with a bounce of yith plugins that ensured high-level performances and additional services for my clients, which means unparalleled growing customers.
Their support service cares much about their own clients and assists them until the problem is solved altogether.
In my case, the support agents could solve a problem caused by conflicting plugins, the one by yith, which crashed, and a third-party one that was the real cause of the issue.
They took it upon themselves to search in the third-party plugin code, found the error and gave me the string that I had to replace.
For all these reasons, I’m still very grateful, the other plugin support team didn’t even answered my request.
On a final note, I feel like recommending the YITH Club Subscription to everyone who wants to build a successful e-commerce website.

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Vittorio Ranieri - Webmaster at ottobono.com

- http://ottobono.com

I am really happy I chose YITH for my customer's websites, I really hope you make this decision too!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been asked to be a YITH testimonial. To be honest, I've never been a testimonial, but I felt that I had to accept this time, I owe this to YITH. Thanks to YITH, I spared a lot of time, money and frustration, and you get something stable that works damn well.

As soon as you start working with WooCommerce, you'll understand there are lots of extra things that you could need, for which either you have to pay a skilled coder (but it is not feasible, because of money and time needed) or you have to search for the right plugins.

After days of endless search, I found yithemes.com and I must admit that the website caught immediately my attention.

They have a well-looking but really simple and user-friendly website with TONS of plugins to pick from, and they are continuosly working on new ones.

I started by buying one of them but then I discovered there were literally tons of them for a bargain price and decided to buy the annual subscription instead.

Well, this was the best decision I could have made.

I asked if I could get a refund for the plugin I bought because I bought the annual subscription and they refunded me immediately. This behavior impressed me a lot of course. Then I discovered they speak italian too (I am Italian), so I could communicate with them even easier :)

For really bargain price you get:

1) unlimited use of all their plugins and themes for all your websites
2) regular updates and top notch support
3) well documented plugins with many screenshots too
4) you can cancel the subscription at any time

Then I started downloading and testing a dozen of their plugins.

They all have a lots of options to choose from, so they are highly customizable and they integrate themselves very well with other plugins. Well, there were some exceptions but that was no real issue at all: as I have already said, their support is top notch. You just have to open a ticket and they will help you extensively. Through some of the tickets I opened, they discovered bugs in some plugins that they corrected and implemented in the next updates, so I can say that I helped them somehow without even knowing it :P

I am really happy I chose YITH for my customer's websites, I really hope you make this decision too!

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William Luoto - Web Factory Clunet Oy (CEO)

- http://www.clunet.com

YITH Club is a great choice for anyone who is running an ecommerce site in Wordpress

We searched for some plugins for Woocommerce to get our site more professional features and looks. We founded a few good solutions among YITH plugins and got intererested about the possibilities what could be done with the plugins. We had a bit hard time making a decision, whether we should just buy few plugins seperately or join the Club.

Earlier we have run into some mediocre plugin and support providers, however, this time we decided to give it a try. We joined the club and have certainly not had any second thoughts.

The plugin and theme selection is great for Wordpress and Woocommerce website owners, however, the best part comes with the stunning support team. Before joining the club I had some doubts how the customer service would actually work after the payment. This is where we got really suprised!

The support team has been absolutely great and the service has been always incredibly fast. The support has always found a solution to my questions, whether the question has been stupid or not. They have even made some additional features for the plugins when there has been some things what we really have needed. That is what I would describe a truly good customer service.

YITH has saved enormous amounts of our time and effort so that we can concentrate on things what we should be using our time for. YITH Club is a great choice for anyone who is running an ecommerce site in Wordpress.

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Felipe Valverde Giraldo - CEO at Wuakán

- http://www.wuakan.com

They seem to be part of our company and that is something very hard or expensive to get.

We made a “Really Big Research” across the web looking for the best plugins and founded YITH. At the beginning we were planning to buy just 2 or 3 plugins from them, but when we started comparing their plugins and capabilities from the other companies plugins we had selected we knew they were the deal.

At the end were planning to buy +25 plugins which was a little expensive for us because we are a Startup with limited funds, but someone from YITH contacted me and offered the “YITH Annual Subscription plan” for which we can have access to all of their plugins and themes for an annual fixed price. We were surprised and excited, this allow us to boost other things that were missing for our platform so we decided to be part of their club.

Something that really makes us happy is that they are always helping us with our business, they seem to be part of our company and that is something very hard or expensive to get. Their support is far more than “Excellent”; they offer the best quality and service around, WE ARE REALLY LUCKY TO HAVE KNOWN YITH!

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Bernard Charles - Director at THECOLORMAGE

- http://www.thecolorreader.com

Managing my coaching practice online is easy, effortless and beautiful because of YITH!

I was looking for an easier and beautiful way to operate my WooCommerce store. I offer services and products so I needed plugins that made the experience look effortless to my clients and customers.

The biggest struggle though is having the money to get great plugins and features. I found YIThemes and fell in love because of their subscription method.

You get all the plugins already and new ones are in development so I'm super impressed by the selection. Also - I've had many tech issues because I'm not an expert at this but YITH is!

They have super amazing customer service and it's really easy to submit and see support tickets. Managing my coaching practice online is easy, effortless and beautiful because of YITH!

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Aline Duchesne - CEO at Sapphire Ink N Toner

- http://www.sapphireinkntoner.ca

Customer service is very important in our decision of choosing our suppliers and YIThemes is at the very top of the list.

YIThemes has provided Sapphire Ink N Toner with the tools to enhance our website and make it a better shopping experience for our customers.

By subscribing to their monthly subscription, we have the ability to grow and utilize their vast portfolio of downloads available. We originally purchased one plugin at a time and after each installation,we kept going back to them first for future upgrades. We kept using YIThemes plugin and were delighted when we were offered their monthly subscription plan.
This opened the doors to current and future upgrades that would have cost a lot more if purchased individually.

Working with their customer support team has been a pleasure. They listen to our needs and are quick to respond if something needs a little tweaking to suit our specs. If we get stumped and can't figure it out on our own, all we have to do is ask and their team is available to steer us in the right direction.
When an issue has been resolved, we immediately get notified so we can resume our upgrades.

Making suggestions is the best way for a company to grow and listening to customers plays a very important role. That is exactly what team at Yithemes does!
Customer service is very important in our decision of choosing our vendors and suppliers and YIThemes is at the very top of the list.

In our books, that is exactly why YIThemes deserves a five star rating.

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Manuel Ragazzini - Web Designer, Front-End Developer, Wordpress Expert Freelance

- http://www.manuelragazzini.it/

YITH is not just a useful asset helping me do my job, but also a real business partner!

I'm an Italian freelance since 2009 and I've been working with WordPress and WooCommerce since the very beginning.
I learned about YITH a few years ago while I was looking for plugins that would help me expand the features offered by WooCommerce. I recognized a superior quality in their products since I first approached them, and also an excellent customer service. In all these years I always received the utmost attention both on financial and technical questions and requests, which is one of the reasons I'm writing these words.

I found many interesting plugins in their fantastic e-commerce store and, using their subscription plan, I can access the premium version of every plugin, even just to develop solutions I can offer my customers (which is something I could never have done before if I had to purchase single licenses with no guarantee of being repaid for my purchases). Besides, their subscription allows me to offer my customers advanced features for a small cost, so that I can offer a wide range of highly professional services even to small time businesses.

So, as you understand, YITH is not just a useful asset helping me do my job, but also a real business partner!

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Piero Cresta - Manager at PlanetRacing

- http://www.planetracing.it

Go for YITHEMES.COM, they are TOP, no scam!

After using OsCommerce for ten years, we decided for a new solution. We were looking for a new graphical appearance and for all those plugins which are an essential part of every ecommerce shop today. After testing it a lot, we decided for WooCommerce and opted for doing everything ourselves with the help of only a friend as graphic designer.
In February 2015 we went on our new adventure: first we purchased a theme, then another one and a bunch of plugins, both free or trial and paid plugins, from CodeCanyon, wordpress.org and woothemes, but without great success, something was always missing.
After a few months, we found Mindig theme on themeforest.net including 6-month support: together with our graphic expert we worked to shape it as it best could represent us, configured the site and started creating products. We also registered at yithemes.com to get technical support (from simplest questions - how to upload and edit background images - to changes to purchase options and templates, and to plugin configuration and optimization) and we got excellent support.

We were certain that support was only provided in English and we tried to communicate someway using our broken English until when we found out that we could also speak Italian and since then we understood we could no longer do without YITH team: whatever question, doubt, curiosity we submit to YITH Team, they answer quickly and solve many of our problems, even when the issues are caused by external plugins they are not responsible for.

In december 2015, when the 6-month support for Mindig expired, we joined the YITH Club and we actually made us a super gift, because we discovered many new and very useful plugins. We also replaced many of the third-party plugins with YITH's and even in this case YITH Team was able to help us with configuration and small changes.

We are sincerely satisfied with YITH Club, because we were able to install themes and plugins included on all our sites and receive immediate support on every site, without having to deal with licenses any longer.

We give a 5-star rating to this service for the following reasons:


To anyone who has to create WordPress sites and is looking for a functional and efficient solution that do not leave you to your own devices, go for YITHEMES.COM, they are TOP, no scam!

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Danielle van Uden - Director at Mi Toetie

Danielle van Uden


We will never buy another plugin from third parties, YIThemes has saved us lots of time and aggravation.

Why we choose YITH and we recommend it to everyone?

We have a baby and children’s online clothing shop.

We started with free plugins from the internet to use for our website but this didn’t work at all. After this we started to buy “paid” plugins but this also didn’t work very good. We ran into problems such as:

  • Poor manuals.
  • Plugins that don’t work with other plugins.
  • Poor customer service.
  • Creators of plugins that don’t respond to your questions.

Etcetera ...

Then we ended up with YIThemes and we’re so happy about that! It is a friendly team of professionals who know what they are doing. Here are a few benefits when u will use the plugins/themes of YIThemes:

  • Plugins work fine with other plugins.
  • Manuals are easy to read and very clearly to understand.
  • Easy update system.

You’re still facing problems? Just ask the team and you will be helped as soon as possible by friendly and patient people :)

Recently we also joined the YIThemes Club and this is totally awesome! A subscription with many advantages such as:

  • Instant access to all plugins and all themes (included future ones!)
  • Unlimited downloads for each product
  • Regular updates and support with dedicated help desk
  • Cancel easily anytime, don’t know why but it’s possible :)

In short we will never buy another plugin from third parties, YIThemes has saved us lots of time and aggravation :)

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Richard Duncan - Executive Administrator at the U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation®

- http://soobahkdo.com

YITH has set out to make raving fans of all their customers.

I recently revamped and updated our online store using WooCommerce as the store platform of choice. During that project I evaluated nearly 200 different WooCommerce plugins from Wordpress.org, WooThemes, IgniteWoo, CodeCanyon, YITH and others. From free to paid, licensing costs varied significantly as did the level and quality of support available from each development shop. YITH launched a licensing subscription club just as I began acquiring plugins for the site and their subscription club provides licenses to use all YITH plugins on multiple sites for a single monthly or annual fee. I was so impressed with the products and the economy of the licensing model that the YITH Subscription Club annual option was my choice.

I also have subscriptions to a number of other theme and plugin shops, but none of them provide the level of support service that YITH has provided. It has been VERY impressive.

When I began evaluating YITH products, I had already accumulated over 20 different paid plugins from other shops that remain unusable to date because reported issues remain unresolved due to poor support. However, the YITH plugins that I tested worked as expected with only a few exhibiting minor issues which were promplty dispatched. Granted, some YITH plugins are early versions that are only a few months old and as such they have room for improvement, but they work and they work together which is HUGE. If for any reason they did not work as expected, then YITH support responded promptly to fix them. I observe that the features of most YITH plugins match or exceed those of similar plugins from other development shops and when you factor in the professionalism and prompt responsivness of their support team, the YITH Subscription Club wins hands down as the best value on the block. Every support ticket I have submitted has been immediately acknoweldged and promptly responded to with the majority of tickets being resolved the next day. Often I report an issue in the evening and the next morning when I wake up the solution has already been implemented and the problem resolved. AWESOME!

The YITH support ticket submission system is great as it allows you to provide all relevant info in your first ticket submission. No need for a bunch of time-wasting back-and-forth emails or ticket submissions. Its EFFICIENT.

When deciding to purchase the YITH annual Club Subscription, I assumed that YITH would work hard to assure all their plugins coexist happily without conflicts and they have done so. When minor conflicts or other issues have been encountered, YITH has promptly resolved them, overnight in many cases. Meanwhile, when paid plugins from other shops had issues or conflicts and I attempted to submit support tickets through their channels, in one case all I got was a notice that they were too busy to accept any more support tickets. In other cases the developers were prompt and helpful; however, in still other cases I received support responses that were a waste of my time and unproductive toward resolving the reported issue. Some responses from other developer shops felt like support staff were responding just so they could say they responded rather than exerting a genuine mental effort to solve the reported issue, but not YITH techs. They have always been thorough and driven to resolve the reported issue FAST. Heck, in some cases they even solved a peripheral issue while working on the reported problem. Now THAT is good service!

So if you use WoocCommerce and are looking to economically add some nifty new features to your site, give the YITH Subscription Club a try and you will not be disappointed.

Clearly, YITH has set out to make raving fans of all their customers. Heck, I may apply to be their fan club president! :)

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Hermiu - Director at hermiu.com

- https://hermiu.com/

The slogan of "We don't offer one-time support, we care for you day-by-day" really make their words promise.

First, we found one YITH Plugin which is suitable for our business. We decided to purchase the premium version of the plugin. We then search through the https://yithemes.com website and started to chat with the sale team.

We bargained with the Sale Team in order to get a discount for several of the Yith premium plugin. Then the Sales Team offer us the YITH Annual Subscription plan which basically can use all the YITH Premium plugin & themes. We decided to use the YITH Annual Subscription plan without any consideration as major premium plugin are really convenient for Woocommerce usage based on our business model.

Started using all YITH premium plugin & themes. All YITH plugin & themes will provide very clear documentation for major setup. It is easy to understand.

We have no basic knowledge of IT & WordPress. So, we try submitting the ticket to YITH Team regarding all sort of question for WordPress & WooCommerce. For the past 3 months, we submitted at least 2 tickets per day to YITH team for question, modification & improvement.

The respond for all submitted ticket was excellent and fast. We still remember the YITH Team even respond our email during Christmas Eve of 2015.

We also provided some idea to YITH Team which the YITH Plugin do not have the feature. Within a week, YITH Team responds to us they have improved the plugin based on our idea. The plugin improvement had eased & save our time for editing 300 products.

We gained so much knowledge about IT within this 3 months of conversation between YITH Team.

The slogan of "We don't offer one-time support, we care for you day-by-day" really make their words promise.

For those of trying to set up their own website and have doubt of huge investment needed. YIThemes are the right choice. Since we had been using YIThemes, our company expenses on IT drop by 45% as we did not outsource on the third party developer to help us fix our website problems. And the YITH Annual Subscription plans really worth for every penny.

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Do you still have doubts? Read our FAQs or contact us if you cannot find the answer you are looking for.

I have joined YIThemes Affiliate Programme. Will I also get commissions also on YIThemes Club Subscription?

No, the YIThemes Club Subscription is the only product in our shop that does not generate affiliate commissions, because it is part of special offers. You can read more about this in the Terms and Conditions of YIThemes Affiliate Programme.

What happens if I cancel the subscription?

You can cancel the subscription at any time, but take my advice, I recommend you don't do it, for three simple reasons:

1. As soon as you cancel your YIThemes Club Subscription, you will no longer have access to our support desk. If you find a bug and you want it to be fixed as soon as possible, if you have doubts about how to configure a plugin the correct way or if you require an additional feature that is not available in the product, you will not be able to have that until you subscribe again.

2. You will no longer have access to theme and plugin updates. Any time a new WooCommerce or WordPress version is released, all our plugins and themes are updated to guarantee the perfect compatibility with the platform. Moreover, we regularly release updates in order to add new features for products and plugins included in the themes, such as sliders, page builder etc… If you choose not to update our products, you'll have to deal with unsolved bugs, missing features or considerable compatibility issues.

3. You won't be able to download the plugins and themes that we will add to the catalog after you cancel. This means that if you lose your head for one of the products we are going to release (and this is likely to happen because we are working on crazy things!).

Why can’t I complete my payment with PayPal?

Be sure you selected the correct credit card on PayPal. You can check it during the checkout process, once you are redirected to the PayPal login page: there you can see the default payment method for the subscription payments. If you need to change it, do it before proceeding with the payment. In case of further issues, please write to support[at]yithemes.com and we will do our best to help.

Does the membership include the themes you sell on ThemeForest?

Our membership does NOT currently include the themes available in our ThemeForest portfolio. The membership includes only ALL the products available on Yithemes store.

Is there any limit on the number of downloads for each product (e.g. 10 plugins per month)?

No, there is no limit. If you want, and you have a lot of spare time, you can download all products of the shop in the same day.

If I cancel the subscription can I keep using the products I have downloaded?

Yes, if you cancel the subscription, you can still use the plugins and themes you have downloaded before the subscription was cancelled, without any restrictions of sort. You will simply no longer have access to our support desk and updates.

Can I suspend the subscription and resume it later?

At the moment YITH Club Subscription does not allow customers to temporarily suspend the subscription.


We don't offer one-time support, we care for you day-by-day.

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