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Become one of our affiliates. Let everyone know about us. And you will get the 30% out of each sale.

Imagine having a blog and being an affiliate.

Write an article about one of our latest WordPress template, then share it on social networks inform your contacts.

And by the end of the day, without giving it too much attention, 3 people from your lists purchase something on our platform.

For example, let's say they buy Socute, one of our most popular themes.


It means you have earned 58,50 dollars, the 30% of 65 dollars (the price of Socute) for three sales.

But that's not the end of it. Your post will also be available the next day. It will always be there, ready to receive the traffic from social networks and Google. Maybe it won't be as productive as the first days, but it will always be an accessible content. That's enough to consider that, in the next 30 days, 3 more users of your lists will decide to purchase one of our WordPress themes.

Affiliation earnings example
  1. Month
  2. Themes
  3. Sales
RESULT: In one month, with just one article about a single theme you can earn 117 Dollars

Now, consider that:

  • in our catalogue there are more than 20 high-quality themes equally valuable that you can present to your public
  • in one month there are 30 useful days to write reviews, or to talk about us through your channels (if you have a targeted mailing list you can have a wonderful success)

which makes the idea to multiply your automatic earnings rather plausible.

You can get an income of 1.000 dollars with just 10 articles per month.

But let's not overreact: let's reduce the expectations and suppose that this system works only for the half of it. You write 5 posts instead of 10. You get only 3 sales per article instead of 6.

This way, you will get an income of 500 dollars.

Now, if you consider that you need 3 or 4 hours to write a review, and that you need only 3 days in a month to write 5 reviews, the question is: would you like to earn 500 dollars per month for only three working days and a few shared posts on social networks?

I think there is only one answer: yes. A wonderful yes.


Don't waste your time: go to your profile now and find how to use your affiliate link, how to control the traffic, clicks, sales and how to request the payment of the accrued commissions.