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We are the world’s leading independent company
in the development of WooCommerce plugins

Thanks to our powerful framework, we grant full compatibility among all our plugins and the possibility to get advanced additional features by their combined use. Choosing a unique author for all the plugins grants you steadiness, compatibility, and no risk.
YITH is here today. And tomorrow too.


YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

The ultimate search module to help your customers quickly find the products they want to buy in your shop. The new version includes synonym management, “boost” options to select products to highlight in search results, a 100% mobile-friendly layout, and the best design ever.

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The strength of YITH

  • Trusted by 2,250,000+ users
  • 15+ years of experience in plugin development
  • A passionate team of 50+ located in 6 different countries
  • Full compatibility among all our plugins
  • Elementor & Gutenberg support
  • Regular updates
  • Top rated support in our dedicated Help desk


From these 4 Basic Plugins for any kind of shop

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

The key feature for each kind of shop. Allow your customers to save their favorite products in a wishlist to share with friends and family.

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YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

Sell gift cards in your shop to increase sales and attract new customers.

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YITH WooCommerce AJAX Product Filter

Help your customers to easily find products by filtering for price, size, colors and other custom values.

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YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page

Customize the My Account page in an advanced way and improve the customer experience.

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Our customer’s happiness

JB Vargas

CEO at Groupe AJBV http://www.groupeajbv.com
"Big thanks to all YITH Members"
YITH Plugins and themes are very good and perfect for E-Commerce shop running on WooCommerce. All the team at YITH is really active, professional and very nice and they help you very quickly when you have a specific needs. It's about 8 years we are working on WooCommerce, and since 3 years and the start of our collaboration with YITH Team, I feel more secure. Big thanks to all YITH Members, we really appreciate their work.

Colin Waite

Director - Wave Seven Ltd https://wave-seven.co.uk
"YITH is the first place I go if I am looking for plug-in for Woocommerce"
We have now bought a few plug-ins developed by YITH and they seem to work exactly as we need them to without any issues. The plug-ins are easy to use and can be tweaked in style easily with a little CSS. On the odd occasion we have contacted support for additional help with functionally they are have been really helpful and have pointed us in the right direction or supplied us with code snippets to achieve what we what. So the support is first class and the team are doing great job. YITH is the first place I go to now if I am looking for a particular plug-in especially for Woocommerce.

Alex Christensen

Director / Owner @ Lexnet https://lexnet.co.nz/
"YITH provides the best support I have received in the web design industry"
I have been using YITH for 3 years now on almost all of my customer's sites. YITH plugins and themes are designed very well and fit for purpose. Because of this, my customers are very satisfied with the customization on their Woocommerce sites and has helped them profit tremendously. Not only that, YITH provides the best support I have received in the web design industry. They help with any issues I might encounter and will also provide customization for niche situations when possible which is absolutely brilliant! If you are a designer or a site owner I definitely recommend subscribing to YITH to receive all plugins and themes, you will likely find that they provide everything you will need for a successful Woocommerce site.

Alessandro Nurchi

CEO at Doctor Doubledrop http://psytrance-pro.com
I have never found such an efficient and fast support as YITH developers offer. There isn't anything I've asked for that the support team couldn't solve. They are also happy to hear your opinion about their products and they are ready to implement some new features if you suggest a good one. There are a very poor number of developers who check incompatibility issues caused by external developers' plugins. I've thrown a lot of money in the trash because the site was not working well and support told me that incompatibility issues with other plugins are not included in the support... So my question is "Why do you develop a plugin if you don't care about its well functioning with any other?" YITH support team do it. They make sure your site works well if you realize there's an incompatibility issue.

Bernard Charles

Director at THECOLORMAGE http://www.thecolorreader.com
"Managing my coaching practice online is easy, effortless and beautiful because of YITH!"
I was looking for an easier and beautiful way to operate my WooCommerce store. I offer services and products so I needed plugins that made the experience look effortless to my clients and customers. The biggest struggle though is having the money to get great plugins and features. I found YIThemes and fell in love. You get all the plugins already and new ones are in development so I'm super impressed by the selection. Also - I've had many tech issues because I'm not an expert at this but YITH is! They have super amazing customer service and it's really easy to submit and see support tickets. Managing my coaching practice online is easy, effortless and beautiful because of YITH!

Danielle van Uden

Director at Mi Toetie
" We will never buy another plugin from third parties, YIThemes has saved us lots of time and aggravation."
Why we choose YITH and we recommend it to everyone?
  • Plugins work fine with other plugins.
  • Manuals are easy to read and very clearly to understand.
  • Easy update system.
You’re still facing problems? Just ask the team and you will be helped as soon as possible by friendly and patient people 🙂 In short we will never buy another plugin from third parties, YIThemes has saved us lots of time and aggravation 🙂

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5 Reasons to choose YITH

1. We are a 100% Independent Platform

Unlike marketplaces selling plugins that are always developed by different or unknown authors, YITH is the first independent platform for the sale of plugins for WooCommerce. Every plugin available in our catalog has been designed and developed by our in-company team of developers, the same team that constantly takes care of improving and updating our products. That being so, we are the only ones to offer quality and steadiness to all our customers year after year.

2. Full compatibility among all our plugins

All our plugins are developed through a proprietary framework that we have constantly improved and strengthened plugin by plugin. This grants 100% compatibility among plugins and a unique solution to get all the features you need for your e-commerce. You won’t need to look for essential tools elsewhere to create an online store nor to worry about incompatibilities and consequent errors.

3. We help you to enhance your shop

Many of our plugins are powerful marketing tools that will help you enhance your e-commerce, increase conversions, loyalize customers through offers and focused discounts, and much more. Our plugins are designed after careful market analysis about the ways customers purchase online and the most popular e-commerce sites, such as Amazon and Zalando.

4. A continuous service guaranteed over the years

Our company has been in the market of themes and plugins for WooCommerce from 2009 and has a team of nearly 50 persons and three headquarters located in Italy, Spain and Argentina. Thanks to our constant growth, we can guarantee a continuous service for plugin updates and technical support, year after year.

5. Our amazing support center

One of our key strengths is the technical support service offered to those purchasing our plugins. We take great care of you and your shop today, and every day after that, with an average percentage of customer satisfaction stable at 99%. Visit our Help Center >

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We take great care of you and your shop today, and every day after that.

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