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Support Channels

YITH only provides technical support for the purchased products through our support desk that you can access through this page. To be able to submit a support ticket, you will have to be logged in with the account you used to purchase the plugin.

Besides our support desk, YITH also offers additional tools to help you with the configuration of your product that you can consult at any time:

We will not provide any support via email or any other social media. We may request you to share your login details when needed: please, always bear in mind that your data will always be kept safe and private, and used for the sole purpose of giving you support for the issue you are reporting.

Please, consider that we can offer support only for the site where the license key has been activated.

Support includes installation guidance, bug fixes, and general problem solving with features explained on the product’s official sales page. Support does not include:

  • solving problems for plugins not packaged with our framework and themes;
  • plugins integration;
  • WooCommerce configuration: support does not include products configuration and WooCommerce settings configuration, including Shipping Methods, Tax Rates, Payment Gateways, Emails, their templates and everything else that is not closely related to the product purchased.
  • general WordPress support (please use the WordPress forums for that);
  • adding new features or extending the features currently available;
  • changing colors and/or images;
  • any type of modification or customization.

Note: As you can imagine, requests like changing colors and images from a few thousand members every day would not be possible to fulfill. We do realize not all modifications are the same. Our support staff will view all forum topics and help desk. If it’s a unique modification, which takes us just a few minutes or a few lines of code, then, yes, we will be happy to help you. Otherwise, we’ll point you in the right direction or refer you to a developer or designer for help.

Support Hours

Our general support hours are 9:00 to 17:00 (CET), 7 days a week. During this time, we can generally provide feedback on any support queries within 12 – 24 hours, whilst we will also commit to answer any queries outside of these hours within 48 hours.

Bug Fixes

It is our commitment to fix all product bugs as quickly as possible after they are brought to our attention. During our general support hours, we can fix bugs within 48 – 72 hours. We will also try to provide a solution via our support dashboard for smaller bug fixes, after which we will update the core plugin package.

Important suggestions for a better support experience

After opening or answering a ticket through our support desk, we wholeheartedly suggest you DO NOT update it, because every time you drop a new message in a waiting ticket, it will be updated, moved down to the end of the support queue and lose priority. This means that the more you update it, the longer you’ll have to wait. Unfortunately, there is no way to change this mechanism as it fully depends on the tool we use to provide support.