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WooCommerce TutorialsYITH Pre-Launch: New Free Plugin Released

You’re designing and programming the website for your company or for a client’s business, and even if you’ve not completed it yet, you or your client would like to start advise to the public the upcoming launch of this brand new website. You would like to create a cool and engaging page, but you don’t have the time to design it, due to the hard work you’re doing to complete the website on time with the launch date.

What can you do? Quick and simple answer: Download for free our new YITH Pre-Launch Plugin!

YITH Pre-Launch WordPress plugin gives you the ability to have a simple Pre-Launch page for your website when it is under construction.

Download live

If you’re launching your website and you would like to make it known to your visitors, you can download and install the plugin YITH Pre-Launch to quickly set a lovely page customizable to show to your visitors. With YITH Pre-Launch Plugin you can warn your users and visitors of the ongoing prelaunch of your website, with a pretty countdown in real time

With this plugin you will be able to set several features in the pre-launch page of our website as, for example, the newsletter form to let users subscribe to your newsletter, you can select the permissions to give users access with the roles function, you can enter your social networks links, you can customize colors, typography, logo, background, messages, css and style of your pre-launch page.

Installation and Configuration

Once you have uploaded the plugin, activate your plugin in Plugins > Installed plugins.

In Appearance > Pre-launch page you will find the settings of the plugin. In this section, be sure that Enable Pre-Launch is ticked .Also the options are splitted in more tabs, to find them more easily.


[table color=”white”]

General Settings
Enable Pre-launch Enable the plugin
Roles Here you can set roles for users enabled to see the frontend. You can enable roles to let some users to visit the website even when the pre-launch page is active.
Message The message displayed. You can also use HTML code.
Custom style Insert here your custom CSS style.
Mascotte If you want, you can set here a mascotte image to show above the main box, in the right side.
Title font of message Choose the font type, size and color for the titles inside the message text.
Paragraph font of message Choose the font type, size and color for the paragraphs inside the message text.
Border top color Choose the color for the big border top of the main box.


Background Settings
Background image Upload or choose from your media library the background image
Background Color Choose a background color
Background Repeat Select the repeat mode for the background image.
Background Position Select the position for the background image.
Background Attachment Select the attachment for the background image.


Customize the logo

Logo Settings
Logo image Upload or choose from your media library the logo image
Logo tagline Set the tagline to show below the logo image
Logo tagline font Choose the font type, size and color for the tagline text.


Add and customize the countdown

Enable countdown Tick if you want to show the countdown.
Countdown to The date when the countdown will stop.
Font numbers The font for the numbers.
Font labels The font for the labels.


All options to configure the newsletter form of the Pre-launch page. The options below allows you to link the newsletter form to an external service. You need simply analyze the example form of external service and then configure each information in the options below.

Enable Newsletter form Choose if you want to enable the newsletter form in the Pre-launch page.
Newsletter Email Font Choose the font type, size and color for the email input field.
Newsletter Submit Font Choose the font type, size and color for the email submit.
Newsletter submit background The submit button background.
Newsletter submit hover background The submit button hover background.
Title The title displayed above the newsletter form.
Form configuration
Action URL Set the action url of the form.
Form method Set the method for the form request (POST or GET).
“Email” field label The label for the email field
“Email” field name The “name” attribute for the email field
Submit button label The label for the submit button
Newsletter Hidden fields Set the hidden fields to include in the form. Use the form: field1=value1&field2=value2&field3=value3


Facebook Set the URL of your facebook profile
Twitter Set the URL of your twitter profile
Google+ Set the URL of your Google+ profile
Youtube Set the URL of your youtube profile
RSS Set the URL of your RSS feed
Skype Set the username of your skype account
Email Write here your email address
Behance Set the URL of your Behance profile
Dribble Set the URL of your dribble profile
FlickR Set the URL of your Flickr profile
Instagram Set the URL of your instagram profile
Pinterest Set the URL of your Pinterest profile
Tumblr Set the URL of your Tumblr profile
LinkedIn Set the URL of your LinkedIn profile


What are you waiting for? Download it now, it’s free!

Download live