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YITH Quick Order Forms for WooCommerce

4.50 su 5 in base a 38 di valutazione del cliente
38 recensioni cliente
Cosa fa il plugin Allow you retailers to place massive orders, easily and quickly, thanks to the tailored form created for them.
Quali i vantaggi per il mio sito:
  • You will increase the customer satisfaction rate allowing your users to spare time when placing their orders
  • You can show your retailers only the products you want to make available for the purchase
  • You will have a better and easier management of retailers


Abbiamo rilasciato una nuova versione migliorata di questo plugin.

Make sure that your retailers feel privileged and they will always favor you against the competition

For most existing businesses, there are two different types of customers: “simple” customers, who buy products for themselves, and “resellers”, who sell products to their own customers’ pool.

While the first type is often an occasional user, the reseller is a loyal, stable customer who buys multiple times over time. Resellers purchases are often crowded (tens, hundreds, thousands of units of the same product) and continuous (eg on a weekly or monthly basis): in practice, the reseller is, for the company he chooses to buy, a guarantee. These are your most important customers.

So here is the philosophy behind the YITH Quick Order Forms plugin: to offer resellers the opportunity to buy it as easy, immediately and intuitively as possible. Making sure that every retailer has access to a product page shaped after their needs which can shows, for example, only the products that they are actually interested in or the ones that they most frequently buy. Make it even easier to search for specific products, let them choose the number of products they want to buy, let them simply add the products to their orders with one click and staying on the same page, eliminating the unnecessary time spent waiting for different pages of your e-commerce to load.

If you have a business that leans on the support of retailers, this may be the turning point of your business, the ace in the sleeve you can play in the game against your competitors – make the purchase process streamlined and automated in each part of it so that retailers are able to buy large quantities of products on a single page and in just a few seconds.

The YITH Quick Order Forms plugin also allows you to have advanced user management: for example, you can create ad hoc forms for each user role, and with precise rules decide what products or product categories to show them to make the purchase experience even more personal.

And even more effective.

  • Versione: 1.19.0
  • Rilasciata il: 2022-12-29
  • Versione minima di PHP: 7.2
  • Requisiti minimi: WordPress 5.9 and WooCommerce 7.1
  • Compatibile con: WordPress 6.1.x and WooCommerce 7.3.x
  • Plugin multilingua supportati: WPML, Loco Translate
  • File di lingua inclusi:
  • Lingue garantite al 100% da YITH: Italian, Spanish
  • Traduzioni degli utenti: Turkish (100%), Dutch (100%)
  • Supporta: Il tema YITH Proteo. Tutti i plugin YITH.
  • Page builder supportati: Elementor


Create Quick Product Selection Forms

Grouping the products in such a way as to facilitate the user in the purchase process

Choose which information you wish to show for each item on the list

Sku, image and / or price

Choose the products to be included in the form

Select products by name, category, or tag

Restrict access to the form you created

Choose which users from your website can see the form for the products you have created

Add products to the cart directly from the form

Speeding up the user's purchasing operations

Enable searching for products within the form

This will allow users to perform a specific search within the list of products they are viewing

Take advantage of the wpml compatibility

You are free to easily translate the plugin with the powerful WPML tool


  • Configure one or more product forms
  • Select the products you want to include in the form, based on:
    • product name
    • product category
    • product tag
  • Add a description at the top of the form
  • Choose which information to show for each product:
    • name
    • image
    • SKU
    • price
    • discount
    • search filter New
    • number of products New
    • stock
    • variable price
    • quantity
  • Add products to the basket directly from the form
  • Enable/disable the form for specific users
  • Add the form through shortcode on any page
  • Show the "WooCommerce Cart" widget only on pages that contain a form

Integrazioni plugin

Tutti i prodotti nel catalogo YITH sono sviluppati su un framework comune. Questo garantisce la piena compatibilità fra tutti i nostri plugin e ti permette di utilizzarli insieme per risultati migliori e soluzioni ancora più complete.

Facciamo del nostro meglio per includere anche la compatibilità con i plugin per WordPress e WooCommerce più utilizzati.

Puoi utilizzare questo plugin con*:

YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote

Thanks to YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote you can offer users the chance to ask for a quote for one or more products in your shop. Once the request is received, you can process your offer and send it via email.

Using the plugin in combination with YITH WooCommerce Quick Order Forms, the customer will be able to directly add products from the quick order forms to the quote list.

* Tutti i plugin elencati di seguito non sono inclusi nell'acquisto di YITH Quick Order Forms for WooCommerce. Per poter utilizzare una determinata integrazione, dovrai acquistare e attivare anche la versione premium del plugin interessato.


Recensioni (38)

Recensioni del cliente

Valutata 4.50 su 5 stelle
38 recensioni

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  1. 5 su 5

    Amal Baranee - proprietario verificato

    Is easier than everTop plugin. Everything is so much easier and I defintely notice an improvement in the order process. A lot of compliments received

  2. 4 su 5

    Shaurya Knott - proprietario verificato

    I made a good decision with Yith plugin, waiting for an integration with Add-ons

  3. 5 su 5

    Justin Miandez - proprietario verificato

    5/5Amazing when it comes to dealers terms, big orders, etc, We use it with RAQ and I'm just wondering why we did not have it earlier

  4. 4 su 5

    Marek Velek - proprietario verificato

    Nice and useful productI am a club member and realized only now that you have such a nice product for submitting orders for meals. It's very good but it's a pity that it does not integrate with subscriptions plugin yet.

  5. 5 su 5

    Jim Wright - proprietario verificato

    love the designhighly recommended, you can display the forms to specific users, works great as a standalone


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  • Magazzino
  • Generali
  • SKU
  • Integrazione

Can the order form indicate if a product is out of stock?

Yes, the plugin has the option to show or hide the stock.

Does it support AJAX pagination?

No, since the form reloads the whole page when you leave and opens another one.

Does the plugin allow you to act as a guest in the checkout?

Yes, if you want to allow guest checkouts, you can simply enable the dedicated option that comes with the WooCommerce plugin.

Can the quick order form look up SKUs?

Yes, the form will work with product SKUs.

Can the product lookup handle grouped products?

Yes, grouped products are displayed in the form, the same way as other products (with a 'select' option to choose the variations).

Can I display the product description in the order form?

Yes, you can configure the order form to show a column with the product short description.

Is it possible to show the product stock from the Atum Stock Manager plugin?

Yes, we have a minor integration with the Atum Stock Manager to display the stock from this plugin in the order form.

Is it possible to show an “Add to Wishlist” button in the form?

Yes, if you have installed the YITH Wishlist plugin, you can configure the form to display the “Add to Wishlist” button in the order form.

Can I configure it as an online menu for my restaurant?

Yes, the plugin allows you to configure the order form as an online menu, you can see an example here.

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Info tecniche

  • Versione: 1.19.0
  • Rilasciata il: 2022-12-29
  • Versione minima di PHP: 7.2
  • Requisiti minimi: WordPress 5.9 and WooCommerce 7.1
  • Compatibile con: WordPress 6.1.x and WooCommerce 7.3.x
  • Plugin multilingua supportati: WPML, Loco Translate
  • File di lingua inclusi:
  • Lingue garantite al 100% da YITH: Italian, Spanish
  • Traduzioni degli utenti: Turkish (100%), Dutch (100%)
  • Supporta: Il tema YITH Proteo. Tutti i plugin YITH.
  • Page builder supportati: Elementor

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