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Crew member Highlight; Marco Salvo, much more than a SEO expert!

YITH was born from the hard work of Nando and Sara and, as time went by, some other people joined their efforts and helped this great company grow. One of these people was Marco, our Project and Marketing Manager.   

Marco, or “Devilio” as he is known to many friends from his former days as a rapper, joined the company as SEO when the site almost had no visitors, when Sara and Nando were Elit authors on Envato marketplace.   

With Nando it was love at first sight, I followed him without a second thought and after receiving his job offer in little more than a month we achieved great organic results and within a few years we managed to reach huge goals.

But Marco’s functions have changed since he started at YITH.

In the company, over time, I did different things, from SEO to marketing manager, from product owner to brand ambassador etc… When the company was only in Italy (Sicily) I took care of the whole team, especially when Nando left for Spain, and of the production cycle of our products that we slowly built and put in the market. Gradually, we grew more and more and new professionals came in, the company moved to Spain, and I was lucky enough to meet my current sisters and brothers who work with me outside of Italy. Now my colleagues are scattered around the world, and I am overjoyed to work with each of them. Today in the company I manage Google and Facebook advertising, SEO, and follow our YouTube channels where there are wonderful people who record videos every day to help grow the number of customers that choose our brand.   

Marco is recognized in the Italian community for his YouTube channel, but also for being the face of the Italian YITH channel.  

YouTube is the platform I like the most! I love every single one of its features and it was me who proposed to the company to open channels and talk to our audience. On YouTube the content always remains and does not get lost in time as in other social platforms, this is why it is and will be my choice in the coming years 🙂  

And not only that: he has also participated in different WordCamps.   

I love travelling and meeting people. It’s something I really enjoy doing and I don’t mind doing long walks or taking many planes. I like being in public while wearing the YITH T-shirt! WordCamps are fabulous! There are always wonderful people who care a lot about each other.    

Marco is part of many teams at the same time, but he couldn’t stick to one of them. In addition, he has been presented with difficulties that he is still working on.   

I’m part of the YITH strategy team, so I can’t see a single project or talk about a single action. I am connected to the whole website and the people working on it, as if it were a single project! […] For the moment the only difficulty I have is the language because, still, I don’t speak English well but I’m studying it 🙂  

These years at YITH have gave him the opportunity to see how the team has grown.   

I love YITH, I love the brand and I love the people who are here every day. I love the people who work there. I love the people who built it and the people who thought it up. I love to consider them my family and not having to think every day that my job could end at any moment or that someone could make me feel badly. I love that we are a team and I seriously think that our greatest strength is within ourselves and that the team I work with would be capable of crazy things. I think we are a true power of nature! 😊 

Marco is fortunate to share his life with his wife and two girls. In addition to working at YITH, he runs his own YouTube channel and would love to take up music again but doesn’t have the time to do so. However, these are not his only passions.    

In the past, I won a national SEO contest and from there I became one of the best SEOs in my country. […] Now that my job has become purely digital I can live anywhere in the world, so I’m still thinking about where I can go tomorrow 🙂  

And if I had to give one piece of advice, I would be very clear about it.   

Don’t give importance to what others say. They always have something to say that is part of their experiences and not yours.   

Once again, Marco has warm words for YITH.   

YITH is a company that gives you the opportunity to express yourself in what you like to do the most, and that gives me a lot of energy and motivation. I believe that YITH has in its midst enlightened and illuminated minds capable of making a difference anywhere. 

It’s really moving to see how passionate Marco is about life and his work. Having him as part of YITH is an honor, his everyday effort and passion spreads and impacts positively our team and the community of users worldwide. Grazie Marco! 

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