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YITH Live Push Notifications for WooCommerce

What the plugin does It shows custom notifications to highlight promotions, discounts, products, and reviews, to get new leads and to show recent sales, and increase your customer’s trust.
How you can benefit from it:
  • Send targeted push notifications to loyal customers to entice them to make repeat purchases in your shop;
  • Emphasize the discounts, coupon codes and the running promotions with notifications that catch the user’s eye and that cannot be ignored;
  • Promote specific products of your shop to push your users to buy;
  • Grow your customers’ trust in your shop by showing the positive reviews written by other buyers;
  • Strengthen your brand by promoting positive policies (reviews, free or quick shipping, returns and refunds etc.) and by pushing your users to register or share your shop’s link on their social profiles;
  • Show notifications related to the orders your users place on your store to increase the customer buying trust and leverage the social proof principle;
  • Collect new leads by showing a newsletter subscription form in a strategic position.

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YITH Live Push Notifications WooCommerce

Push notifications: the most powerful marketing tool for your e-commerce store

Push notifications are a powerful weapon in the hands of web marketers that they can use to interact dynamically with your customers and keep them informed about any new action or communication related to your shop: total sales, promotions and discounts, featured products, testimonial reviews, news and much more.

Email marketing and SMS Marketing have gradually lost their effectiveness as they have been supplanted by push notifications: if you buy online, you must have certainly noticed that many shops use these tools to promote their products and to build customers’ trust by showing messages about the orders placed by their customers.

Market research proves that this kind of notification gets 50% more opens and clicks than traditional promotional emails that now tend to be ignored and trashed.

Thanks to YITH Live Push Notifications for WooCommerce you can create and configure unlimited push notifications to engage and loyalize your customers, push them to buy, boost the conversions and generate leads easily: just one versatile plugin that can be used in many different ways based on what you want to achieve.

Create unlimited notifications using the integrated builder

There is no limit to the number of notifications that you can display in your e-commerce store.

Unlimited notifications

Notification library

An always updated library for your notifications

The plugin includes the main notifications used in the e-commerce stores: you can create notifications to promote a specific product, to share a discount code and to highlight deals and promotions, to generate leads through a newsletter form (integrated with our Mailchimp plugin), to show the reviews of happy customers or to notify about purchases made by other customers. In the next updates, we will also add more notification options and we will add more and more to make sure the notification library is always up-to-date, rich and perfect for everyone’s needs.

Leverage the social proof principle to boost conversions

One of the main reasons why you may want to use push notifications is to leverage the social proof principle and show to your visitors notifications about orders placed by other customers or how many people are watching the same product.
This kind of notification allows growing your customers’ trust in your products and your brand, it triggers a sense of urgency and pushes them to buy.
Just started your business and still no orders to share? You can however use the “Dummy” function to show notifications with self-generated contents.

Social proof urgency

Notification builder

Set up the notification using the live builder

The live builder integrated in the plugin allows you to create and configure the notifications in every detail: you can add and format the text, add images or icons, choose the color, size and position, set up a custom link and much more. Every change will be shown in real time in the preview sidebar on the right hand side, so that you can check step by step how it will look like to your users.

For every notification, choose where it will show up

Create custom rules to decide where the notification you are setting up will be displayed: you can simply show it on every page of your shop or make it appear only on a specific product page or on the home page. You can hide the notifications from the Cart or Checkout pages or configure the rules so to show, in the categories and product pages, only the notifications related to products in the same category or notifications about that specific product the user is viewing. There are virtually unlimited possibilities.

Notification position

Notification by user and user role

For every notification, choose who will see it

You can also choose whether to show the notifications to all users, just to logged-in users, or the other way around, just to guest users that haven’t logged in yet. And if this is not enough, you can decide to show notifications only to users from specific regions (for example, only show the free-shipping notification to people who live in regions where this service is actually available) or, viceversa, hide them if they come from a specific country or region.

Set how many notifications to show and how often

Push notifications can be a wonderful marketing tool but they can also turn out to be a double-edged sword if they keep popping up annoyingly and distract the users from the page they are reading or the product they are purchasing. The display rules that we have added allow ‘nipping the issue in the bud’ and use the notifications in a smart way: you can set the maximum number of notifications to show per user session, the time between different notifications, after how much time opening a new notification if the customer closes the previous one manually and much more.

Time intervals

Notification sound

Choose whether to play a sound when the notification is displayed

Do you want to further enhance your notifications? Enable the notification sound and choose one from the library provided. A soft “bop” sound does not annoy the users, instead, it catches their attention.

Many options to set up custom notifications

From the plugin panel you can: choose the position where the notifications will be displayed (use the option to override these settings for each notification); the type of animation (want them to fade in, or pop up, or slide in?); decide to hide them on mobile devices; select to show the close icon and much more.

Multiple options

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A subscription license entitles you updates and support. Each installation of the plugin will require a license key.


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