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YITH WooCommerce Badge Management

What the plugin does Show graphic badges on your products to highlight discounts, promotions, or unique selling points
How you can benefit from it:
  • increase your e-commerce conversions adding more value to on sale products (studies prove that badges boost conversions up to 55%);
  • replace the default WooCommerce “sale” badge with a custom modern badge and create unlimited badges using the new powerful Badge Builder;
  • automatically show the percentage discount and the actual saving on the purchase of products on sale using the “advanced” badges;
  • highlight promotions and discounts using the graphic badges included (2x1, 3x2, Buy 1 get 1, Black Friday, Christmas Sales, End of Season sales, etc.);
  • use badges to highlight new products, free shipping, product brands, special features or categories (“plus size”, “low stock”, “vegan”, “cruelty-free”, “hypoallergenic”, etc.).
1 year of updates and support
30-day money back guarantee
Buyer Protection If you are not satisfied with our products, you will receive a 100% refund for any reason. Read more about the refund policy >
This plugin is used by 27.783 customers, with a rating of 4.5/5 and a 97% customer satisfaction in support!
YITH Badge Management

Highlight products, features and promotions with graphic badges to boost sales in your shop

Research on e-commerce websites proves that using product badges increases conversion rates by 55%.

In your own personal experience, how interesting are the badges on products that have a “50% off” or “Black Friday Deals!”, “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” when you enter a shop or check a store front? Without those badges, you wouldn’t even have known about those offers. The same happens to your customers: a badge system can highlight offers, new or featured products, special features of the items you are selling or something that’s about to run out of stock.

YITH WooCommerce Badge Management allows you to use a wide library of badges that are included or to create unlimited custom badges through a powerful builder. You can manage automatic badge display rules for your shop or manage badges individually for the products or the promotions you prefer.

Badges can be a powerful marketing tool and you can use them to lead customers toward specific purchases.

Create unlimited badges: simple, CSS or image badges

Use the badge builder to create unlimited badges for your shop. You can create either simple badges (just text and background), pick a customizable CSS badge (you can change text, color, size, etc.) or choose an image badge from the library or even upload your own image and use it as a badge.

Simple, CSS or image badges
Discount badges

Create advanced badges to dynamically show the discount and saving

Advanced badges calculate and show the discount percentage on the product automatically and, if you want to, also the amount that the customer is saving. The perfect solution for instant feedback on prices, discounts, and offers, and to push the customer to buy.

Use the badge builder to customize every detail of your badges

Thanks to the built-in badge builder you can customize every detail of your badges: text, colors, size, radius, padding, opacity. You can also rotate the badge and choose its position with drag & drop and preview it in real time.

Badge builder
Ready-to-use badge library
New Hot

Access a free library with 60 ready-to-use badges for Black Friday, Christmas, End-of-season sales, Cyber Monday, etc. (and we will add more!)

One of the newest features is the badge library, where you will be able to download the badges we provide for free. At the moment you can find 60 badges, and most of them are themed: Black Friday, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s day, Cyber Monday, End-of-season sales, and many more. We keep adding more and newer badges to enrich the library and offer you more and more freedom.

Choose whether to show the badges to all users, only specific users or roles

You can choose whether to show the badges to all your shop users or to specific user roles only. If you use the plugin with YITH WooCommerce Membership, you can also decide to show the badges to members only.

Badges by user role
Schedule badges

Schedule the badges to set when, and how long, they will be displayed

Do you want to show a Black Friday badge only on the day the promotion runs or schedule a Christmas badge from 1 to 31 December? Use the built-in option to schedule the badge and it will be automatically disabled at the end.

Create custom rules to assign the badges to specific products (new, featured, in stock, out of stock, low stock, etc.)

Create a “New” badge for products that have been recently added to the shop, a “Featured” one to give visibility to the featured products, a “Hot” badge for bestsellers, or another one to locate the low-stock products and so on. Thanks to the custom rules, you will be able to assign different badges to any kind of product available.

Custom rules for badges
Category and tag badges

Create custom rules to assign the badges to specific categories or tags

Badges are not just for highlighting discounts or deals: you can also use them like in the biggest shops (like Zalando, H&M, Asos, just to mention a few) to highlight products of specific categories (“plus size”, “eco-friendly”, etc.) or to emphasize your products’ features and strengths. If you sell food, for example, you can build badges like “vegan”, “sugar-free”, “gluten-free”. You can also build badges with the names of the brands or the stylists, or even with specific technical details that could turn out to be useful to your users looking for specific and niche products. There are basically unlimited possibilities to use them.


Assign badges to specific product variations

The plugin allows you to assign badges to specific product variations. In this way, you can, for example, assign a low-stock badge only to the black XL t-shirt, and make sure it does not appear on other variations of the same product, in a different color or size.

Badges for product variations
Shipping classe badges

Assign badges to highlight products that benefit from specific shipping classes

Do you want to show a badge for “low cost”, “free” or “express” shipping that is available on specific products and categories only? You can create specific badges and apply them to the shipping classes that you create in WooCommerce.

Assign badges to highlight products with a specific promotion or discount set up with the YITH Dynamic Pricing & Discount plugin

YITH WooCommerce Badge Management and YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discount is a mix that should not miss in any online store. If you set up advanced discounts and promotions with Dynamic Pricing & Discount – for instance, a 10% off all products on Black Friday or Christmas – you will be able to automatically assign the badge to emphasize those products with a running promotion.

Dynamic Pricing badges
WPML badges

Use WPML to translate the badges into the languages available in your shop

Thanks to the compatibility with the WPML plugin, you can translate all the badges into your shop languages and show custom messages to your customers, regardless of where they are located.

Free Vs Premium

Badges creation
Free Premium
Create unlimited badges using the advanced builder
Set the badge size
Create simple textual badges, with or without background
Choose to flip/mirror badge text horizontally, vertically or both
Set the padding for the textual badges
Set the badges border radius
Create image badges and choose from 9 different images
Additional set of 60+ advanced badge images (Black Friday, 3x2, 2x1, BOGO, Christmas Sales, etc.) new hot
Upload a custom image to use as badge hot
Create CSS badges with customizable colors, text and 100% responsive
Create advanced badges for on-sale products to automatically show the % discount and the saving hot
Set the badge opacity
Set the badge 3D rotation
Set a fixed badge position
Set the badge position in px, in % or using the drag&drop
Set the badge margin
Show badges on products
Free Premium
Hide or replace the default WooCommerce “on sale” badge
Automatically hide the default “on sale” badge on products where a badge is assigned
Automatically assign a badge to all products
Set a specific badge for each product
Assign badges to specific product variations new hot
Show multiple badges on products
Assign a specific badge to recent products
Assign a specific badge to “on-sale” products
Assign a specific badge to featured products
Assign a specific badge to low stock products
Assign a badge to products of specific categories
Set a badge for any configured shipping class
Hide badge on single product page
Schedule badges to choose when to show/hide them (ex: schedule badges for Black Friday and show them only for this day) hot
Hide badge in sidebar products
Advanced options
Free Premium
Enable the shop manager to edit badge settings
Edit badges through Quick Edit
Scale/hide badges in mobile devices
100% WPML compatible: it’s possible to set up a badge for each language
Integration with YITH Dynamic Pricing & Discounts: automatically show badges for each discount & promotion rule hot

Plugin integrations

All the products in our YITH catalog are developed on the same shared framework. This grants full compatibility among all our plugins and allows combining them together to get even more powerful results and more complete solutions.

We do our best to also include compatibility with the most popular WordPress and WooCommerce plugins available on the market.

You can use this plugin with*:

YITH Auctions for WooCommerce

YITH Auctions for WooCommerce allows you to sell the items in your store using an auction system. Each and every offer your users make is automatically processed until the auction is closed: the winners will receive an email inviting them to purchase the item; if they don’t, you have the option to keep the auction closed or open it again.

The combination of the two plugins allows creating badges and automatically assigning them to your auction products set with the status "not started", "started", and "finished".

YITH Booking for WooCommerce

YITH WooCommerce Booking allows advanced management of a booking system for the products of your shop. Once you have configured the prices, services, and availability, the plugin will automatically manage the product depending on the user choice.

These two plugins are perfectly integrated, which allows you to apply custom badges to "Booking" products as well.

YITH Easy Order Page for WooCommerce

YITH Easy Order Page for WooCommerce is a plugin that allows creating custom lists of products, categories, or tags and showing them as a table or a grid to make the product selection and buying process easier for your users. Through the sticky or floating widget, you can offer your users quick access to their cart content.

The integration with YITH WooCommerce Badge Management allows showing your badges also on the grid view and the modal window of the product detail page.

YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing

YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing is the plugin that allows you to edit quickly one or more details for an unlimited number of products at the same time.

The integration with these two plugins allows you to assign or remove a badge from several products at the same time, acting from the YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing control panel.

YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts is a plugin conceived to create advantageous purchase conditions for your users.
After configuring the discount rules for your shop, the system will dynamically apply them if the required discount conditions are fulfilled.
Using YITH WooCommerce Badge Management in combination with YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts allows you to add a badge to each configured discount rule: these badges will be applied to each product affected by these rules.

YITH WooCommerce Membership

YITH WooCommerce Membership is a plugin that allows you to organize the content of your site into plans and make it accessible only to users who have paid for it.
With this plugin, you can offer your users a wide selection of products in exchange for a cost.

The combination of the two plugins allows you to show badges to users with a specific membership plan.

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor allows you to turn your store into a multistore where vendors manage their own product and earn a commission on every sale.

The integration with YITH WooCommerce Badge Management allows vendors to create custom badges they will be able to apply to their products.

* All the plugins listed in this section are not included in YITH WooCommerce Badge Management. In order to take advantage of a specific integration, you need to purchase and activate the premium version of the related plugin.




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98 reviews

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Julian Fuentes - verified owner

    So goodI purchased after using the free version for a while and I must say I'm not disappointed at all, it is very much worth it.

  2. 5 out of 5

    uppynet - verified owner

    Fantastico Plugin!Merita anche 10 Stelle se fosse possibile metterle!
    Ottimo tutto e ottima assistenza da parte di tutto lo staff!!
    Potete fidarvi al 100% di quest'azienda! Lavorano molto molto bene! e sono molto molto Soddisfatta! Sempre gentili e presenti per qualsiasi cosa!

    Ottimo ragazzi! continuate così! :-)

  3. 5 out of 5

    uppynet - verified owner

    FantasticaOttimo plugin! 5 stelle meritate, soprattutto per l'assistenza!

  4. 4 out of 5

    Greg D. - verified owner

    So far so goodI'm giving this plugin a try following the users advise and it's working very well so far

  5. 5 out of 5

    Joel Eden - verified owner

    Great plugin!Awesome plugin and company, love using YITH plugins on our store!


Here you can find some frequently asked questions about this plugin. If you can't find a reply to your doubts, ask a question: we will reply in a very short time
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  • General
  • Customization
  • Multilingual support
  • Automations

Does this support variable products with different discounts so when a customer clicks on one variation, the discount shows accordingly?

Yes, the plugin supports variable products and allows showing different discounts through advanced badges based on the selected variation. You can find more details here.

Is it possible to apply multiple badges to a product?

Yes, this is possible by creating as many badge rules as you want. You can configure rules by product, category, tag, and shipping classes as described here.

Can I add a custom image (like a .png file) to create a custom badge?

Yes, in addition to the library with ready-to-use image badges included in the plugin, you can also upload your custom image.

Are the advanced badges and image badges also translatable into any language?

With the use of WPML plugin, you can translate the whole badge and set an image for each language.

Can I add a badge that shows up when inventory is below a certain number and shows the number of items available in stock?

Yes, to show the badges only on products with low stock, you must select Low stock products when creating the product badge rule and enter the product quantity to be taken into account to apply the badge.

Is it possible to set a time span (e.g. from Oct 1st to Oct 8th) when some badges should be displayed?

Yes, when creating a badge rule, you can schedule the dates for visibility. Moreover, you can override this setting from the product edit page as explained here.

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Technical Info

  • Version: 2.17.0
  • Released: 2023-05-15
  • Minimum PHP version: 7.0
  • Requires: WordPress 6.0 and WooCommerce 7.5
  • Compatible up to: WordPress 6.2.x and WooCommerce 7.7.x
  • Supported multilanguage plugins: WPML, Loco Translate
  • Translation ready: YES
  • Languages 100% guaranteed by YITH: English, Italian, Spanish
  • Languages provided by users: Dutch (100%)
  • Support for: YITH Proteo theme. All YITH plugins.
  • GDPR Compliant: Not applicable
1 year of updates and support
30-day money back guarantee
Buyer Protection If you are not satisfied with our products, you will receive a 100% refund for any reason. Read more about the refund policy >

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