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We Make Future – Another year of digital innovation and plenty of technology  

We enjoy participating in and supporting events that bring us closer to our valuable customers and e-commerce users. Being close to the individuals who contribute to our growth, help us enhance our offerings, and provide us with valuable insights. This is why we consider the We Make Future as one of our key events.  

Over 60,000 individuals from 85+ countries came together in Rimini to experience the latest in technology and digital innovation. We were thrilled to be a part of this amazing event as both attendees and sponsors for yet another year. 

Alessio Torrisi

Alessio Torrisi

I’ve been to WMF four times now and always enjoy being a part of it. One of the things I really like about it is the opportunity to connect with people and the positive atmosphere. This time, I noticed that many were familiar with the YITH brand and are already happy customers. It was fantastic to finally meet them in person and put faces to the names I usually interact with online. Additionally, WMF provided a great opportunity to spend time with my colleagues and have a good time together.

We made our way from Catania and Palermo to Bologna and then hit the road to reach our final stop, Rimini. 

After covering a long distance and spending several hours on the road, even though we were tired, we were incredibly excited because our journey was just starting: We Make Future 2023. 

We Make Future event

On June 15th, a big event started, gathering representatives from top brands in the technology and digital innovation, education, and entertainment industries, as well as experts, activists, and researchers. We had a great time listening to speeches, interviews, and watching exciting shows and concerts. It was a unique event that allowed us to have discussions about upcoming trends, market data, and impactful innovations. We even got to witness robots playing music and other incredible innovations that only come from pushing boundaries.  

YITH team in Rimini

We had some really cool presentations at We Make Future. Can you believe there were over 100 talks and shows? It was absolutely crazy. Some of the opening talks included Manuel Castells discussing “The Digitalization of Society: Trends and Challenges” and Francesco Ubertini talking about “Tech Transfer: the role of supercomputing in innovation.” 

Corrado Porzio

Corrado Porzio

We were thrilled to receive numerous compliments from our visitors, especially once they found out we were Italian. We had a great time bonding with our colleagues, particularly during dinner where we enjoyed the delicious local cuisine.
YITH customers

Over the course of the event’s initial two days, numerous individuals approached our booth with genuine interest to connect with us and explore our products. They were delighted to discover a plugin vendor that could greatly benefit their WordPress and WooCommerce projects. Some even took the opportunity to offer suggestions or simply greet us. Many attendees were already familiar with our brand or were part of the YITH community (a few even exclaimed, “You saved my life!”). We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of them!  

YITH T-shirt
Ausilia Arrigo

Ausilia Arrigo

It was the first time for me attending this event, but I was really impressed: it’s amazing!

A lot of other folks stopped by our booth hoping to snag some of our awesome swag – we really hope you managed to take one of our iconic t-shirts home!

During the event, we got to meet with other sponsors and discuss potential collaborations, among other topics. It was a great chance to connect with the community, exchange knowledge, and most importantly, have a good laugh and enjoy the event. 

Marco Salvo

Marco Salvo

The WMF is a large fair where I have the pleasure of meeting many friends, marketers and digital entrepreneurs. I love the atmosphere at WMF and it’s an incredible opportunity to network, get to know each other and explore topics of interest with tracks full of great speakers.
Users in YITH booth

And just like that, the event came to an end, leaving us feeling tired and a little sad as we bid farewell. But hey, we didn’t let that dampen our smiles! 

The event ended with a discussion on popular social media platforms, TikTok and YouTube. LolloBarollo and Roccotnl, who are content creators, talked about the impact of Gen Z and TikTok in the digital world. Additionally, Alessandro Masala, Favij, and Jakidale were the main speakers in the final session of the event, where they discussed the evolution and trends of the YouTube platform and the profession of being a YouTuber.   

We want to extend our gratitude to all the individuals who played a role in making this event happen. From the organizers and sponsors to the attendees, your contributions were crucial. Without each and every one of you, this event would not have been possible. Thank you once again. Ci vediamo il prossimo anno! 😊  

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