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WordCamp Barcelona 2023 –  Where code meets architecture!

Paraphrasing WordPress’ infamous phrase “Code is poetry”; attending WordCamp Barcelona for the first time for all 3 of our team members, made us realise that code is architecture too!  

Our team of reps, Athena, Iván and Alexis, visited Gaudí’s Barcelona and were left stunned by the imposing beauty of the city. We made a quick stop by the Sagrada Familia to marvel at what should be the 8th wonder of the world.

We woke up early to seize the morning and arrived at WordCamp Barcelona’s Contributor Day. After being kindly attended and registered at the entrance, we grabbed a coffee and a seat to enjoy the event presentation. The organizers gave a short, motivating speech on what WordPress is, as there was an impressive attendance of beginners and inexperienced WordPress enthusiasts, that were there to learn and network. 

We started contributing and spent the whole day networking, translating themes and plugins and sharing ideas on plugin maintenance. We practiced our catalán pronunciation as most table introductions’ were given in catalán and had tons of fun along with some delicious snacks of course!

During Contributor Day a great initiative took place, at the building next door, where WordCamp for Teens was celebrated. This proposal was meant for youngsters between the age of 13 and 16, aiming to introduce them to WordPress’ world of wonders, and possibilities. Children were able to attend talks regarding cybersecurity, what is WordPress and how to create a website from scratch, among other matters.  

Iván Sosa

Iván Sosa

All in all, this WordCamp was pretty awesome! The environment was friendly and everyone was eager to share their knowledge. It’s always a pleasure to catch up with our clients and chat with those who are new to the WordPress community!

In the evening we all met for the sponsor’s dinner where we had some tapas and networked some more. We ended a great night watching the Casa Batlló Light Show on the facade of Antoni Gaudí’s building celebrating the 200th anniversary of Passeig de Gracia.

The next morning we got up early to arrive on time at Campus Ciutadella in Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where the WordCamp was held. The space and university was ideal for celebrating such an event, as it was wide and bright and with a beautiful architectural design – it’s Barelona after all! We set our booth and swag and the first attendees arrived in no time!

Photo 05 credits to: Nilo Vélez

Athena Kiourka

Athena Kiourka

Yet another amazing event for our WordCamp collection! I specifically enjoyed Contributor Day this time, as I had the chance to learn more on WordPress’ translations and enhance glossary rules, next to great professionals. Always a pleasure to share time with old and new acquaintances!

Talks were very interesting as some were offered in Catalán and others in Spanish. Topics varied between usability, WordPress’ vulnerabilities, Gutenberg workshops and more. The subject of sustainability in WordPress projects was also brought to the table, as well as diversity, making some very accurate points and conclusions.  

Our team members, Iván and Alexis, had also the chance to participate on a brief chit-chat on the organisations’ podcast, about our company and future projects, and overall WordCamp feedback. 

Our exclusively designed t-shirts and memorabilia quickly disappeared, making us feel special for all the lovely feedback we obtained about our services, and brand awareness during the events we attend.

Alexis Salazar

Alexis Salazar

It was awesome to have a WordCamp in Barcelona again after almost five years. For me, attending a WordCamp in Barcelona has been a fantastic experience. Not only did I participate in the event, but also got a chance to explore the beautiful city. Meeting old friends and clients was a treat, and I was equally delighted to make new connections with community members and exchanging our expertise!

Wrapping up a great experience, there were 315 tickets sold, 297 attendees, for a 94,28% of total assistance, which screams total success! The conference turned out to be trending topic in social media in all Barcelona for the day, boosting the event’s organization confidence, and making us feel all the more special for being a part of it as sponsors. Thank you all for an amazing time and see you soon at WordCamp Europe in Athens, Greece!   

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