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WordCamp Madrid 2023 – a unique event

hroughout the year, we attend different events to connect with the community, people interested in the WordPress world, and customers. Networking and sharing with old and new friends are what makes these days even more special.   

As the year comes to an end, we are happy to announce WordCamp Madrid as one of the last WordCamps.  We feel grateful and joyful to participate and support this exceptional event once again. 

Friday meetings  

On Friday, November 3rd, we left for Madrid and went to La Nave to get our stand ready. We arrived at the event in an interesting taxi. It had everything: water, candy, pacifiers, and more. 

YITH team in La Nave

After arriving at the venue, we reunited with community members and attended a wonderful dinner with sponsors and speakers in the heart of Madrid a few hours later. 

The food was delicious, and it was the perfect moment to catch up with friends from the community, share projects and our thoughts on the WordPress landscape. At any WordCamp, these interactions are the most valuable.

Tania González

Tania González

It’s always a pleasure to go to a great event like WordCamp Madrid, reconnect with friends, meet people who are curious about YITH and the WordPress world. As we were able to talk to several attendees, a WordCamp is WordPress and networking, but it’s also food and friends.

WordCamp Big Day  

November 4th was a day full of presentations and lots of networking. The day started with two talks called “Para ti, que huyes del código” (“For you, who run away from code”), by Yannick García, and “La IA nuestra de cada día” (“Our everyday AI”), by Roberto Tuñón. At the same time, two workshops were given: “Crea tu primer bloque de Gutenberg desde cero” (“Create your first Gutenberg block from scratch”), by Pedro Crespo, and “Spreadsheet no es una shit. Sácale partido a tus hojas de cálculo de Google” (“Spreadsheet is not shit. Get the most out of your Google Spreadsheets”), by Sofía Calle. 

YITH team

Our booth was always busy, and even though we had little time to interact with other sponsors, we had the opportunity to talk to many people interested in our work, people from the community, and people who identified WordCamp Madrid as their “first WordCamp”.

YITH t-shirts and people with our t-shirts

Like every year, our T-shirts were incredibly popular! This year for WordCamp Madrid we chose a one-of-a-kind design that focuses on AI, a topic that stirs up debate. Check out the picture of the design below and let us know what you think! 

A big cocido and lots of chocolate churros were there for us to enjoy at the event. Those minutes dedicated to eating were also the perfect excuse for networking.   

As the day went on, we enjoyed different talks related to security such as Néstor Angulo’s presentation called “KameHameHA! O cómo defenderse de un atacante malicioso nivel Freezer” (“KameHameHA! Or how to defend yourself from a Freezer-level malicious attacker”) and social media: “WordPress ❤ Telegram – una story de amor” (WordPress ❤ Telegram – a love story), by Rubén Alonso”. The topics covered also web development, marketing, and more.

As an anecdote, an attendee came up to us to thank us for our work on the YouTube channel. Thanks to our videos, he had been able to understand and configure the plugin – you can’t imagine how happy that comment made us! Because of it, we were able to put into perspective how a project that has been running for two years could help our customers so much. We’re thankful for his words!   


YITH with WordCamp attendees

At the end of the day, we had a great time at the verbena and enjoyed some amazing food. But the highlight was joining the tradition of dancing the chotis. We all participated wearing carnation flowers and cloth handkerchiefs.

Francisco Mendoza

Francisco Mendoza

I liked it a lot because it was my first WordCamp of the year in Spain and I met many friends from the WordPress Community that I hadn’t seen for a long time.

At night, we had dinner with friends from the community and prepared for another great day: Contributor Day.   

The experience of our speaker  

Carlos Rodríguez – Carga condicional de estilos y scripts (Conditional loading of styles and scripts)

At WordCamp Madrid 2023 we were able to enjoy the presentation of one of our developers, Carlos Rodriguez. He gave an interesting talk on conditional loading of styles and scripts.

Carlos Rodríguez

Carlos Rodríguez

It was a short talk in which I explained how to improve resources and load scripts and styles only where they are needed. Despite being nervous at the start, it was a positive experience.
Carlos talk

If you couldn’t attend the talk and you want to watch it, here it is >  

A day in the community  

After a whole day of speeches, the last day of WordCamp Madrid eventually came: the Contributor Day. A lot of people bringing their expertise in several areas like plugins, support, and marketing were gathered and assigned to different tables. 

Iván Sosa

Iván Sosa

Contributing is a way to make WordPress a bigger place and it means participating in building and improving a tool that affects millions of websites around the world. The act of contributing is a rewarding way to give something back to the community, fostering the values of open source and cooperation that are essential for the sustainable development of the web.
Contributor Day

After contributing and learning at different tables, we all had pizza for lunch and this long-awaited event came to an end.   

WordCamp Madrid 2023 was a stunning and well-attended event that was embraced by all. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to its success: the participants, organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and caterers. Your support made this event possible. We can’t wait to see you again next year, Madrid! 

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