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WordCamp Valencia 2023 –  a learning space for all 

2023 has been a year full of events all over Spain: Torrelodones, Chiclana, Barcelona, Pontevedra, Madrid… Many WordCamps where we were able to enjoy, learn and share.   

When an event is sold out, there is a sense of pride for everyone involved. This was true for WordCamp Valencia, an event we got to sponsor and attend to close out our year in Spain. It is always a pleasure to return to the Valencia community! 

Just a few days after the end of WordCamp Madrid, we were on our way to Valencia. We also couldn’t escape the first anecdote of the trip, which happened very early: we almost had to pay for a suitcase due to a handling problem, but in the end they let us get away with it. A little luck at the beginning never hurts! 


Francisco Mendoza

Francisco Mendoza

For me, one of the most important things is to have more personal time with colleagues in the company, so that we can get to know each other better and create a very good bond between us.
YITH team

Once in Valencia, we rested as much as possible to be ready for our next stop: WordPress School Day and Contributor Day.  

Learning and contributing: a good start!  

WordCamp’s first day was divided into two parts: WordPress School Day and Contributor Day. 

The WordPress School Day is an event dedicated to introducing those who consider themselves beginners to the WordPress world, giving them the opportunity to learn from scratch. Here they could learn how to configure plugins and themes. They could also learn about domain, hosting and installation, among other things. Additionally, this first part of the day would end with a FAQ and discussion area. A great opportunity for those who are new to the world of WordPress and want to learn. 

There is no doubt that it was a positive experience for all the participants without experience. They could enjoy and benefit from it. 

The second half of the day would have another protagonist: Contributor Day. We were divided into several tables: marketing, support, community, etc. As always, it was a pleasure to learn from each other and share knowledge. 

WordCamp day with presentations of all kinds   

WordCamp Day

The big day of the WordCamp consisted of several talks: we could enjoy presentations about development, marketing, design, among others. But not only that. It was a great time to be with the community, the attendees, and the staff. 

The big day started with two very interesting presentations that were opened by Lena Iñurrieta, who talked about “cómo optimizar el contenido de tu WordPress para las estrategias de generación de leads de B2B” (how to optimize your WordPress content for B2B lead generation strategies) and Patricia Vázquez. With the latter we learned that web design is a universal language, but each country has its own dialect, thanks to her presentation “¿Por qué las páginas webs japonesas son tan diferentes?” (Why are Japanese websites so different?).  

Images with users and our t-shirts
Michelle Hernández

Michelle Hernández

One of the things I like most about WordCamps is the people you meet: they’re all very different, but it’s easy to get along with them, and they’re all very friendly and willing to get to know you and your work.

As always, we saw old friends and met many new people who came to our booth to get to know us – thanks to everyone who took the time to talk to our team. Thanks also to all of you who gave us feedback to help us keep YITH growing and improving

Talking with users

Meanwhile, some speakers like Jaime Gármar reminded us (or discovered) the “mistakes” we make with our WordPress for which no one has scolded us, or Santiago Alonso presented us a case study on how to manage a marketplace with WooCommerce + Airtable.   

Elena Garritano

Elena Garritano

The event was very nice, I felt very welcome, and everyone was very nice to me. I met many new and interesting people. One of the things I liked the most was the Valencian Wapuu that they created for the occasion.

As always, our merchandising (especially our T-shirt) was a huge success! The food was a success as well (especially the Valencian fried rice). 

Our t-shirts for WordCamp Valencia

The last presentations of the day were by Lucía Rico, entitled “Cómo hacer SEO sin gastarte un p*to euro” (“How to do SEO without spending a euro”), where she talked about the sales-oriented web structure or SEO sales funnel; and with the presentation of Lua Valeria Salazar, in the conference room, on the question of the perfect formula for building our personal brand, with authenticity as the basis. The event ended with a round table with the participation of experts such as María Usán, Jessica Quero or Fernando Tellado, among others, and a final curtain to close this great event. 

Closing remarks

This is where our WordCamp Valencia 2023 experience comes to an end. Thanks to all the people who made it possible, it was a pleasure to sponsor and attend this amazing event! We can’t wait to see you again in 2024. Thank you, Valencia! 

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