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WooCommerce Essential GuidesWooCommerce: How to add a variable product

Hi and welcome back to our installation and configuration guide for WooCommerce.

In the past two chapters we have seen how to create a physical and a digital product, today we’ll see how to create a variable product.

So, what exactly is a variable product?

In a previous chapter we have seen how to create attributes in order to assign them to products.

For instance, if a shirt comes in three different colors, by assigning the corresponding attributes to the product, they will be displayed in the product description.

But what if we wish to insert this choice within the product page, so that by selecting it the image and the price will change?

To do this, let’s first create a product as we normally would:


Towards the bottom of the page, in the Product Data section, let’s select the “Variable” type of product:


As you can see, when you select this option, listing price and product offer will disappear. To create your variation, go to the “Attributes” section:


Now you can create a new attribute, in case you didn’t already do before, or you can select one from the list of existing ones. In a past chapter we created the “Color” attribute, where I entered the various product colors:


By selecting the previously created attribute, you can select the elements you wish to link to the product, look for one in particular, select them all or add a new one:


Don’t forget to check “Used for variations” in this section:


In this guide I added three values “Black”, “Blue” and “Red”, offering a shirt in these colors. Now move to the “Variations” section:


Now you can create each variation individually or create them automatically for all of the attributes we previously entered:


Once the variations are created, a section similar to the one of normal products will be created for each one of them, here you can add the variation image, the listing price and the discounted offer price:


And this is how the product will look like once you have entered all the variations:


By selecting the color from the drop-down menu, the shirt color will change and so will its price:


In the variations settings, it’s also possible to perform bulk actions:


In this example, selecting “Set Regular Prices”, we can set the listing price for all variations. You simply need to select the entry you are interested in and click “Go”:


And this is how you create a variable product! See you in the next chapter!