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YITH Store Locator for WordPress: the first and only Store Locator that allows you to configure the stock quantity and availability for each store

A few years ago, we carried out a careful analysis of the key tools that every good online store should use to offer a good user experience to their buyers.

The Live Chat and the Store Locator (for e-commerce shops that sell their products also in physical stores) are two critical tools to guarantee good customer service and win the customer’s trust.

That’s why by that time we decided to develop and add the YITH Store Locator for WordPress plugin to our catalog: it is a tool that we’ve designed with great care and love after thoroughly evaluating the store-locator feature of the biggest e-commerce stores.

In the previous plugin version, the map and the list of the shops were displayed only on a custom page. From version 2.0 we have added compatibility with WooCommerce: this lets you display a “Buy in store” button on the products of your shop that opens a modal window with the store locator right on the product page.

Most e-commerce stores follow the same pattern: on Kiabi website, you can spot a “Find in store” button, which is usually next but less emphasized than the primary call-to-action buy button.

Store Locator - check in store option

This button opens a modal window where the user can check the list of all the physical stores where the product is currently available. In this way, not only can the users find the nearest shop and get directions or useful information about it (like address, telephone number, opening hours etc.) but also, and above all, get immediately if that product is available in that shop and spare themself the trouble of driving up to there without success.

Find item in store

Even H&M offers a similar solution: on the product page, you can see the “Check availability in store” textual link that opens the store locator into a modal window.

Check availability in store

So we drew inspiration from the best stores and resolved to add this button functionality to our YITH Store Locator for WordPress plugin: after enabling it with one click, it can either inherit the theme style or be customized from our plugin options panel.

Show find in store button

Once you click on the button, you can choose whether to redirect the user to the website store locator page or show the content of that page in a modal window.

Show stores on the map in modal window

This is the basic and typical functioning of the various Store Locator plugins for WooCommerce available online.


But we want to offer more.

Like the possibility to set the product stock in the various available stores and make sure that the users could REALLY know if the product is available at a certain point of sale and what the actual quantity is.

This is why we’ve added some advanced options that allow setting the product stock availability for every single store and right from the product edit page:

Import stock through CSV

And as the following step, the possibility to set the stock quantity for each product – in every single store – from a dedicated table:

Stock quantity per store

Thanks to these additional features, when customers click on the “Find in store” button, they will be shown not only the list of all the stores where they can buy the item but also the number of product units they can find in every single point of sale:

Set store availability


The product stock can either be managed manually by editing the values from the table or by importing them through a CSV file.

Stock management

We are so excited: right now, our YITH Store Locator for WordPress is the first Store Locator plugin with an advanced WooCommerce integration that includes also the stock management of your products across multiple points of sale.

We suggest you take a look at the new Live Demo of YITH Store Locator for WordPress where you can already see the “Find in store” button and the modal window.
Don’t forget to click on the “Launch admin demo” button to access the plugin admin panel and test the new stock features by yourself.

If you want to find out more about the plugin and all the available options, here you find the link to the Landing Page of YITH Store Locator for WordPress >

What do you think about this new option? If you have any questions or suggestions, please, leave a comment below, we really appreciate your feedback 🙂

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