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Why we say goodbye to the club

We have decided to permanently close the famous YITH club to new customers from January 31, 2021. We’ve made this decision for several reasons. Since the introduction of this club subscription, we have significantly expanded the number of plugins on our marketplace. In recent years, we’ve fought to find a delicate balance between providing excellent […]

2020 in numbers; a year we won’t easily forget

‘Health and prosperity’ continues to offer the best support and grow our business. These were some of the wishes that YITH’s family asked for on the last night of 2019, but we would have never imagined what would really happen later: each one working at home, without contact between us, living in continuous uncertainty and […]

A recap of 2020 and what to expect

This 2020 has been unprecedented, also for YITH. Since March, we have practically not worked in the office but from home instead. You can imagine: kids screaming, working in pajamas, background music from the neighbors, and ‘too many’ video meetings. A real madness! We have missed our colleagues, the laughter in the office, breakfast, lunch […]

YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount 2.0: a new interface to set up advanced promotions and discounts with just a few clicks.

In the past months, we have studied most of the plugins for WooCommerce that allow advanced management of prices, promotions and discounts. This in-depth analysis confirmed what we already know: our YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount plugin has no equal on the market. It’s just one tool to create dynamic prices and configure any […]

Black Friday, can you afford to lose out?

Christmas is synonymous with lights, family, and food, but also with expenses and queues. That’s why the number of people who prefer to buy on the Internet increases, taking advantage of scandalous offers and saving themselves the crowds in shopping centers. For this reason, online stores must be prepared for an increase in sales, stand […]

No Tricks just a Treat for you!

Trick or treat? You’ve probably read or heard these words many times on the scariest day of the year. Ghosts that make you panic, terrifying pumpkins, witches, black cats that attract bad luck, dark bats, or spider webs that will give you a bad scare. Just thinking about it makes your hair stand on end. […]