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WordCamp Europe: a growing family and an amazing experience in Belgrade

What shall we say? Words are not enough to describe how amazing and engaging WordCamp Europe 2018 was.
We were warmly welcomed, as usual, when we first arrived at the venue. It’s like when you meet life-long friends (and we really did!). You feel as if you were in a big family. We both met members of the community that are now close friends and new people, but even with people that you’ve just met the feeling doesn’t change, it’s as if you were talking with old friends.
This is typical of all WordCamp events and makes them unique.

We could smell the enthusiasm of participating.
As usual, the contributor day kicks many ideas, and projects that might only be in the air receive the driving force that is needed to make them rolling!

WC Europe 2018 - Contributor Day

As for the organization it was incredible. Do you need something? Just ask and someone will help you! The organizers made a great job, and this goes for both what they did and how they did it. Priceless!

On the same topic, volunteers contribution was then a great plus, this year the volunteers were 170, a huge number and their help was precious during the event. Need anything? There was always someone around ready to help.

Volunteers at WC Europe 2018

The sponsorship booths were allocated very well, there was room and visibility for everyone, which is not so easy to achieve at times. The venue was a big location that could host all the sponsors in one place, where the attendees could take a break and visit the booths and take something to drink or to eat at any time of the day and next to the main tracks. Networking was the watchword.

WordCamp Europe 2018

What to say about the social side of the event? It was amazing, the spacious venue that hosted us during the Contributor day was turned into a disco with a live band who entertained the attendees with true grit and people had a lot of fun all the night through.

WordCamp Europe 2018 - After Party

As for numbers, also, the event was such a great success! Compared to the past year, it recorded many more attendees, over 2000, and 65 speakers from a record number of 374 applications! This shows how the WordPress community to this great project is growing from year to year, and this is thanks to the great work that everyone in the community with their own big or small contribution do day by day.

WordCamp Europe 2018

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