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WordCamp Torrelodones – Visiting the Sierra Madrileña for the second time 

You know what they say, a WordCamp isn’t truly over until someone writes about it. But let’s pause for a moment and ask ourselves: do we really want to say goodbye to WordCamp Torrelodones 2024 just yet? As much as we might wish it could last forever, it’s time to wrap up this chapter and make room for new editions and exciting events ahead.  

The second edition of WordCamp Torrelodones drew in just over 200 individuals, all gathering with a common purpose: to learn and share, all while embracing the spirit of WordPress.  

WordCamp Torrelodones arrival

We arrived in Madrid on March 22nd to indulge in a dinner surrounded by sponsors and speakers. It’s always a pleasure to reconnect with the Spanish community! After catching up, with our bellies full and our hearts content, we geared up for WordCamp’s first big day.  

A WordCamp day filled with enlightening presentations  

As expected, the lineup for WordCamp Torrelodones was truly captivating, featuring a diverse range of topics catering to various audiences: from development, SEO, and entrepreneurship to design, digital marketing, AI, and more. Choosing just one presentation proved to be quite the challenge!  

WordCamp Torrelodones booth

Juan Hernando (@ciudadanoB) kicked off the talk space with his presentation ‘Change the World with Your WordPress’, inspiring us to reclaim our spot on the internet and make it a slightly better place. Meanwhile, in Track 2, Flavia Bernández (@flabernardez) delved into ‘Anonymous Layout Designers: Detoxify and Embrace the Site Editor’. The first part of the day featured 25-minute talks from experts such as Fernando Tellado, Fernando López, and Lidia Arroyo.  

WordCamp Torrelodones assistant

Throughout the day, we reunited with old friends and also met many individuals attending their first WordCamp. A big thank you to everyone for the conversations, feedback, laughter, and good times.   

Alexis Salazar

Alexis Salazar

My best advice for attending a WordCamp is to always approach it as if it’s your first time. This way, I believe it’s much more rewarding, and you can truly make the most out of your time at the event.

The second half of the day, featuring 15-minute talks, kicked off with Gonzalo Garzo and his presentation ‘Creating Websites Opens Doors You Never Imagined,’ and concluded with Lucía Rico’s (@luciayelseo) ‘Duplicate Content and Keyword Cannibalization in WordPress: How to Avoid It,’ where we could identify if we’re competing in search rankings and learn effective strategies to address and prevent these issues. 

We brought a surprise to Torrelodones: a fresh design for our acclaimed T-shirts! It was a smashing success.  

WordCamp Torrelodones t-shirts
Michelle Hernández

Michelle Hernández

Typically, at WordCamps (I especially noticed this in Torrelodones), attendees are encouraged to approach those who may seem alone or new, and the community is inclined to help them feel included. They take the true meaning of ‘community’ seriously.
WordCamp Torrelodones closing remarks

After an intense day filled with presentations, one of the best parts of the event awaited: the after party. There, we could talk, share, and laugh with the community. Thanks to all the people at the event for being part of this wonderful journey!   

Contributing and community go hand in hand 

Contributor Day start

More than 90 people gathered at 8 tables to contribute to WordPress and enjoy some time (and some paella) amidst conversations and laughter.  

We joined the plugin table, contributing our knowledge and learning alongside a great team. We spoke with WordPress enthusiasts who believe in the power of freely sharing knowledge and code for the benefit of all. We strive to give back what WordPress has provided us over the years.  

Contributor Day in WordCamp Chiclana
Iván Sosa

Iván Sosa

Don’t be afraid to strike up conversations and exchange contact information. Carry a notebook or use an app to take notes and jot down key points, ideas, and perspectives from sessions and conversations. This will help you retain information and apply it later. Lastly, approach WordCamps with a growth mindset and be open to learning new things. You never know what valuable knowledge or skills you might acquire.

In general, it was a very enjoyable WordCamp where we met new people with the ambition to create, from their own blogs to starting their own businesses from scratch, and regulars of the community who always have wonderful things to contribute.  

We love reconnecting with all of you! Thanks to everyone who made this great event possible. See you at the next one! 😊  

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