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Beautiful work, nice work, very very nice theme… these are the first comments collected by Memento a few minutes after its pubblication on Themeforest. The good news? Today you can download it for free and start using it for your business or for your clients.

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It's about a multi-purpose HTML template. Instead if you're looking for a WordPress version of the same theme, take a look at this page.

The HTML theme

Memento is a responsive theme, completely customizable, with a fresh and powerful design, corporate style, clear color, clean taste :) All kidding aside, you do first if you take a look at the preview. A thing to say immediately is that with Memento, but this includes all our templates, you can easily setup and customize every single element. You can create unlimited layout solutions, use sliders, advanced menus, portfolio pages, blog and much more. But let's try to understand what we're talking about.

9 Home page

The importance of the homepage for a website is by now self-evident. With Memento we created nine types. Not one, two or three, but nine. You know what this means, especially if you're a web designer that has to satisfy many clients?

Home page version 1


There's a new kind of market. Web browsers are always more demanding, but also more informed with more experience. A quick glance is enough to realize if it's worth or not to stop on the site you're looking at.
This is the logic of the layout of Memento. One single scroll for a page that provides an overview with the elements wisely orderd. At the top stands a top bar with the latest tweets from our account on the left and a support menu on the right. The main menu is immediately visible below with its icon and a hoover effect that gets activated in a nice way with the passage of the mouse.
Even the submenus get opened with the passage of the mouse. Try and believe. The slider of the first homepage is the one with the thumbnails. After follows, a three-columned section that provides preview information. Eg. contacts, portfolio etc.. Then, a slider with the testimonials of clients or readers. Lastly the footer, or if you prefer, a pre-footer where you can find three content widgets and a footer with the credits and a list of social channels where you can be found.

Home page version 2 (stretched)


The structural logic is the same: a small scroll for an instant overview. However there's something different here. The first difference lays in the slider. The one used is the elastic slider (which is also responsive). Then there are 4 focus with featured image to give information about the services offered.
Next comes a three-column section that highlights the strengths of the activity you're promoting. Even the footer is different: the pre-footer disappears, but not the credits and the social channels that are centered in respect of the wrapper. Also the background changes, that now is completely white.

Home page version 3 (portfolio)


Spotlight to the projects. This is the concept of the third version of Memento. Here we used a flash slider, followed by a four-columned layout where we can show - with featured imageincluded - several projects or activities worthy of attention. For all the rest, as for the first version, there's a slider of the feedbacks and a big footer with 3 widgets and a small copyright section.

Home page version 4


If we were to use a slogan to describe this version, it could be something like: we count on welcome. The elegant slider is followed by a section built specifically for the welcome messageand by four columns that highlight the strengths of the activity we're promoting.

Home page version 5


Honour to the white and to ordinated spaces. In this version of the homepage predominates the concept of the relationship between form and space. No wonder that after the slider (which is the elegant type) follows a four column layout created to show a photo gallery.
What could ever be more ordinated in space
than a collection of the best shots? But the real novelty of this version, compared to the previous ones, is the possibility to show at the end of the page, with the simplicity of copy and paste(portions of code are clearly commented to make the moving of entire blocks of layout easier for the user ), feed type contents or the latest articles or parts of text (eg. company philosophy), etc... The footer here, like for version 2, gathers to the center credits and social icons.

Home page version 6


I think it shoud be clear by now that there are no limits to the possibility of making up the homepage according to one's needs and always in a professional manner. And this version is the proof. The slider with thumbnail highlights several photos/projects to show to user immediately at his arrival on the site.
A small movement of the eyes towards the bottom and the attention gets attracted by the welcome boxwhich acts as a support - on the right - a section reserved to the feedbacks of the clients. Then follow 4 columns for the presentation of the services and the big footer that we have already seen in the other versions.

Home page version 7


If it's permitted a small, small compliment, here we're really in front of an excellent aesthetic composition of the elements. A few elements, but presented with a charming touch of delicacy. The conforting shades of blue that dominate the background, together with the slider parallaxtechnology, as well as the choice of showing only 4 columns with the categories of products/services emphasize the impact of the page, based on the choice to remove and not to add contents.

Home page version 8

Home page 8

When there are many things to tell or many contents to share in one single presentation page, you can't do without the tab technique. In this version of the homepage of Memento the passage of the mouse over them make people know what's going on.

Home page version 9

Home page 9

Concluding with the homepage of Memento, here's a version full of elements. There's all that you need: slider, welcome box, portfolio and big footer. We saw that there are no limits to the solutions of layout. The code is commented in every single part and it allows you to move, split, add or delete every section with a simple cut or copy and paste operation.

FAQ Page


Memento allows you to have a FAQ page to offer to your readers, giving them a list of questions that get opened with a toggle effect. In the configuration of the toggle you can choose whether to have or not all the FAQ opened or closed, or like in our demo have only one question opened.



Obviously, feedbacks and testimonials couldn't be left around here and there supporting a promotion or a special offer, but gathered and displayed on a separate page. We prepared one and it looks really nice, in line with the clean and neat style of the theme.

Gallery Page

Couldn't miss a gallery page. But Mementooffers two solutions to do it:

  1. a responsive gallery
  2. a filterable gallery

Responsive Gallery - FREE HTML Template


Here the selected image is placed in the foreground. Take note of the slider below that offers a preview of the quantity and types of images in the gallery, and the buttons next and previousdirectly connected to the slider. In fact, if you try to scroll the images, the one that goes in the foreground is highlighted also on the slider with hover on the frame.

Filterable Gallery

Filterable gallery

For all those who are used to collect images in categories, here's the filterable gallery. To the hover on the thumbnails you can show the name of the image, an icon that opens the picture to its original size in a lightbox window and another icon to open the detail page of the image, in case you decide to add a description of the same.

Contact Page

Contact page

Very often this kind of page gets developed quickly, without thinking of the importance it can have in the overall context of a strategy of conversions. We created it putting ourselves in the shoes of the client, trying to establish around him a reassuring environmentwith all the information about the company he's going to contact. On the top we placed a panel in javascript where you can put an interactive map from Google Maps or, of you prefer, a picture of a static map. Under there's a contact form and a sidebar on the left with all the information of the website, phone numbers, etc.

Page 404


A touch of sympathy for the 404 of Memento. Remember that every portion of code is commented. Therefore, even here, you can easily track it and write whatever you want.

Archive Page

Archive page

If you have news, articles, or contents to show with a certain order, here's the archive page. There's also the sidebar for support information, preview of releases or promotions and more.

Blog Page

Memento offers two types of blog pages:

  1. Big Thumbnails
  2. Small Thumbnails


In the Big Thumbnails you can point on the beauty of the images, showing them in 500px.


Here instead you can take advantage of the spaces to give priority to other information, and also show the contents in a different way. The order of the elements and the freedom of composition are the constant of our themes. Evaluate your needs and choose the layout more congenial for you.

Portfolio Page

When you work and you need to show the obtained results, there's nothing better than the possibility to choose between several types of layouts of portfolio. Mementohas 5 types:

  1. 3 columned
  2. Big Image
  3. Filterable
  4. Full Description
  5. With Slider

3 columned


Neat and clean. You can choose the number of projects to show on the screen, using the paging for all the others.

Big image


Sometimes, the old method of displaying items one under the other is the best solution to emphasize things. This layout is perfect for detail lovers . The big image can be further magnified thanks to the lightbox that gets opened when you click on it.



There are projects that you don't want to show or to display on a specific page and there are others that you want everyone to see. This is what a filterable portfoliodoes . Thanks to the JS filters you can choose to show your projects collected per category.

Full Description


What happens if you decide to show one project at the time? With Memento you can easily do it, without loosing trace of the porfolio. In fact, on the right, there's a slider featured project that highlights all the other projects of the website.

With Slider


A different way to have all the projects on the same page thanks to the slider of images.


We described more or less all the features of Memento. Of course, one thing is reading it, another thing is browsing it. Words can be cleverly chosen to give the best image of the product. But at the end it's only the photo of the reviewer. We believe that Memento can stimulate sensations that go beyond the subjective representation. Layout, colors, sliders, etc are like a deadly combination of creativity. Why don't you take a tour on our previewto better understand it?

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