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Crew member Highlight; Christian, one of the latest additions to our development team

The COVID pandemic has brought many changes: stores that had to leap to the Internet to stay in operation, businesses that had to close for various reasons, etc. For YITH, it was also a challenge. One of them was to train new developers remotely.  

Christian was one of those developers who had to receive training and support from the team remotely. Despite the complexity, the support of the team was vital for his learning.   

I started working for YITH at the beginning of the pandemic shutdown in May 2020. I had to talk to my colleagues remotely and didn’t get to meet them in real life until we were vaccinated and active COVID cases were down. It was hard, but they made it easy for me. My colleagues helped me in any way they could.  

Since the training, he has worked on the support of our plugins.   

I am part of the development and support team. My job is to help our customers with their questions and problems with our plugins. I love it because I get to talk to people from all over the world and, especially because I can directly help our customers get what they need to make their business thrive. It’s very comforting to get their feedback, it makes all our effort worthwhile. […] My job is also to update our plugins, add features, and fix bugs.  

 Working with clients can be complex but your satisfaction is one of our priorities.   

I understand that some clients need their request/problem to be ready as soon as possible, as it is their business. We are here to help them, and I am happy to resolve any issues.  

Supporting can be a difficult task though.   

Each client site is completely different from the others, they are a unique combination of configurations and plugins/themes. The source of the error could be anything.   

But Christian shares the best way to approach these difficulties. 

The key to success is to be patient. If you do everything calmly and lovingly, the solution will come to you.  

Maybe that’s why YITH is chosen by many users: because of the care put into things and the importance given to customers. Although, undoubtedly, it also has to do with the great team that makes up this company. In fact, Christian has only good words for it.   

I love them all, they are good people who give their best as YITH employees and as people. If you need anything, they help you with a big smile. […] This also helps with customer satisfaction. […] They adopted me as a member of the family, and I am very grateful for that. From the first time I met Nando, I knew it was a life-changing choice.  

But this is not his first work experience. Christian, who lives in a small town in the north of Tenerife called Santa Úrsula, studied Web Application Development and did a business internship in a marketing company, which brought him closer to the world of WordPress and dealing with the customer.   

Finally, we asked him to give us two pieces of advice: the best one he has been given and the one he would give to anyone.   

The best advice I have received is to listen carefully to people with more experience than you. For my part, the best one I can share is to think about things before you do them, to take a moment to evaluate if it’s the right choice and why.  

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