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Crew member Highlight; Ausilia, the always cheerful soul of customer care

At YITH, we are lucky to have people like Ausilia: mainly because of her character, her predisposition to help at all times, and her desire to learn every day. Maybe you have been able to talk to her because she has one of the company’s most beautiful functions: trying to solve the customers’ doubts, that is, helping them.

Aus, a name that her former colleague put her merely because it was faster than articulating every syllable of her name, and it worked well for everyone, is part of the customer service team, and she’s addicted to smiles. She lives and works in Catania for quite some years, but is it her forever place in the world?

“I live in Catania, and I moved here first to attend the university courses, and then I remained here. Maybe it’ll be my city forever or change it again in the future. Who knows?”

She began to be part of this family in 2014 through the University job placement and is currently a customer care representative and translator (yes, she can’t stop), but this wasn’t always the case.

“They changed in time, as I started as a translator only, and now I’m on multiple tasks as well, but it always rocks, as doing still the same thing is quite dull.”

And to do these multiple tasks, organizing them with attention to detail is very important. For Ausilia, what would a typical working day at YITH be like?

“Priority is given to chats and emails every day. After that, I can work on other essential translation tasks, have video calls with your colleagues, clear some complicated matters, or start new projects.”

But she does not doubt what the best moment of the day is:

“Early in the morning, when the chats (customers’ and colleagues’ ones) are still quiet, you can better focus on your tasks.”

And neither about which are the best customers and colleagues. A hint: knowing how to say things is very important to her.

“Well, I’m not very original, but I appreciate kind customers who listen to what you say (or better read what you write for them) and colleagues who are very helpful whenever you ask them something. It’s not a matter of what they can tell you but HOW. I think this is essential for any good relationship.”

2020 has been a different and perhaps strange year for the world in general. We have had to adapt to the situation on numerous occasions. YITH also, and working from home has become the day to day of this family.

“We were already used to working from home if needed. There are positive aspects like you don’t have to stay in the traffic or go out when it rains cats and dogs, but it has opposing sides as well, as you miss the essential thing which is the human touch of face to face conversation, a chat during the coffee break, and so on. Unfortunately, if you could compensate for this before, now due to the pandemic, you’re forced to work from home even when you’d prefer living the office-atmosphere.”

Unlike many other YITH members, when you ask Ausilia about her favorite food, she doesn’t automatically think of Italian. Although as a ‘good Italian,’ she also feels that pizza with pineapple “is a crime.”

“Well, difficult question, ah-hah, I’m a glutton, so I’d eat almost everything if I could, but chocolate and chips are my favorite foods (and my most dangerous enemies too!)”

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Ausilia is sitting on the second row – fourth from left (photo was taken at last year’s company team get-together in Tenerife)

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