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Crew member Highlight; Giuseppe, our support manager with 100% dedication

Giuseppe is our super dedicated support manager for over six years now. His job role simple, turn an unhappy customer into a happy one. It sounds a bit too simple, so let’s meet the person who manages the team of developers and who most of you will have had to deal with at some point as a customer. And believe us, he really loves each one of us as well as our customers…

Each of them is special! As for customers, I love those who come to me as if we have known each other for years, ask me how I am, and I ask them in return. I think this kind of customer relationship is fantastic. As far as colleagues are concerned, each of them has something unique, maybe I will have a favorite but I won’t tell you 😀 I just tell you that we are really a big family and those who are familiar to us, know it.

How would you describe your jobs since you’ve started work for YITH?

I take care of the management and coordination of the support team. In my opinion, the after-sales part is one of the most important phases, a satisfied customer is a customer who returns to buy from you and makes other customers buy. I like to think that on the other side of the monitor there is a person just like me, with his hard times and problems and not a ticket number. Over the years this is what I wanted to convey to those who have worked with me. I hope I have succeeded.

How would you describe a typical working day?

My working day is very simple. I have to turn a customer who is unhappy with any problem into a happy customer. Simple, don’t you think? This is my mission, but I do many other things from managing refunds, to disputes, from managing affiliates to reviews, but I don’t want to go into details, you would get bored;)

What is the best moment of the day?

The best time of the day is when I see that we have responded to all customers, even if lately given the high number of requests we don’t always succeed. Then one thing I like about my day, my coffee break with my colleague Antonio, we’ve been sharing coffee for years, you don’t know how much I missed this moment during the lockdown.

It was his colleague Andrea who pointed Giuseppe out about the job opportunity at YITH. They have been friends for a long, going back to the days when studying at University. Luckily his move to YITH has turned out to be one of best both for Giuseppe as well as for the company. Our team without Giuseppe seems almost unthinkable…

When I go to the office I feel at home. I love the YITH family!

A project that Giuseppe is really proud of is the ‘help center’, but essentially everything he works on is to make sure he brings the customer satisfaction percentage closer to 100%. So we asked him about the challenges he experienced turning this project around, Giuseppe explained:

Understand what your customers really need to make their life easier. It has been a constant process of recording, processing and tackling each common query at the time. But soon I ‘hit brick walls’ as the system we use is not very open to modifications. Certain things we wanted were not easy to achieve, but with a little perseverance you can achieve everything. It is a motto I use on a daily basis as well as being polite and patience, anyone can move those brick walls.

Giuseppe at various WordCamps as a sponsor, contributor, and also as one of the organizers

Giuseppe is also a Sicilian through and through and lives in a town called Aci Catena, in the province of Catania. Interestingly, when you swim in the sea you can actually see Mount Etna letting out a bit of steam.

I come from a very large family, I am an only child 😀 I am married for three years with Mary and I have a two year old child, little Francesco, the most beautiful thing that life has given me. I have a degree in Computer Engineering and qualified to practice the profession. I have had several experiences in the field of training in IT subjects. Before YITH I worked for a company in Calabria for about three years as an IT Project Manager. For years I have also provided collaborations as a Forensic Computer Scientist. In my spare time I enjoy photography as a hobby and you can find some of my photos around.

We know that Pizza (yes, never with pineapple) is Giuseppe’s favorite food, but is there anything else you like to share with the world that might surprise people?

Everyone tells me that I never laugh, that I have a focussed and serious face, or even that I am scary looking, but trust me it’s all appearance. Maybe if we don’t divulge the news too much, it’s worth my reputation 😀

Do you have a nickname? Where does it come from?

Yes, my nick is AskMagic. I have this nickname since the early years of university, my colleagues asked me to do “magic” with math exercises 😀

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Giuseppe is sitting down, second from the left.

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