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Crew member Highlight: Fabiana, a guide of our customer care team

YITH was born in Italy and expanded to Spain, but as time went by it expanded to the rest of the world until it set another headquarter in Argentina. In the South American continent we have a fantastic group that includes Fabiana, our September crew member.   

Fabi, as many of us know her, has been part of the customer care team since mid-2021. Despite the fact that she hasn’t been with the team for that long, her eagerness to work, learn, and integrate has made time a secondary issue. 

I really appreciate the trust all the team members had in me from the beginning. It made me feel confident to believe that I could indeed be as good as them in the everyday work we do. I feel pretty good here, we’re almost like a family, even though we haven’t met face-to-face yet but hopefully we will soon 🙂 

And this is one of YITH’s secrets to success: how our team bonds.   

My relationship is very very good, specially with my Argentinian colleagues. We trust each other and we do not hesitate to ask for help when needed. 

And the team is the main reason why her words about YITH are so positive:  

YITH is more than a company. I think it was built with trust and, of course, very talented people, and it makes me feel very proud to work with them. 

Fabiana works answering some of the questions we receive on our site’s chat, as well as solving users’ doubts by email. In addition, she works on checking translations provided by our users and on accounting tasks. 

I’m proud of all my projects, specially the translations we provide to our users, which I worked hard on with some colleagues to do it as good and as fast as possible. 

Our crew member this month spends a lot of time working with customers, a task that involves a lot of patience.  

Most of our customers are really polite and nice even if they are demanding, we just have to be patient and try to help them the best way we possibly can. 

There is one key ingredient in dealing with all of the tasks: organization.    

One of the difficulties I came across was finding time between emails and chats to complete the translation by users project. I think the biggest lesson I learned was to be organized and prioritize tasks. It can be useful for work and for my life in general. 

This is not the first time Fabiana has worked with demanding clients. Although she lives in Argentina, where she enjoys the culture, people, and nature, her homeland is Venezuela. There, she studied languages, and has also worked as a translator and customer service agent.   

She loves going out with her friends and playing board games, as well as going for walks with her dog, Bruno. Her family, friends, and partner make her really happy. And, despite having lived in different parts of Latin America, she wants to start her own business someday (although she doesn’t know what to offer yet).   

Undoubtedly, that business should grow under certain values. That’s why she is clear about the advice she would give to anyone.   

I think about and try to spread tolerance towards people’s choices, decisions, and beliefs. No one is better than anyone, we should never think otherwise. 

It’s been a little over a year since Fabiana started working for YITH, but she always has words of gratitude for the team.   

Thanks to all my colleagues, let’s keep doing the best we can!   

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