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Crew member Highlight: Gaby, one of our customer’s guides

One of our treasures is our customer care team. This team provides guide to our customers when they are lost among plugin options or receive feedback from customers, as well as other things that you can’t imagine. This team includes Gaby, our crew member highlight of June.  

Gabriela or Gaby, as she has been called since a very young age, completed her studies in Advertising and is part of YITH’s Argentine team for a year now. She started without knowledge about WordPress and WooCommerce, for this reason, this job became a challenge.  

Since the beginning it has been a learning process with constant knowledge input that continues to this day! 

Although talking to customers daily can really be a complex task.  

A huge part of my everyday tasks is talking to customers in chat and emails. My duty is to help them find a suitable plugin for their shop. Of course, I have talked with all kinds of customers with all kinds of request but even if they are in a hurry I always ask “how are you?”. […] With everyone I focus on delivering the right information and make sure they understand but whenever I have difficult customers, I have learned it is important to remain calm and have the perspective in mind that they are individuals with life and families like we are.   

But, even though we include Gaby within the Customer Care team, she also makes other tasks at YITH.  

A huge part of my everyday tasks is talking to customers, but another part of the day is dedicated to translations and copywriting, something totally new for me as I never have worked in translations or copywriting before! It is fascinating yet challenging to produce a little text (tweet) or a long one (article) that captures our client’s attention. I believe it is like creating a word puzzle, each word must fit nicely to build a great article and please the reader’s eyes. 

This has meant a series of difficulties for her: 

My struggles writing is always getting to captivate the readers, finding the right words and delivering a message that is clear and creates good feedback. Something that I learned is that when you write, the text you build is a part of yourself that stays out there and “lives on”. When it comes to that, it is important to dedicate carefully in the process to deliver the best results. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, these tasks are easier to do with the support of her colleagues for whom Gaby has only good words:  

Oh I love them! and this is weird to say considering we’re working remotely but I have to say… the kindness and fellowship has been there from the first day. One can expect a little coldness or distance when you are new, but this is not the case here. Everyone is friendly and attentive; I hope to meet them in person soon. 

Gaby’s statement about the learning process at YITH makes sense if we consider one of her previous jobs: she worked at a modeling agency. We are sure you’re thinking but no, she wasn’t a model, although she learned about the booking process, the scene, the international opportunities, contracts, representation, video editing, photography, and much more.    

One thing she loved about this world was being able to attend fashion shows. Almost as much as reading or listening to music, two of her main passions. In fact, she plays guitar and piano. But, watch out: she also designs logos, flyers, stickers, etc. She is a box of surprises!   

There are many things that do make me happy, that are little things I see, sometimes an unexpected videocall from my nieces or a sunny Sunday, for me happiness is a collection of significant moments where you’re doing what you love. 

In addition, she has a lot of dreams for the future: 

I would like to have a vegetable garden and live by the sea. Maybe also write about various topics for a magazine. 

But she knows that to achieve her dreams, she must be persistent. And that failure, as she says, is part of the process.   

One advice I would give to someone would be “failing is ok, you need to fail if you ever want to improve”, but the best one was given to me by my dad: “don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today”. […] I think life is to learn and do, surrounded by the important people that is part of it every day! 

There is no better way to end this short story about Gaby than with her definition of YITH. 

YITH is fellowship and dedication, it is laughs, support and commitment to do the best! I can add more but personally YITH has been a great fit to my professional career, I like what I do, and I love learning about WordPress and WooCommerce! 

Find more stories like this one about our team here. If you want to contact Gaby, you can do it via Twitter @gabmz

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