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Crew member Highlight; meet Karen, who puts the care in Customer Care

Behind the answers you receive from YITH when you ask something, is a wonderful team of people who try to quickly solve all your doubts. One of the people who are part of this group is Karen, our crew member of the month for December. 

Karen has been part of the Spanish customer service team since 2017. Yes, this means that she is one of those people who respond to any email or chat request on our site. What does this mean? That you might have communicated with her, but you don’t even know it. 

From its beginnings until now, YITH has changed in some aspects. 

In the beginning, we worked in a small office and now we have grown very fast. It’s amazing to think about.

Karen joined the company after working in different places where she didn’t do what she studied: Business and Management assistance. So YITH has so far been the only place that has given her the opportunity to work in a position related to her studies. For that, she only has words of thanks.

YITH has given me the opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional, and I can’t be more grateful for that.

It has grown at the same time as the company, but that has not been an inconvenience for Karen. Despite being a company in constant growth, the way she deals with her colleagues is special. 

I appreciate all my colleagues, each one of them has something special and unique. We get along very well, like a family.

And just like a family, they immersed themselves in a complex project, the work she was involved in and is really proud of: the translation of the website into Spanish. When she got involved in it, she had to overcome several difficulties:

The main difficulty I had is that it was a HUGE project, but luckily my colleagues Carlos and Athena helped me and we were able to complete it. 

But this also helped Karen learn a number of lessons:

The main learning is not to despair. No matter how far away the end seems, you have to be sure that you are going to make it, one step at a time.

And Karen must know exactly what she’s talking about when she says “don’t despair.” She works every day with customers of all kinds: from friendly users who want clarification to irritated customers who want a solution now, even though she doesn’t have one. 

The experience of working with demanding customers is challenging, it pushes you to improve and to offer the best you have. 

Collage Karen

But if anything really defines Karen, it’s her love for animals. Anything that has to do with them makes her really happy. In fact, she currently lives with her three wonderful dogs: Coco, India and Milka. But not only dogs: she also loves riding horses and nature.

Maybe that’s why the best plan Karen can have for a weekend is to go for a walk with her dogs, go hiking or simply take a nap. She lives in one of the best places for hiking: Tenerife. When she talks about the place where she lives, she can only say nice words. 

I live in the Canary Islands, where summer never ends. It’s special because the people are friendly, the food is very good and the nature is incredible.

But this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to leave the island. She is very clear about what she wants to do in the future. 

I would like to live all over the world, visit different countries, have new experiences and learn about things from different cultures. My ambitions right now are to be the best person I can be and to enjoy life. 

Karen is a person in love with nature, animals, and life. But, above all, she believes in self-love and so she shares with us this last piece of advice;

The best advice I can share is to ‘trust and believe in yourself’. The best way to love yourself is to trust your intuition and value yourself because no one will love you better than you.

Find more information about our team here and visit our website in Spanish

The whole YITH team together in Santa Cruz.
Karen is second from the left in the first row above.

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