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YITH Easy Order Page for WooCommerce: create product lists with a modern layout designed explicitly for mobile buyers

It’s not a secret: the importance of mobile shopping has grown exponentially recently. We are now used to buying products or services through a smartphone. Sometimes this only takes a couple of minutes while drinking a coffee at the bar or queuing at the post office or the supermarket checkout.

Purchasing from apps like those of Amazon, Aliexpress and UberEats made us familiar with “fast shopping”. When we buy online, we expect all e-commerce shops to work perfectly, not only from a desktop device but most importantly from a smartphone or a tablet.

A shop that is user-friendly and mobile-friendly at the same time needs:

  • a flexible design, optimized for touchscreens, where all elements are easily reachable and the entire purchase process is seamless and convenient;
  • a simple and intuitive product display that can easily adapt to the user’s screen resolution;
  • the possibility for the user to get more information about the product they are interested in right from the product catalog, without having to move back and forth between pages;
  • a quick and intuitive add-to-cart process that does not force the user to visit the product detail page;
  • a widget that helps the user keep track of the products added to the cart and proceed to the checkout with a single click.

These are all must-have options for any business that wants to make its customers’ lives easier and find its way online with a modern layout fully optimized for mobile purchases.

And not to mention it, these are the key features of the new plugin that we’ve just added to our catalog: YITH Easy Order Page for WooCommerce.

The name speaks for itself and summarizes the concept behind the design and development of this plugin: we wanted to create a plugin that allows transforming a traditional WooCommerce shop into a more modern solution. A solution more versatile and, above all, more user friendly, thanks to a design and key features inspired by popular apps like UberEats.

Let’s go through the most exciting features:

1. Create your product lists and choose who will be able to see them

With our YITH Easy Order Page for WooCommerce plugin, you can create unlimited lists (with all your store products or just some selected products or products from selected categories).

List of Products and visibility

The product lists can be visible to all users or specific users or user roles only. This way, you can create exclusive product lists only for certain resellers, partners, or customers.

2. Choose the style for every of your product lists

For every list, you can choose whether to display products in a table or as a grid, where every product looks like a card.

Table or grid

This design has been conceived as 100% mobile-friendly and allows you to have a more modern and original layout for your products.

3. Show the total price in the cart, and the “Proceed to checkout” button right below the product list

Total and checkout

Let your customers browse your product catalog, add them to the cart, view the total price, and proceed to the checkout, all on the same page. The purchasing process has never been faster and easier than this.

4. Choose whether to hide the product detail page and show the additional details in a quick view

It can be frustrating for your users to open the product page to get more information and then go back to the main page with the list, and then repeat this same process multiple times, once for every product, in an annoying never-ending back and forth.

With our YITH Easy Order Page for WooCommerce plugin, you can disable the product detail page and make sure that when you click on the product name, the user is shown the product details (the image gallery and the short description) in a modal window.

Quick view

It is the simplest solution when your products do not have much information and visiting the product page is not needed.

5. Enable the cart widget

Another feature inspired by the best mobile-optimized shops is the cart widget. If you choose to enable it, you can pick between a sticky or floating style.

Sticky cart and mobile

The cart widget at the bottom of the screen is a must-have for most e-commerce stores and lets the user monitor the order total and quickly head to the Cart or Checkout page.

The plugin YITH Easy Order Page for WooCommerce is a perfect fit for your shop if you want to:

  • create custom product lists for your resellers;
  • create custom product lists for selected users;
  • create an online menu for a restaurant/pub/ice-cream parlor, and you’re looking for an original and modern way to list your available products;
  • build your shop with a mobile-friendly layout, a fast and easy purchase process.

Do you want to learn more about it? View the product page of YITH Easy Order Page for WooCommerce >

We suggest you also take a look at one of the three demo sites that we have built for you to test the plugin (don’t forget to check out how it works on mobile, this is where the plugin truly shines!)

Live demo of YITH Easy Order Page for WooCommerce >

What do you think of this new entry in our WooCommerce product catalog? Let us know. Your opinion matters! 😉

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