YITH NewsWhy do our themes do not appear on ThemeForest? Announcement and updates

As someone already noted, today some of our themes were removed from ThemeForest. This was due to the fact that ThemeForest and Envato changed their idea about bundling premium plugins with themes (this was permitted, as you can understand from the fact that the themes were approved at first). As was noted in the comments by Japh, this was not true. Envato never permitted bundling premium plugin in themes, altough they were approved in the first time. Our themes were removed without any notice or communication to us, so we couldn’t warn you, our users, about this coming. We are actively working to solve this problem as soon as possible and get back online our themes adapting ThemeForest’s new terms and conditions. We will update this blog post as soon as we have news about the approval of our themes on ThemeForest. Thank you for your patience.


  1. Noooooo! My client and I decided on your theme! And now it isn’t there 🙁
    Is there any way I can purchase Mayashop directly from you? PLEASE???

    1. Hello mikorad,
      the themes are now back online on ThemeForest.
      I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. BAD! After TF has approved the themes and if they get back online again … do we need to buy a license again ?

    1. Hello Shorty05,
      no, you don’t need to buy another license. The old one will still be good.
      Thank you for purchasing our themes.

  3. Please let me know if I can continue to build with Room09 & MayaShop. I can only continue if I can get future updates & support. These are big design projects. I don’t need instant support….just in the next few weeks and going forward. Please let me know ASAP as I have a team working on these projects. Do we switch themes or continue with yours??? I’ll even buy new licenses here if I need to. We loooooove you! And need you! A huge fan.

    1. Hello Indy,
      the themes are now back online on ThemeForest.
      Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Hi,

    I need to buy Room09 theme.
    Right now your cooperation with themeforest seems to be not working for this theme, can I buy it directly from you?
    Since this morning I asked this question on your facebook page, send you mails, opened support ticket, but no reply…

    Yesterday we started project which is planned around your theme, so this is very urgent and important for me.
    So question is simple – is there alternative way of buying your themes, until you will solve your internal issues with themeforest?
    Thank you.

    1. Me too, I really need the 2.0 version of Maya shop. My client was supposed to be here at noon today for a demo and the earlier version has bugs. Can I buy directly from you?

    2. It is not nice or professional to ignore your paying customers…
      I still didn’t get one single reply from you for a whole day.

  5. I am in the same boat as others here. We need to be able to buy directly from you. This is unacceptable when you have customers who have clients waiting on them. My business partners and I decided on your theme and 30 seconds later it’s gone from the WWW. I understand you have issues with themeforest, but you need to have a backup plan on what will happen if this ever occurs. Offer your templates free to those who have taken the time and trouble to contact you or have them on your site. Something, anything is better than pointing fingers. Thanks.

  6. I am one of the co-founders of the company that creates Gravity Forms.

    For those customers upset that these themes were pulled, bear in mind they were including premium themes they should not have been including. They brought this on themselves.

    Gravity Forms did not give YITHEMES permission to include Gravity Forms with their themes OR use the Gravity Forms names to make their themes and promoting that they include Gravity Forms.

    Don’t assume because something is GPL that you can do whatever you want with it. There is far more to it than that. The GPL is only part of it.

    If you want to get upset at someone don’t get upset at Envato, they are doing the right thing. YITHEMES should NOT be bundling premium themes they didn’t create or own the rights to with themes they are selling.

    If the shoe was on the other foot and we provided EVERY Gravity Forms users with EVERY SINGLE YITHEMES free of charge, how would YITHEMES like that? It’s simply something the community doesn’t condone.

    None of this even takes into account the fact that Gravity Forms has SaaS elements that won’t work without a valid license key AND will see even more SaaS features added over time. Since YITHEMES customers don’t get a Gravity Forms license key.. they won’t get automatic updates.

    The GPL is a powerful license that when uses responsibly it is a great thing. When it’s taken advantage of, it’s a very bad thing.

    Want to read more details as to why what YITHEMES is in the wrong? Read these comments:



    The bottom line is themes shouldn’t be bundling plugins they didn’t create, and they certainly shouldn’t be bundling premium plugins they didn’t create.

    1. Hello Carl,
      thank you for taking time to explain this issue also here on Yithemes.
      We never wanted to act like we were in bad faith: we purchased an extended license to bundle your plugin in our themes, believing that this was permitted, by the terms of the GPL.

      The exact moment we realized that our themes were removed from ThemeForest and the reason for it, we immediately removed any offending plugin from our themes, and submitted them to ThemeForest.
      There’s no problem with this, and you have all the reason for asking us to remove your plugin from our themes, if this was not the way intended to use it as explained in the license.

      The only thing we didn’t liked, and what we are sorry with is the way all this situation was handled. We’re not trying to steal other’s people work. It would have taken a single mail, and it would be all solved in matter of minutes, without creating all this rumor.

      I hope that this situation will not be an obstacle to possible partnerships in future.

      Best regards

  7. Hello,

    REALLY need to get your Bazar theme. I noticed it dissapeared from themeforest.
    Any way I can pay you directly for the theme files?
    Can pay asap and am extremely wordpress savy so would not expect any support really. Just want to get the foundation.
    Thank you!
    Jason Jefferies

  8. Hi Corrado, I’m Japh from Envato.

    Just to clarify a couple of things:

    “This was due to the fact that ThemeForest and Envato changed their idea about bundling premium plugins with themes (this was permitted, as you can understand from the fact that the themes were approved at first).”

    Envato hasn’t changed their idea about bundling premium plugins with themes. Just because you “can” do something currently, does not mean you’re “allowed” to do it, nor does it mean you’ll be able to do it in the future.

    When the error was brought to our attention, we temporarily disabled the offending items to prevent further damage, and contacted you immediately so we could work together to resolve it promptly.

    Once the issue has been fixed and our reviewers are happy, the updated themes will be re-enabled for sale.

    1. Hello Japh,
      I’ve updated the post to reflect what you have written here.
      Thank you for your tempestive action: we’ve checked on ThemeForest and the themes are now back online.
      Let’s hope to learn from this situation and improve the communication in the future, first of all for our customers 🙂

  9. From my (customer) point of view your “misunderstandings” doesn’t really concerns me!

    @themeforest: Themes which you have so suddenly removed had initially passed your reviewing process.
    They’ve been offered on your site for months.
    If you haven’t changed any rules regarding themes which you are selling on your site, that means that your reviewers have missed something back then, and that is clearly your mistake. Your customers shouldn’t suffer because of this.
    Once you will come to an agreement with yithemes, some functionalities of the theme will be probably missing, and I can not accept this! My agreement with customer will suffer because of it. It is already suffering because of very tight deadlines which were agreed.
    Decent thing to do here would be to allow interested parties to buy theme as it was originally offered, and then you deal with your internal matters.
    @Corrado & yithemes: as pointed out yesterday, completely ignoring your customers and letting them “dry” will not get you very far.
    Same as some of the other people who posted comments on this blog, I have made agreement with my customer to deliver them project which is entirely based on theme Room09.
    This is business – there are deadlines, penalties, contracts and money involved!
    So far I didn’t even get any meaningful reply to any of my questions and/or complains which I posted on facebook, mail or in the ticket (as you advised me originally). All of those messages were send yesterday morning. What is your SLA if you even have one? My ticket is not even picked up by your agents till now, and I suppose it wont be any time soon because now weekend already started…

    In conclusion, from my point of view, both of your companies have acted very unprofessionally so far, and I have to say that I am very disappointed. Bottom line is that I will be loosing money (not to mention nerves) because of poor job and services that you both provide.

    1. Hello sasanomad,
      I read all of your posts, and replied to one on them (on the support site). Unfortunately we couldn’t give our users more information, because we in the first place were actively moving for solutions. We didn’t have them at the time so we could not help you.

      To all of our users who asked for themes outside of ThemeForest: we have an agreement with ThemeForest, so we could not provide you our themes outside of it.

      Now the themes are back online again, and we are looking forward to find solution for the missing plugins problems.
      Please stay tuned for announcements on this blog.

      Thank you for purchasing our themes 🙂

    1. Finally some good news 🙂
      Although price stayed the same and lot of features were removed…

      Removed: Gravity Forms plugin
      Removed: WooCommerce Ajax Layered Nav plugin
      Removed: WooCommerce Compare Products Pro plugin
      Removed: Gravity Forms Product Addons plugin

  10. Hello Corrado,

    thank you too, and sorry that I overreacted…
    You probably know how difficult it is to go in front of the customer and say that you will be late with delivery of the project 🙁
    Now everything is fine – I bought the theme the minute it showed up on the themeforest 🙂 , and I will make up for the lost time during the weekend.

    Thanks once again, and enjoy your evening!

  11. I just want to clear one thing, i asked WooThemes support about a month ago, how can i use their (woothemes) plugins in my projects absolutely like YITHEMES does


    Hello Woo,

    Can we use your WooCommerce plugins (such as “Compare Products Pro” and etc) for selling in our theme package, in this package plugins will be non-licenced, if our clients will want to have updates they will have to buy their own “Single Site Licence”.

    Thank you XXXX


    Hi XXXX,

    Thank you for contacting WooThemes! You must have a license key if you are trying to use an extension. To do this you would need to get the unlimited site license. We also can not provide support for each customer you sell this extension.



    Maria – WooNinja
    WooThemes Support


    May 08 05:29 (UTC)

    Hello Maria,

    I understand that i have to have license key (our personal key) and that you will not provide support to my clients (because the don’t have personal standard license), but explain why should i have unlimited site license i this case why i cant do the same with my standard license, i couldn’t find any information on http://www.woothemes.com/frequently-asked-questions/#tieredlicensing that i can’t do that with standard license, there is only information that non-licensed copy will not be updated and you won’t provide support ,

    Thank you


    Ryan (WooThemes)
    May 10 04:27 (UTC)


    I would just be completely upfront and clear about this decision to your clients. Otherwise it causes quite a bit of headaches for all of us here trying to get someone support for a plugin they’ve not purchased.

    If you aren’t being certain your clients will purchase a single license, they won’t be sure to get support from us nor important plugin updates.

    An unlimited license you can send to your clients when building their site, or you can setup the extension with your license for them.

    Kind Regards,

    Ryan – Community Manager
    WooThemes Support

    The WooThemes Team


    I hope hear some reply from “WooThemes” on my situation

    1. Hello Jill,
      te Di’verso theme is available here on yithemes .

      If you have purchased it on ThemeForest and want to download it, please open a ticket at support.yithemes.com. Our staff will help you.

      Best regards

    1. Hello,
      we are planning and developing our plugins to emulate the functionalities of the missing ones.
      So stay tuned for news on this blog.

      Thank you.

  12. I have been trying to contact your support theme all day. I cannot log into your site, nor can I get any help in regards to a theme I purchased from you (Sheeva). The widgets and slider have stopped showing on my site for some reason. They just will not show. Can someone please contact me to get this issue resolved?

  13. How can we open a ticket when some of us cannot log into your site? I’ve been trying to log in and nothing happens! What is your proper email address? The one I have on my payment receipt gets no response and your phone number is saying unavailable.

    1. Hello,
      we experienced some technical issues.

      Could you please try again now?
      Thank you

  14. Hi I can not login to site to open a support ticket for my sliders not working on maya. when i try to login it gives me a error 500 can you please let me know what to do. without being able to login i also can not watch the video tutorials.
    help please!

  15. Hi Corrado,

    I have a couple of questions regarding the removal of the plugins from the room09 theme which I need to understand.
    Could you kindly point out, which aspects of the demo theme the removal of the plugins will affect?
    For example, are any of the plugins being removed going to have an effect on the tabbed checkout?
    Since those plugins have been removed, does it mean that if I end up having to pay for the plugins, that if I buy the individual licenses and activate, that your theme will work as normal just like the demo template? (the gold skin) and that there will not be any missing functionality? or have you guys had to make fundamental changes to the theme itself meaning I would have to do some custom configuration?

    Essentially we were in the proces of moving from another theme onto yours however our site currently does good turnover and we’re not sure whether the volatility of the service here may impact the business – if you could answer the above questions at your earliest so that we can hopefully make a decision as to move over and buy the licenses if required or stick where we are until everything is sorted out here.

    Kind Regards,
    Brandalamode Team

    1. Hello Rishp,
      I’ll reply you point per point.

      1) The demo themes were updated to reflect the latest package that users will purchase from ThemeForest. So everything you see in the demo theme is what you get purchasing the theme.

      2) Yes, if you buy the missing plugins the theme will work just as the theme with the bundled plugins.

      Thank you for your interest in our themes.

      Best regards

  16. Is the Room 09 theme fixed now? I want to purchase it but first want to find out what plugins will not work anymore, or if they will all still work? Thanks

    1. Hello,
      we removed the plugins the exact day we were notified of the issue, but if you purchase them they will work with the theme.

      Thank you

  17. Maya Shop was back on themeforest, but now it’s gone again!? My client wants to use this theme, and I need to purchase it, and idea when it will be available again??


  18. hola ayer, compre el tema libra y me enviaron un link de descarga, pero faltan muchos archivos, entre ellos las imágenes de slider polaroid.

    Por favor, envíenme un nuevo link de descarga con todos los archivos (theme libra)

    Carlos Llanos Sánchez

    1. Yes but i have paid for it on themeforest once, so do i have to buy it again?

      Best regards
      John Pedersen

  19. Hello bestofthe60s,
    No, you don’t. Just write to issues@yithemes.com, sending your username on yithemes.com and the Item Purchase Code.

    We’ll activate a copy for you to download.


  20. Themeforest is a saturated market where most peoples theme got rejected and if someone’s luckily get accepted it takes hours to be piled up by other themes.So solution to this issue is that if you got some nice theme or template, submit it on those marketplaces which are unsaturated like themifycloud.com your chances of approval and sales will be much higher.

  21. Themeforest is a saturated market thats why even elegant themes are rejected there.In case if your theme got approved, it is soon become invisible due to the
    arrival of new items.Solution to this issue is that Authors can submit their themes on those marketplaces which are less saturated like themifycloud.com where
    chances of approval are high as well as number of sales because your item will not be made invisble by rapid new arrivals.

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