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Why we say goodbye to the club

We have decided to permanently close the famous YITH club to new customers from January 31, 2021.

We’ve made this decision for several reasons.

  1. Since the introduction of this club subscription, we have significantly expanded the number of plugins on our marketplace. In recent years, we’ve fought to find a delicate balance between providing excellent value to our customers and a return on investment for this type of product. ‘Value’ is not always about delivering many plugins with many licenses. We discovered that 30% of our club subscribers have fewer than ten activated and 50% fewer than sixteen. We now believe that value is something we provide in reliable, easy to use, and with extended functionality that adds value to the store owner—a way for them to cut business costs or increase sales.
  2. At times it has been conflicting to provide support to our most valued customers. For example, someone who pays $2.41 per plugin license or paid $59.99 per plugin license. Both are our valued customers, but the first model is not sustainable.
  3. For quite a few years, we have opted to focus on quality. Quality in support and quality in our development of new and existing plugins. Also, making plugins compatible with popular page builders, themes, and every WooCommerce, WordPress, and PHP version releases while continuously innovating and improving our plugin designs. This development process comes at a cost, but we know this is the most important reason for our customers to trust YITH for their ‘critical’ e-commerce sites.
  4. Our continued investment in the future is in support and the development of the best WooCommerce plugins available. We are now a forty strong and growing team, spread over four countries, providing support and translations in 5 languages. We are planning on opening a new base in other timezones to offer even faster technical support.

We know that this decision is, for some, not what you had expected or hoped for. But we believe that taking this difficult step is vital to provide a sustainable service to all of our valuable customers.

Finally, this does not affect any active YITH club subscribers, and if you decide to start a club membership before the deadline, you are most welcome to the YITH family.

Never forget that we decided on this move so that YITH is here today and every day after that.

A final note for our current club members. Rest assured, your club will not be canceled and we will do our best to keep you subscribed. If a payment fails, there are several attempts and emails over a period of 20 days to make sure you keep access. But if you decide to cancel or the club membership will terminate, then there will be no option to purchase the club product again as this will have been removed. For any account issues, please submit a ticket and the team will do their best to support you.

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