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YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews

What the plugin does Optimize your review section, one of the most important areas of your product page, with filters, counters and other tools.
How you can benefit from it:
  • You will be able to substantially increase the number of reviews on your e-commerce (77% of users refer to reviews before purchasing);
  • You will be able to create a review section by making it captivating and even more usable and easy to browse;
  • You will be able to have complete management of reviews by choosing, for example, those to highlight or allowing users to filter them and view the most significant ones.
1 year of updates and support
30-day money back guarantee
30 days money back guarantee Buy confidently with our buyer protection and get a full refund for any reason. Read our refund policy >
This plugin is used by 8,500 customers, with a rating of 4.5/5 and a 98% customer satisfaction in support!

Use the reviews to improve your products sales

Reviews are the key element of any e-commerce site: feedback from customers who have already bought a product or service from your website is vital for your activity to obtain online credibility.

Consider the importance that the world’s leading sales platforms, such as Amazon, give to reviews. It’s easy to understand why: each review is made by a customer who ensures the quality of your products, a selfless opinion that will undoubtedly affect sales more than anything else vendors might say.

Thanks to YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews, you can provide your reviews with that extra touch that will give them extra visibility and boost your sales.

According to Internet Retailer, you can increase an e-commerce conversion rate by 14-76% only by adding product reviews to your online store. Furthermore, some marketing research found that 77% of consumers read reviews before purchasing online.

Numbers are clear: whether you have a small e-commerce or a huge online business, reviews are the simplest way to improve your product sales and loyalize customers.

Our plugin will let you manage reviews made by customers who have bought one or more products from your website in the easiest way and consult them quickly and handily.
Thanks to options such as the one that lets users filter reviews by rating or the one to allow users to evaluate a review and see how many people have already rated it helpful.

We’ve listened to our customers’ requests while creating this plugin, setting as our main goal to increase the effectiveness of the WooCommerce reviews system and automate its functions to make you save time that’s better spent managing other aspects of your store.

We have also introduced the chance for users to reply to reviews to create a dialogue between users and the chance to edit reviews thus making it possible for a negative review to turn into a positive one and stop damaging your sales.

Your customers will also be able to evaluate reviews and penalize unhelpful ones, so as to create an automated and functional system.

Reviews are the showcase of your store, so choose to display your products in the best way!

  • Version: 1.36.0
  • Released: 2024-02-22
  • Minimum PHP version: 7.0
  • Requires: WordPress 6.2 and WooCommerce 8.4
  • Compatible up to: WordPress 6.4.x and WooCommerce 8.6.x
  • Supported multilanguage plugins: WPML, Loco Translate
  • Translation ready: YES
  • Languages 100% guaranteed by YITH: English, Italian, Spanish
  • Languages provided by users: French (99%), German (99%), Dutch (99%), Greek (95%), Hebrew (93%), Portuguese (Portugal) (87%), Slovenian (81%), Persian (80%), Portuguese (Brazil) (79%)
  • Support for: YITH Proteo theme. All YITH plugins.
  • Supported page builders: Elementor


Summarize the review with a title

Users can add a title to make a brief recap of the review content

Add an attachment to the review

Users can attach a file (e.g. an image) to their reviews


Customize colours

You can set the colour scheme most suitable for your layout to include reviewsonn the site at the best


Represent your product reviews graphically

You can clearly represent your customers’ feedback with percentages and bar graphs


Vote one or more reviews

Users can mark reviews as helpful or not

Vote Section

Set how many reviews to show

You can decide how many reviews to show on the page. The other ones will be loaded via AJAX when you click on the ‘Load more’ button

Review Settings

Enable reCaptcha for reviews

Make sure no robots are submitting or answering reviews


Manage review replies freely

For each product, you can either allow users to reply or not

Approve reviews manually

Before showing them to everyone and avoid any potentially inappropriate reviews from showing up without your approval

manually approval

Decide which users can vote on your site

Registered or unregistered users, it’s up to you! Who do you want to vote in your shop?

Show vote all option

Identify inappropriate reviews

Your users can participate in making your site better: find the inappropriate reviews and hide them

inappropriate reviews

Give the spotlight to the worthy reviews

They will have a slightly different style and everyone will easily note them

featured review

Supervise all the reviews within a single page

Thanks to the Reviews custom post type, you will have every single detail at your fingertips

Product reviews page

Analyze your products deeply

Discover how many reviews there are and how people voted them


Allow only one review

Your users will be free to write only one review for each purchased product

Limite multiple reviews

Enable review editing

Once written, users will be able to edit their reviews

Editing review

Filter the reviews by rate

Click on a single rate and you’ll see only reviews and ratings with the same value in a modal window (e.g. show only five-star rates)

Modal Window

Interact with Google review snippets

To show the product rating also on Google search pages

Integration with Google review snippet

Take advantage of the WPML compatibility

You are free to easily translate the plugin with the powerful WPML tool

Wpml Compatible


  • Display statistics about rating using bar graphs
  • Customise bar appearance
  • Let users attach files to the review
  • Limit the number of attachments that can be added to reviews
  • Let users add a title to reviews
  • Click on bars to filter reviews according to rating
  • Let users evaluate individual reviews as useful or not
  • Let unregistered users vote the reviews
  • Show evaluation summary for individual review
  • Let all users or just registered ones vote a review
  • Open filtered reviews in a modal window
  • Possibility to set reviews display in blocks of a certain amount of elements to upload through “Load more” function
  • Filter reviews by “most recent” or “most useful”
  • Enable reply to reviews
  • Select users that can reply to a review (none, all, administrators only)
  • Disable replies on a single review only
  • Manual approval of the reviews
  • Users can report a review as inappropriate
  • Reviews are hidden automatically if they are reported as inappropriate more than a pre-set number of times
  • Highlight one or more reviews
  • Choose whether users can add one or more reviews
  • Recaptcha
  • Show list of reviews wherever you want using a shortcode
  • Display a full reviews section using a shortcode New
  • Display current user reviews using a shortcode New
  • Reviews endpoint in my account page New
  • Reviews can be edited by users
  • Integrated with Google review snippets: the product rating also shows on Google search pages

Plugin integrations

All the products in our YITH catalog are developed on the same shared framework. This grants full compatibility among all our plugins and allows combining them together to get even more powerful results and more complete solutions.

We do our best to also include compatibility with the most popular WordPress and WooCommerce plugins available on the market.

You can use this plugin with*:

YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards

With YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards allows you to create a points generating system in your shop so that your users can be encouraged to come back to your store to get rewarded. The integration with YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews will make sure that every review posted through this plugin will be regularly counted so that you can get extra points according to the conditions set up in the Extra Points tab.

YITH WooCommerce Reviews for Discounts

With YITH WooCommerce Review For Discounts, customers can leave a review and the system will automatically send an email with a coupon code to the customer, so they can benefit from a discount on the next purchase. The integration between these two plugins allows sending a discount to customers posting a review of the purchased products by relying on YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews engine.

* All the plugins listed in this section are not included in YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews. In order to take advantage of a specific integration, you need to purchase and activate the premium version of the related plugin.


Reviews (94)

Customer reviews

Rated 4.49 out of 5 stars
94 reviews

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Salvatore-softWR - verified customer

    Top high quality pluginsI'm really amazed at the flexibility of YITH Advanced Review's rating system, it enhances the precision and relevance of customer feedback, and it allows potential buyers to make more informed decisions based on specific product attributes. It is essential for having a complete review system in any e-shop.

  2. 5 out of 5

    MiaStylist - verified customer

    Todas las funcionalidades necesarias + excelente soporteExcelente opción para cualquier e-commerce. Para mí, una de las funcionalidades decisivas fue que estaba integrado con los snippets de Google. Muy feliz con mi compra

  3. 5 out of 5

    kieranjgould - verified customer

    A key to improve salesA good review system is key in an online store and this plugin meets the standard very well! The features that are included are fantastic, but the easiness to set them up truly adds up to the reason why I love this plugin

  4. 4 out of 5

    Alonso M - verified customer

    BuenoMe gusta la idea de optimizar las reseñas, la edición, la ubicación con los shortcodes, todo, solo me parece que el plugin también debería incluir la función de descuentos por reseñas pero tengo que comprar un plugin extra para eso. Me dijeron que es algo que se está evaluando por suerte

  5. 1 out of 5

    Or Dan - verified customer

    Dont use themThere are better alternatives for less the price
    Also, customer support was super bad
    After 1 day of auto-charging me they didn't want to refund me and they also didn't send any invoice


    • Ausilia

      Hello there,
      we are sorry to read about the dissatisfaction with our support. Actually our refund policy does not cover refunds for automatic renewals, as you can read here https://yithemes.com/refund-policy/ that's why you were originally denied a refund. Yet, we have reconsidered your specific case and realized that you haven't been using the product for a long time now, so decided to make an exception to our policy and refunded your order last week. We hope that you can appreciate this.
      Whenever we can, we do our best to guarantee that our customers are happy with the service we provide, and we were happy to refund your order.

      About the invoice, you can download it at any time from your customer area at the following page: https://yithemes.com/my-account/orders/

      Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any further request, we'll be happy to help!


Here you can find some frequently asked questions about this plugin. If you can't find a reply to your doubts, ask a question: we will reply in a very short time
  • All
  • Anti-spam
  • Customization
  • Shortcode
  • Product settings
  • General
  • WPML

How to prevent advanced reviews from getting spam?

You can prevent reviews from receiving spam by enabling the reCaptcha option and installing an anti-spam plugin such as Akismet.

Is it possible to show product reviews for a specific product on a page that is not the product page using a shortcode?

Yes, it is possible. You can use the built-in shortcode as explained on this page of the plugin documentation.

Is there any way to change the dates of the reviews?

Yes, you can edit the reviews from the backend, date included.

Can I import comments to reviews?

Yes, you can import the comments and then convert them into reviews directly from the plugin settings dashboard.

Can I limit only buyers to review our products?

Yes, the plugin has an option to allow the reviews only to those customers who purchased the product. You can find an example of verified owners, highlighted in the Limit reviews section.

Is there a way to import my old reviews to YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews?

Yes, you can achieve your goal by converting the reviews to the new format through the Convert button that you can find on YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews settings page.

Does the plugin support RTL?

Yes, the plugin supports RTL.

Can users upload a picture or more to the review?

Yes, the plugin allows uploading pictures/files by enabling the related option.

Can you limit the number of reviews shown at one time?

Yes, you can limit the number of reviews shown using a specific option to manage this. You can find the option here.

How can I hide the tab "Most helpful reviews"?

By disabling the option "Show vote section". You can refer to this page of the plugin documentation for additional info.

Can I use WPML with the plugin?

Yes, the plugin is officially compatible with the WPML plugin.

Where can I moderate the reviews?

You can moderate reviews from YITH > Advanced Reviews > Voting/Review settings by checking the option "Manual review approval". Then, you will find all reviews in the WordPress menu "Reviews".

Can't find the answer?

Send us your question and we will reply very quick!

Send your question

Technical Info

  • Version: 1.36.0
  • Released: 2024-02-22
  • Minimum PHP version: 7.0
  • Requires: WordPress 6.2 and WooCommerce 8.4
  • Compatible up to: WordPress 6.4.x and WooCommerce 8.6.x
  • Supported multilanguage plugins: WPML, Loco Translate
  • Translation ready: YES
  • Languages 100% guaranteed by YITH: English, Italian, Spanish
  • Languages provided by users: French (99%), German (99%), Dutch (99%), Greek (95%), Hebrew (93%), Portuguese (Portugal) (87%), Slovenian (81%), Persian (80%), Portuguese (Brazil) (79%)
  • Support for: YITH Proteo theme. All YITH plugins.
  • Supported page builders: Elementor
1 year of updates and support
30-day money back guarantee
30 days money back guarantee Buy confidently with our buyer protection and get a full refund for any reason. Read our refund policy >

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