Free ThemesDi’verso: a HTML Template, versatile and responsive

We begin this new week with a wonderful resource that we decided to release completely for free. You can use it indifferently for personal and commercial purposes.

The resource we decided to release - Di’verso - is a beautiful multifunctional HTML Template , you can use for your company’s website or to show your portfolio, or to post news in the traditional blog style.

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A free WordPress version of the theme? In case you're interested you can find it here!

The Template is very easy to set up and to customize. As you can already see from the Live Preview, it’s not the usual HTML Template with a fixed structure and a low adaptibility. With Di’verso you can create many different layouts to suit your needs.

Inside the Template we embedded six different sliders:

  • Elastic Responsive Slider (Home)
  • Thumbnails Slider (Home version 2)
  • Elegant Slider (Home version 3)
  • Cycle Slider (Home version 4)
  • Flash Slider (Home version 5)
  • Nivo Slider (Home version 6)

Moreover you must know that the HTML Template that we’re releasing is responsive: in fact it perfectly adapts itself for a correct visualization even on mobile devices… try and then trust!

First things first and let’s try to briefly describe what are the main features of this HTML Template.

Different versions of the Home Page

As you can notice from the Live Preview, we prepared six different versions of the Home Page, but this doesn’t mean that the layouts for the Home Page are only six. In fact if you move any section from one layout to another, you can create unlimited types of different layouts.

Home Page version 1

Template HTML

In this version of the Home Page we used the slider Elastic (which is also responsive).

Then we created three different sections placed vertically one below the other to show in an unusual way the features of the company/person promoted by the website.

In the first section we put a short description of the company, the classical “Who we are”, in the second one the services, using a convenient tabbed browsing and in the third and last section we arranged an area for all the testimonials using a slider that allows you to automatically scroll down the testimonials.

The footer of the Template is provided with an area dedicated to the latest news, a slider that shows the last works/projects posted, and another slider to display the last tweets from your account. And last a list of different social channels where you can be found.

Home Page version 2

Home 2

In this second version of the Home Page, we provided a slider with a thumbnail in order to highlight photos/projects to show from the very beginning to the user that lands on the site. Immediately after that we arranged an area where you can display a short title and slogan of the page. Continuing we provided a section with a three-column layout where you can highlight the strong points of the activity you’re promoting.

Before the footer we provided a slider that shows the latest tweets of your Twitter account in order to update your readers of your interactions through a social network micro-blogging. For the footer of the second version we decided to use a four- column layout where you can propose to the reader what you find more interesting.

Last but not least, the usual section containing copyright/credits and the list of all the social channels where the company you’re promoting can be found.

Home page version 3

In this version of the home page we provided an elegant slider, a section dedicated to the title and slogan of the page. Then follows a four-column layout where you can display the strengths of the activity you're promoting. The usual slider that shows our latest tweets and for the footer we repopose a four-column layout in which we propose what we consider interesting.

Home Page version 4

Home 4
In the fourth version of the homepage we integrated a slider cycle capable of adapting its height according to the contents. This slider is extremely versatile as it allows you to insert an image, an image with textual content or a video.

Under the slider we placed a slogan with a simple textual content. On the right side of the sidebar we provided three small sections containing an icon and text, for a more functional result, simple and effective at the same time.

Home Page version 5

On this homepage we use a beautiful slider in Flash (the Piecemaker) that gives to the page a more “creative” aspect. On the left side of the sidebar we placed a small vertical sidebar that displays the last projects of the portfolio and under the classical textual content of the page we added four textual columns followed by an icon and a “read more” button: these sections can come in handy to list one’s services and link to the detail pages.

Home Page version 6

Home 6
In this last variant of the homepage (but remember, mixing up different elements you can create unlimited homepages, all different from each other!) you’ll find the slider Nivo- simple, but always effective. Below the slider there’s a four -column text followed by an icon and below it the latest blog entries (or latest news) and a slider that shows the last projects of the portfolio.

FAQ Page

In the theme we have also included a FAQ page where you can put, through a toggle effect, a list of Frequently Asked Questions. In the configuration of the toggle you can choose to have all the FAQs opened or closed, or to have just one question open, like in our demo.

Testimonials Page

Another feature that absolutely has to be included in a corporate website or in a portfolio is a page that collects the testimonials of your clients: this explains why we provided a page that shows the testimonials , with a clean and pleasant layout, in line with the style of the teme.

In the sidebar of this page we placed a reminder to the latest posts published on the blog and a slider that shows the projects of the portfolio.

About Page

About page
If your team is made of many people, you’ll absolutely find interesting the feature we added in the “about” page. It’s about an accordion slider where you can show in a simple and effective way a photo and a small description of each member of the team. Obviously you can use this slider to show also images that represent the services you offer, or pictures of the products…changing the contents of the slider and using it on other pages of the theme is really easy to do.

Gallery Page

In addition to the many portfolios (feature that we will see ahead, which we’re sure that you’ll love) in the theme we provided a filterable gallery.

To the hover on the thumbnails you can visualize the name of the picture, an icon that opens the image in its original size in a lightbox window and another icon to open the detail page of the image, in case you decide to add a description to it.

Blog Page

In Di’Verso you'll find two different layouts for your blog page: “big image” and “small image”.
Big layout for blog
Small layout for blog
This way you can choose the best layout for your needs, according to the sizes you intend to use for the picture of the post. Both layouts are very special and make the theme look –“diverso” –different- (it’s not a case that we decided to call the theme this way) from the normal traditional blogs.

Contact Page

Contact page
The contact page of the theme is simple and functional: on the top we placed a panel in javascript where you can enter an interactive map of Google Maps or, if you prefer, a picture of a static map.

The page also contains a contact form that works with a validation of the errors in Javascript: easy to setup (you just have to put in your e-mail!) with a clean and essential style.

Portfolio Page

Even for the portfolio page, we didn’t spare ourselves. We provided five different modalities that allow you to display the latest projects according to your needs.

A three-column Portfolio
Portfolio 3 columns
A three-column layout, simple and minimal where you can display a small preview of the project (that can be enlarged with a click), the title and a short description with a button that leads the reader to the detail page of the project.

Portfolio with slider

Portfolio with slider

In this second version of the portfolio instead of using the classical pagination to split the list of projects, we decided to use a slider where the user can browse by clicking on the two side icons.

Portfolio Big Image and Full Description

Portfolio big image

Portfolio full description

Two layouts of portfolio designed for all those who want to emphasize from the start the photos of the projects.

Filterable Portfolio

Portfolio filterabke

We also prepared a portfolio that uses the same layout applied for the Gallery page.


As you can see it's not the usual free HTML Template, with four/five short static pages. What we're giving you today is something much more bigger, versatile and functional.

What more do you want? :)

A free WordPress version of the theme? In case you're interested you can find it here! :)

Download for free 

The .zip package includes:

  • PSD of the theme
  • Documentation
  • HTML Template
  • 50+ backgrounds to personalize the theme

Licence for the HTML Template

Licenza Creative Commons
Diverso: Template HTML FREE by Your Inspiration Themes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.