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Crew member Highlight; Andrea, one of the faces and voices of our YouTube channels

There is a project we are really proud of: our YouTube channels. We have three channels where we publish video tutorials about the functionalities of our plugins. You may think it is a lot of channels but we offer this tool that deals with the same type of content but in three different languages: English, Spanish, Italian. On this page, you can read more about our YouTube channels, which are designed as a tool to ensure the success of our clients.  

This project has different protagonists, one of them is María Andrea. Her main function is to help customers in two main tasks: being one of the faces of YITH’s English channel together with Carla, and being part of the Argentinean Customer Care team. She started working in this great team less than a year ago and this is how she defines her experience: 

I would describe it as challenging, dynamic, and an amazing constant learning experience. The best word to describe everything I’ve done here since June is “growth”, both professional and personal.

Without a doubt, Andrea has not stopped learning. Especially when she encountered one of the biggest challenges she had ever faced: recording video tutorials in English about YITH products together with her colleague Carla. 

It has been an exciting challenge. I had never done anything remotely similar to recording video tutorials, but when I  started working at YITH I knew it was going to be an opportunity for new experiences, so, when I was asked to join this project I had to give it a try. Now, after 6 months this is a project I not only have fun with but I love how much I actually learn while recording each video.

For Andrea this is the project she is most proud of because she had never before encountered a challenge of this magnitude and it has allowed her to develop new skills. Although you see that casualness when you watch each of her videos on YouTube, this project has had different difficulties from the beginning.

To be honest I was clueless on how and where to begin with. I had never worked with plugins, let alone record a screen or edit videos. Luckily, the team already involved in this project were amazing from the start, very supportive, sharing information, tips and tricks to help me improve more and more with every video.

This experience has given her a very important lesson that she may never forget:

I have learned to always be open to new opportunities, projects and experiences, even if they seem scary at first or out of your comfort zone, you never know what you might learn;)

Maria Andrea collage

Even if it’s the first time she actually works in a Customer Care team, it is not the first time she deals with clients, and this previous experience helped her to get along with the most demanding customers.

I already had experience working in customer care positions so I understand this can be a very demanding field. However, to me this position is all about empathy, to be able to connect and understand the customer’s needs because every person and every inquiry is different. Of course, it can also get a little stressful but I have learned the most important thing is to keep calm, so if I start to feel a bit overwhelmed, I simply step away from the screen and I take a deep breath, then I can go back more relaxed and focused.

In fact, one of the reasons why Andrea has been so well integrated into this job has been the good relationship with the team, despite not having experience in certain aspects. 

The relationship with my colleagues is excellent!!  Even though I have not met the team in person (only the girls from Argentina :heart: ) since the start the relationship with everyone has been very welcoming, fluent and respectful. I like how the most important thing is to make sure everyone is feeling happy and motivated

But although Andrea is part of the Argentine team, she was actually born in Venezuela. However, for the last four years she has been living in Buenos Aires, a place she enjoys every day.  

One of the things that I love the most about this city is that it can feel like 10 different cities in one as you go from one neighborhood to the next one, they all have different attractions, architecture, a different vibe. But anywhere you go there is history, passion, an incredible love for culture and food.

Despite all this, she finds it hard to be away from her family, one of the things she values the most.. A family meal with her siblings, parents, aunts and uncles and more than 15 cousins makes her really happy. Like handscrafts! Lately she is very attracted to Macrame, a type of textile created with knotting techniques that you can transform into different types of accessories. Andrea is full of surprises!

With less than a year working at YITH, Andrea defines what this job means to her:

It began as a personal challenge to start in an entirely new field (previous to YITH I had only worked in hospitality and tourism). Now, it has become like a big international family where I can exchange knowledge, culture and languages.

That’s Andrea: a box of surprises that has been able to adapt and continue to grow. Find here more information about our team and here our channel in English, Spanish or Italian.

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