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How to encourage positive reviews for the products in our store

Positive customer reviews are one of the most powerful tools to increase sales in your store.

As proven by the world’s leading sales platforms, Amazon and Aliexpress, positive reviews help to keep a positive reputation about your products.

In this tutorial you will find out how to increase positive reviews in your store and, at the same time, how to encourage customers to make new purchases.

Why rely on the reviews?

It is shown that almost 63% of buyers read the reviews before proceeding to buy a product, and that at least 50% of Britons have made a customer review.

There’s a simple psychological process behind this: buyers tend not to take the seller’s word as they believe they only care about selling their product.

That’s why customers will trust those who bought said product before them, as if it was being recommended by a friend.

But it doesn’t end there! Here’s more relevant information about store reviews:

  • Products with positive reviews have a conversion rate which is 12.5% higher then those without
  • This percentage rises above 83% once said products reach 20 or more reviews. A high number of reviews indicates a highly popular product, and bestsellers never fail to raise interest among average consumers.

So where to begin?

Required Plugin

How it works

This plugin rewards positive and admin approved reviews with a discount voucher, thus improving both reviews and sales.

This reduces the amount of customers who don’t feel motivated enough to express their feedback on a product they have bought, due to lack of time or interest.
Leaving a review is especially beneficial for the customers, which are rewarded with a free discount voucher in exchange for their opinion.

The plugin will grant the customer an email containing a 10% discount voucher, valid for their next purchase.


This plugin also offers several options such as allowing you to customize emails that are automatically sent to buyers, creating different kind of vouchers and set a minimum amount of reviews to be received before the customer is granted a discount, all of which are set to meet all your needs.


Using this plugin will then trigger a cycle of purchase > review + discount voucher > purchase

Plugin settings

First of all: in order for the plugin to work as intended, all reviews must be manually approved once the program is activated, thus disabling the chance to uncheck the box in the Settings > Discussion tab.


This allows greater control with the reviews in order to avoid reviews made only for purpouse of getting a discount voucher.

In the WooCommerce > Settings > Products > General tab you are free to arrange your products reviews, including the oportunity to leave feedback or allow only verified owners reviews.

Finally, in the YIT Plugins > Review for Discounts you are free to customize the email sent to your customers.

Protip: you may combine several plugins in order to increase their effectiveness.

Try combining this plugin with Review Reminder, which automatically reminds your customer to leave a review.



And you are set: your customers will now be rewarded for their reviews and you will benefit from the results of this marketing system. And in case of unflattering reviews, don’t worry: research shows that even negative reviews may increase the conversion rate up to 70%!

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