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How to make product variations immediately available and selectable in your site

YITH WooCommerce Color and Label Variations

When I browse a clothes shop online and I’m looking for a nice shirt, I usually select “Shirts” category and then select the one I like most. I choose the model I like and then look for colours in search for the one I like or need. Today, I need a blue shirt. It is very important for me that it is dark blue and not electric blue and to be sure of it I should see a colour box or, even better, a picture of the blue shirt.

Have you ever thought that you can offer your customers this kind of extremely useful service? It will be certainly appreciated. It might seem a trifle, but it is of great importance. Try to put yourself into your customers’ shoes and you’ll understand it. Users are very demanding when purchasing, especially if they are purchasing online and they cannot touch and see what they are buying.

And this goes not only with clothes: if you had such a preview tool that allows you to specify details for your products and allow your customers to select a variation of the same product, your store would earn a lot in terms of good arrangement and usability. Are you looking for such a powerful tool? We have provided you with the right solution, YITH WooCommerce Color and Label Variations, a plugin that was already available in our themes and that we are now making available to everyone’s needs. Moreover, it has been enriched with features carefully selected on the basis of our experience and especially on customers’ requests. What’s better than a plugin tailored on your needs?

Let’s begin describing its features. We have talked about colours, but colours are not the only variations you might add to your products, are they? To talk always about clothes shops, you will certainly need to add sizes for your shirts, jackets, shoes or whatever. You can put a button for each of them and, according to this selection, adding the right product to the cart.

You might say, that WooCommerce already offers you this possibility: of course it does, but just with some select dropdowns that are not so intuitive and immediate to users. YITH plugin is an extension of WooCommerce and implements its exceptional features with additional ones that aim at improving your website usability. This makes your site even more sales-oriented. Just see with your own eyes how they have been improved!

WooCommerce vs YITH

And then, as we have already mentioned before, not only can you create colour attributes, but also image attributes, that are a preview of the final item and do not leave anything to users’ imagination. So, you can be sure they do not misunderstand or get a wrong impression of how the item should be and, above all, they can be sure of what they are buying, of how the item looks like: this helps them make a decision for purchase.


Another important feature added by the plugin for your variations is the possibility to add a description to the attributes shown in the product and explain what that issue is used for. Let’s make an example. The plugin is very versatile and can be used for any type of products, say, you are selling one of the most famous albums by Queen. You sell the 33 rpm record, 45 rpm, Compact Disc and even the downloadable recording. Images may not be enough to underline the differences between different types of discs and here is how the description option becomes essential, because below attribute variations you can show a description text for explaining the attribute. In addition, you can add to each variation a tooltip where you can specify “33 rpm”, “45 rpm”, “CD” and “Downloadable mp3”.


Well, words are superfluous in describing this plugin, YITH WooCommerce Color and Label Variations speaks for itself. So, what we recommend is to give a look to the plugin preview and you will understand the powerful functionalities of the plugin! Do not waste a second more!

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