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YITH Woocommerce Zoom Magnifier plugin, zoom to sell

This article describes an outdated version of the plugin. You can find a more recent article here. Enjoy it!

Suppose you have a web store (WordPress based) and to sell clothing. In the last meeting with the sales department you have decided to take a new collection of ties. They are all beautiful, gorgeous, with a very fine fabric and a micro design that would blow the mind to anyone.

At this point you realize that the mere fact of showing this item in the catalog with a stock picture is not enough to show the quality of the fabric and that it would be better to offer a more detailed view of what you sell, that is, allowing the visitor to inspect the product and to admire its features.

How can you do that?

A zoom on the preview could be an interesting solution because it offers the detailed vision immediately, without forcing the visitor to go searching for any additional images.

Now, for those who use WordPress and WooCommerce, this solution is really quite simple. In fact, we have just released a plugin that allows you to zoom in on the image of the products in the catalog. The plugin allows you to look at the product more closely and analyze the details that often make the difference.

The plugins is called YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier and it can be downloaded for free from WordPress repository.

Magnifier sample

Excite to sell

Recent neuromarketing studies have shown that the number of sales of an e-shop is as high as the greater is its ability to create a practical and emotional user experience. This means that an ecommerce works best when boaters have the ability to process the information of the product through the measurement of the details, as well as normally happens in the experience of actual purchase.

Everything can not (yet) be reproduced on a web page. Missing the odors, missing the opportunity to touch. But the pictures can be seen. And so a bag, a hat, a mobile phone or a pair of glasses can be seen and then inspected in detail to understand, according to the common experience, quality and features.

Yith WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier does a very simple (but powerful) thing in this sense: it increases the emotions of your customers and consequently increases the sales of your shop.

Installation and Configuration.

The plugin can be installed easily. You just need to enabled it.

In order to configure the plugin you simply need to head your browser to the WordPress installation then go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Magnifier.
Configurable settings are available in our documentation, below the Getting Started -> Settings menu.


For example you can choose to enable or not the slider with a gallery of other product images, to display the zoom area inside the product image area or to the right. Then again you can choose how it should behave on mobile devices and much more.
The size of the zoomed image are set automatically by the plugin within the WooCommerce settings: WooCommerce -> Settings -> Catalog. The values ​​change automatically when you change the size of the Single Product Image.


How to use the plugin

The Magnifier plugin will be enabled on the product featured images. Once you loaded the image, you just need to hover the mouse on that image and look the instant zoom that opens on the right.

In order to display the slider below the featured image (eg. when you have many images to display) you just need to upload the images in the gallery of the product.


The plugin allows you to add the zoom effect even to the product variations. Once you created the variable product you can add an image to the single variation to enable the plugin.


Want to include the plugin in your them and configure it?

Sometimes there are special needs or special layouts that necessarily require to customize, for example, the HTML or CSS code of the plugin. How can you do in this case?

If you are a developer and you need to customize the YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier we have been thinking of you.
Our plugin has been developed in order to give you the ability to:

  • edit the CSS style of the plugin, simply by creating a file yith_magnifier.css in the folder  woocommerce/ of your theme. The plugin will load this one instead of the original.
  • customize the templates: copy the single-product folder placed within the templates/ folder of the plugin and paste it within the woocommerce/ folder of your theme. Now you are able to customize the templates. The plugin automatically will load those files instead of the templates contained within the plugin folder.


If you are using WordPress and WooCommerce to sell your product, then do not waste any more time: download YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier plugin and install it.

Improving the user experience for your website it is always a good thing to do. Do it right now!

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