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No Tricks just a Treat for you!

Trick or treat? You’ve probably read or heard these words many times on the scariest day of the year. Ghosts that make you panic, terrifying pumpkins, witches, black cats that attract bad luck, dark bats, or spider webs that will give you a bad scare. Just thinking about it makes your hair stand on end.

At YITH we prefer treats. But not like Halloween with candies and sweets, but much better. So if you’re looking for scary offers for your WooCommerce store, you’re on the perfect site. Today we’ve put on our costume and prepared an awfully good offer that won’t stop you from screaming (and not scaring): 30% off everything. But be careful because it’s for a limited time. You can only use it on 30th and 31st October so don’t be afraid and take advantage of this scandalous discount.

And why do you have to use this offer? You’re probably asking yourself that. We’re going to describe some of our plugins that will cast a spell on you and explain why we think it’s the right time to buy them and make use of their characteristics.

Spine-chilling Subscriptions

The subscription model has become as common in online stores as children dressing up every 31st October. Subscriptions in newspapers, libraries, websites with photos, video games… For this reason, YITH brings its Subscription plugin with improvements such as the use of variations to create different subscription plans or better options emailing and automated correspondence options, as well as new features such as an improved UX for better subscription set up and management or more flexibility for the user. All this with the possibility to take advantage of it with a scarily good discount.

Devilish Dynamic Pricing

There is a lot of competition on the Internet and that is why it is important to differentiate ourselves from the rest. When we walk down the street we are usually attracted by illuminated signs where we can read “end of season sales”, “everything at half price” or “buy some glasses and take the second ones for half price”. On the web, we can also use this trick and the YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount plugin will be our great ally. It allows you to create terribly special offers based on the value of the cart, the quantity, specific products, or whatever you want. It only limits your imagination. Soon Black Friday will arrive, what better complement for your store than this one to manage those deals?

Repulsive Request a Quote

Every online store is different and that is why some prefer to make public or hide the prices of their products or services. Imagine you have a tattoo studio with an online catalog that includes your designs, but prices vary depending on the location of the tattoo, style, size, etc. For cases like this the YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin is perfect. Customers will be able to request a personalized quote for each product and there will be a closer connection between customer and supplier.

Ghostly Gift cards

98% of stores use gift cards to increase sales volume and promote customer loyalty. That’s the main reason why you should get the Gift Cards plugin. Imagine being able to give your customers the opportunity to buy virtual or physical gift cards without having to search for the perfect but impossible gift. And even better, you can personalize the virtual ones with really scary designs for Halloween, emotional for Christmas, or romantic for Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t decided yet, take the opportunity to purchase it at 30% off.

Wizardy Wishlists

Many times customers are not satisfied with gift cards and want to buy specific products from your store. Wishlists plugin, a key sales, and marketing instrument for users and managers of online stores are very important here. On one hand, the user can create monstrous lists with their favorite products and share them with their friends and family, and on the other hand, the administrator can take advantage of the information on these lists to make specific and terrifying promotions to encourage the customer to buy the products. It’s all advantages.

These are some of our best petrifying plugins, but not the only ones. If you want to know more information about our plugin catalog, go to yithemes.com. But don’t be distracted by ghosts and skeletons and take advantage of the 30% discount on all our products. You decide: trick or treat?

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