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Not just an update, a brand new redesign for YITH Gift Cards plugin!

Christmas is coming and it’s the time of the year when our Gift Cards plugin becomes the most popular of the entire catalogue.

After all, surveys show evidence: everyone loves gift cards, especially at Christmas time, and many consider our YITH Gift Cards plugin the most complete and versatile one. Maybe because we’ve put our hearts in it and have been constantly adding new handy features. Or maybe because of the 5-star support that we offer to customers who use the plugin in their shop.

Anyway, YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards is aware of its own worth and has got a big head recently.

It became ambitious and aimed to be even more beautiful, even smarter.

Especially when it comes to design and usability.

For the past two months we’ve locked it into a cocoon made of code and design and worked on it without interruption, to improve the admin panel usability, to make the gift card page modern and appealing and to add all the options that you’ve been asking us for during this time.

We are proud of the final result and are eager to present all the new features of YITH Gift Cards 3.0 (and give some insight on the ones scheduled for version 3.1. ‘Cause we never stop!)

A new usable and functional backend

First of all, we started from the new design of our plugin framework and applied it to the whole backend, then we reorganised the collocation of the available options and cleared the code to improve the plugin performances.

All the settings are now split into specific tabs, which makes the user interface much more usable.

The new interface of the Gift Card page

Let’s be honest, the gift card page was somehow obsolete and had some usability issues as well.

Redesigning it was a challenging task, but it was worth it. What do you think?

On the left, you’ll find the gift card template that updates in real time and on the right you’ll find all the options to customize it (you can activate them one by one from the plugin settings):

  • Pick one of the default images;
  • Open the modal window with all images sorted by category;
  • Upload a custom image or a picture;
  • Choose the amount or enter your own custom amount;
  • Pick a date from the calendar to deliver the gift card email;
  • Add more than one recipient.

Also the Gift this product option underwent surgery and this is what it looks like now:

In version 3.0 we’ve added an option (repeatedly requested by many of our customers) to allow using the gift card codes in the coupon box in Cart and Checkout: this will prevent any possible misunderstanding generated by using different fields for gift cards and coupon codes.

Version 3.0 is already available. Take advantage of the live demo to give it a try and see with your own eyes the revolution we’ve carried out 🙂

Moreover, we will soon release version 3.1, where you will find:

  • Options to customize the gift card right in the modal window: simple mode or in steps.

  • An option to send the gift card also by SMS (and we will do our best to add also Whatsapp and Telegram options)

  • A shortcode for the ‘Gift this product’ option to use this feature anywhere you like: in a widget in the product page sidebar, in shop page, inside a graphic banner and so on.
  • An option to let users set up the gift card generated through ‘Gift this product’ in a modal window;

Do you want to learn more about it? Take a look at the plugin in the live demo and make some tests: check the new plugin style or go through the full changelog if you want to read the new changes of this update.

If you’ve installed YITH Gift Cards plugin in your e-commerce store, you can update it to the new version and start with the new modern and intuitive interface right now.

Whereas if you haven’t installed a Gift cards system yet, do it now! This is the best time to take remedial action and give your users one of the most useful and popular services at Christmas time.

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