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Test more than one plugin on a sandbox site for your WooCommerce Project

Why would you need to test a plugin?

We’ve all been there… you want to add another functionality to your WooCommerce site like gift cards, product filters, or creating a membership area. Maybe your client is asking you for more complex solutions to their idea, or you are starting out planning for a marketplace to allow customers to auction products. Whether for the simple or the more complex projects, you want to make sure the plugin does what it says.

The customer care team often gets asked if one plugin can ‘work’ with another. For example, “Request a Quote work with YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons?”
The simple answer is, of course, ‘yes,’ but it often follows another question and so on… every solution is so unique, and the best way to find out is to try it yourself.
For this reason, we made sure the Sandbox site is ready for you to test any plugin.

What are the advantages of testing more than one WooCommerce plugin?

Cost-saving; You don’t need to buy the plugin or several plugins to test the functionality. If you already have a YITH plugin installed on your site, you can activate that one and add another YITH plugin to see how they work together.
Added functionality; More than one plugin often ‘unlocks’ new functionality. An example is YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts as many plugins like YITH WooCommerce Brands add-on and Badge management.
Time-saving; Plugin demo sites have settings and content optimized for the plugin you want to test. So much easier than buying, downloading, setting up, and then trying if it works.
Share and showcase; If working for a client, you can record demos, scope the project, and take screenshots, all within minutes.

How to test more than one WooCommerce plugin?

Now you know how useful it can be, let’s take you through the steps to enable you to do this.

Step one; pick the main plugin that gives you the core functionality; this is useful if you want to load the demo content. Also, it is always a good idea to check out the integrations tab on each plugin page, where you can easily check the compatible plugins.

Step two; click on the ‘view live demo’ link on the product page.

Step three; click on the ‘launch live demo’ in the green box – ‘your sandbox will be created within seconds.’

Step four; navigate to the “Plugins” section and search for the additional plugin(s) you want to activate. You will find more than just YITH plugins so that you can test contact forms too, like for the Catalog Mode plugin. It is important to remember you are checking the premium version for each plugin. The compatibility between a free and premium plugin might not be quite the same.

Step five; use the extensive documentation you can find from the product plugin page and experiment with all the settings.

Please note that the demo usually is active for 1 hour; you will be given the option to extend this towards the end.  You are unable to have more than one demo open on your computer and the good things is that you do not need any login details or password to get started.

What if the Sandbox testing is not enough?

The final step is to test the “Plugins” in your own environment. For this, you will need to buy the plugins. Luckily the extensive documentation and support team of around 40 are there to help you if you find any difficulties. If after that, you still struggle we can get you in touch with some of our support partners that we work closely with to add customizations to your site.

And finally, we do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee…

So don’t delay and try some of the plugins together and create your next e-commerce project before even buying the plugin subscription.

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