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As we have anticipated in the past days, we’re switching our support platform. Actually our support forum is available in a read-only format and it’s not possibile to open new tickets. This is a temporary situation, we are waiting for properly propagations of DNS-es so you can access and ask support within the new platform. Once we activate the new platform, if you have not yet resolved topics in the old forum, you are invited to open a new ticket in the new platform. In order to improve our support please attach the old link to the new ticket. New updates will be available on this page and on our Facebook Official Page. We’ll be back as soon as possible.


  1. I just downloaded the maya theme and need lots of help to ensure that I downloaded with wordpress correctly and that I can find the samples content that would make my website similiar to yours. I have no experience in anything IT, but I am a quick learner.

  2. I activated my theme forest purchase on here and am trying to find the instructions on how to set up my shop on mayashop, it wont let me see the read only posts in the forum it says i do not have permission to acrivate it please help.

  3. hello!
    – you posted that we can open a new topic in http://support.yithemes.com. It is NOT working, the site cannot be shown!
    – you posted, that the new support forum is available now. In fact it is NOT!
    – you said, the “old forum” is available only in read format. Unfortuately it is NOT, because the link to the forum does not exist….

    I am one the many clients, who bought the maya theme by themeforest, I was very happy with the support forum and it’s quick solutions by the developers… Where are they now?! I want to see my posts and the solutions for my questions. I only want to read them, but I HAVE NO ACCESS TO THIS FORUM !!!!
    Waiting on your feedback as soon as possible in order to have ACCESS TO THE MAYA THEME SUPPORT FORUM AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I clicked on it and it opens just fine for me. The site popped right up. Have you tried back with it since then? Maybe there was just an issue that day with your computer or the site?

  4. Hi, I too bought my Maya from ThemeForest and I am having problems too. Like suher, I too cannot access and i get sent to http://support.yithemes.com/ which is a dead link. I really want access to the the sample content to get my shop up. Please help and supply a direct link. Many thanks Bessie.

  5. Same Problem I too also bought the Maya theme from Themeforest and cant access the sample content anywhere? Can you provide me with a link?

  6. Me too.

    Looks like none of these requests for help were even replied to. Will we regret buying Maya and finding a dead end here?

  7. Hello,
    sorry for the delay in the answer.
    You can find the sample content for Maya in this topic.

    You should activate your theme here first, to access that content.

    If you have problems activating your theme, please submit a ticket (and ignore the warning to activate the theme): I will look into it personally.

    Thank you for buying our themes.

    Best regards

  8. Hi i can go to old forum but can’t sign i n new one. i have something like this:

    Remote authentication failed: User is invalid: Email: has already been taken.
    Try again
    Log out of Your Inspiration Themes
    Return to Your Inspiration Themes dashboard

    I have some questions about PinkRio theme, couse i bought it and have some difficulties, so how can i ask a topic? and where?

  9. Can someone answer form my questions? I need to finish site and i can’t make topic couse on old forum it isn’t possible and when i try to sign on new one i have this:

    Remote authentication failed: User is invalid: Email: has already been taken.
    Try again
    Log out of Your Inspiration Themes
    Return to Your Inspiration Themes dashboard


  10. I also cannot access the tutorials and sample content. Same deal, Envato sells it, shuffles support off to UnCommons, who in turn hand it to YIThemes. The access code with the Envato purchase is bad and there is no recourse but to email YIT, which has had no response.

    This is very lame.

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