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The passion for a clean design and the sense of beauty inherent in the concept of this project suggest that the theme we’re presenting today couldn’t be called otherwise. Stendhal is the name of a French writer  famous for his love for Italy and its arts. And we -Italians from head to toe – were inspired by these feelings to design first and develop after a corporate/portfolio theme capable of offering:

  • Aesthetic harmony
  • Usability
  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility

Obviously, it’s a responsive theme. Actually I would say more: its shamelessly responsive, in the sense that, probably more than others, seems to be more pleasant when you open it on an iPhone or iPad. But this I want you to see it with your own eyes. Download now the free version of Stendhal and make it work.

General Specifications

Stendhal is one of those themes that immediately catches your eye, but if don’t have the time to explore it, you’ll bookmark it to save a trace of something that immediately appears as an important opportunity to know about things well done. But if you happen to have time – it’s useless -you’ll browse it until indigestion. The reason is simple: it offers such a large quantity of super-details and refinements of graphical, typographic, structural precision that you can’t do without checking personally every single feature. Of course, as for all our themes, Stendhal can be mounted and set even by inexperienced hands thanks to a powerful  administration panel which allows you to manage easily the configuration of every single element.


The logo is the first element that a web master should think about when he mounts the pages of a website. This is why the panel of Stendhal opens with this type of configuration.


The configuration of the first section of the panel

The configuration options of the first section of the panel (accessible by Stendhal Free > Theme Options) are very advanced. The user can control:

  • logo customization;
  • tag-line;
  • favicon:
  • breadcrumb;
  • layout of the website (which is great);
  • responsive behavior.

The Footer

In the second tab of the panel we find a section dedicated to the footer, where the user can select different types of footers, as well as personalizing texts and links displayed by default by Stendhal.


404, archive, category and search pages

Follows a section in which the user can configure some preferences concerning:

  • the page 404, can decide to enable it or not
  • the archive page, can decide to enable it, what title to give to the page and whether to show the contents or an excerpt of the same
  • the category page, as above
  • the search page, as above

The Blog

The vital and neuralgic center of a modern business, a blog is a powerful communication tool that your WordPress can’t do without.

A theme must have many features in order to be considered as a high quality theme. Surely it will never be so if it doesn’t allow the user to personalize strongly his blog with simple and intuitive steps.

The panel of Stendhal has been designed to give the maximum autonomy of configuration.


The first step regards the categories you want to exclude:

  • from the blog page
  • or from the list of categories that appear on the sidebar

In the screenshot you see only Uncategorized enabled. But try to imagine all your topic categories. A long list. Which of these would you like to have on the homepage and which ones hidden in the blog page? And which ones must not appear in the list of the sidebar? It seems  like a minor feature. Actually, it’s a very smart option that can make the difference in the management of the contents. Follow other 7 options that get enabled/diasabled with a simple on/off switch, plus a text field. They are:

  • Show featured image, to enable/disable on the blog page an image of evidence.
  • Show featured image detail, to enable/disable the image of evidence even in the single post.
  • Show date, to show the date of the post.
  • Show author, to show the author of the post.
  • Show comments, to show the number of comments in the post.
  • Show read more button, to show the read more button that takes you from the blog page to the single post.
  • Read more text: in this field you can write an alternative text to (eg. continue, more info, go etc.)
  • Show tags, to show the tags in the post

By default, all these options are set to on.



Showing others what readers/clients think is a good way to build credibility and authority. Even better if the testimonials are structured in a clear and professional way. Stendhal offers four different ways to show feedbacks, but it doesn’t preclude the user the possibility to set some choices.


With two on/off switches and a drop down choice:

  • Show Thumbnail: you can decide whether to show or not the thumbnail photo of a testimonial. It’s easy as drinking a glass of water.
  • Link to the testimonial detail page: you can decide to link the website of the testimonial.
  • Testimonial text type: to show all the feedback or just part of it.

Take note of the slide that indicates the number of words to show for each testimonial.


Custom Codes

We did a lot to simplify the configuration phases of the theme. However we also considered the needs of more advanced users, those who have experience of codes and want to further customize the elements of the theme. In fact in the last section of the Stendhal panel there are some custom fields in which you can change both the style and the

 JavaScript. stendhals009 stendhals010

The Sidebar

Choosing where to put the sidebar certainly is one of the points of strength of Stendhal. But in addition to the position, the panel allows you to choose the type according to the page that will show the widgets.


Both for the pages and for the posts, the panel immediately offers two settings:

  • The switch button, to enable/disable a specific sidebar for all types of pages.
  • The choice of the positioning of the sidebar (right or left) or a layout without sidebar.

And as already said, there’s a drop down menu for the selection of  the type of sidebar.



Stendhal is a theme thought to give visibility to corporate /portfolio websites. This means that one of the most important pages of a website that uses this theme is the Service page.

For this reason, we developed our custom post type. The user can create one or more service pages in a simple and professional way.


Among the tools of an editor, there’s a button for the shortcodes to use on this page. Without writing a line of code, you can configure buttons, icons or show services in the mode you prefer. Easy and intuitive.


Drag & Drop Menu

The  Stendhal menus are compatible with the Drag & Drop system introduced in version 3.0 of WordPress. To create the main navigation menu you have to drag the elements to a specific area.

stendhals013 stendhals014


The theme is localized in English. Using the translation file released with the theme you can translate it in the language you need.

Support File

Along with the theme, we released a support file that will help you during the whole configuration process of the theme.

For obvious reasons, we can’t offer support to every user that downloads and uses Stendhal, as it would be impossible for us to keep up all the requests without penalizing our work, considering also the number of users that follow us today and the possibility that this theme could probably be present in the official WordPress directory.

To report any bugs, you can use the comments of this article.

The Premium version of Stendhal

Could there be done more than we did? Sure. There’s no limit to the desire to go further. In fact, for more advanced users, with needs of  higher performances and more features, we developed a premium version of Stendhal.  Here you can see the characteristics:

  • Free Support
  • VideoTutorials
  • 8 types of sliders
  • Extension of the theme options
  • SEO
  • Unlimited colors
  • Over 200 fonts from the Google library
  • Background Uploader + 50 backgrounds
  • Unlimited contact forms with JavaScript validator
  • Video Gallery
  • About Page
  • 4 different portfolio styles
  • Shortcode Manager with over 300 Shortcodes
  • Sample data
  • Custom Widget

8 types of sliders

Now that we’re in the premium dimension, the user doesn’t simply mount a website, but chooses the best way to show his contents and leave a mark in the navigator’s mind.

On the home page, this need is synthesized in a code technology called slider. In the premium version of Stendhal, there are 8 different types of sliders:

  1. Revolution
  2. Flex Slider Elegant
  3. Flex Slider
  4. Flash
  5. Elastic
  6. Rotating
  7. Thumbnails
  8. Usquare
stendhals017 stendhals018 stendhals019

Extension of the theme options

With the premium version, you have complete control of  every single element of management, administration, creation and promotion and indexing of your website.


Stendhal allows you to optimize your website and your contents for search engines thanks to:

  • a panel created specifically for website, pages, post and custom post type;
  • Stendhal SEO metabox on every single page or post.
stendhals020 stendhals021

Unlimited Colors

You can easily edit the colors for each section or element, from the text to the links, from the slogan to the buttons, etc.


Over 600 fonts from the Google library

For a better and more pleasant typography of your pages, you can choose from over 600 different fonts for your logo, titles, slogans, text, etc.


Background Uploader + 50 backgrounds

In addition to the infinity of colors that you can mount thanks to the color picker, with Stendhal you can easily upload a pattern or an image to personalize the background of your pages.


Unlimited contact forms with Javascript validation

You can create an unlimited number of contact forms, to satisfy every need, in a simply way, directly from the Stendhal custom post type.


About Page

One of the most important pages of a website, probably one of the first pages visited by navigators to have an idea of who owns the website, is the about page. More time is dedicated to the this page, better will be the impact on the reader. It’s matter of  first impressions.

Our designers have worked a lot on equilibrium and spaces in order to obtain a professional result as the one showed in Stendhal.


The theme allows you to select a different style to present your team. It’s the U-square Style. Here it is:


13 different portfolio styles

We already mentioned that Stendhal is a portfolio theme. But we haven’t said yet that unlike others, it allows you to show your works/projects in 13 different ways. Let’s see them.


With a slider of images on the left and description/info on the right. But there’s much more to see on the page therefore it’s worthwhile to choose this solution.



Four thumbnails for each row. A classical solution but always valid. An evergreen.



If you’re looking for a more adorable solution, then you can’t miss Thumbs.



We don’t need many words to explain this solution. Pinterest, besides being social, it has been for many a new way to show the contents. And we’re offering it with this type of portfolio layout:


Slide Detail

Try to pass with the mouse over the thumbnails and tell me: what do you feel?



The labels for the selection of the project categories are so cute.


Two- columned

Neat and great. A layout for those who have beautiful images to show at once.



An additional column to the previous style. The images are less but there’s an increase of the number of projects displayed.



And yet one more column, to give a general overview of your clients/works portfolio.  stendhals036

Big Image

And if the project is really over the top? Well, in this case, this solution is perfect:



Sometimes you need navigability solutions and economy of the spaces. Here it is:


Project detail #1 and 2

And if we would like to give more information about the project from the very beginning? No problem. In addition to the many portfolio solutions, Stendhal also has two layouts for the details. Let’s see them:

stendhals039 stendhals040

Shortcode Manger with over 300 Shortcodes

With one single click you can add elements of aesthetics, usability or contents to your web pages (video, slider, buttons, tabs etc.).

stendhals041 stendhals042

Sample data

With one single click you can import our demo file and instantly have your website exactly as our preview (to then modify the contents according to your needs).

Custom Widget

With the installation of Stendhal you install also a series of widgets (latest projects, testimonials, etc.) non included in your WordPress basic.


Free Support

With the Premium version you’ll receive all the assistance you need every time you need it. Just open a ticket and the YITHEMES team will take care of you.

Video Tutorials

Even for the premium version, the configuration is really easy, thanks to our detailed video tutorials that guide you step-by-step in the construction of your WordPress site.


At this point, the only thing left to do is to try Stendhal and figure out if, with its graphics, solutions and tons of features, it  can really satisfy your needs.

We’re ready to bet on it, because we know about its flexibility but above all we know how its panel is made up, easy to use, intuitive and structurally designed for everyone, even for those who don’t have experience with WordPress tools.

Let’s do like this: take a look at the preview.  And if you think that Stendhal could be a good solution for your needs, download the free version and start using it. After all, if things are bound to happen, they’ll happen . And if this theme was born to be your theme, you’ll understand right away.

Happy exploration.


  1. Really enjoying the quality of Stendhal as a free theme, but struggling to find out a precise list of differences between the free vs. paid versions. Seems like the free one has no support for sliders at all? This was a bit misleading as you still provide the Slider custom post type, but no way of displaying them. I’d have thought the free version would give one or two slider types, with the premium version offering all 8.

  2. I love this theme. Im using the Premium, but I have a couple questions:
    Does anybody know how to align the menu to the right (default: its on the left side).
    And in the header: Now i have a logo at the left: can i add a text at the right?

    Thank you so much!

  3. Asking questions are actually nice thing if you are not understanding anything fully, but this piece of writing gives good understanding yet. Great post 🙂

  4. I’m really bummed by the Free version’s News template. Having a blog page that provides -no- summary text, just room for an enormous image, with no way to add that, is a non-starter. This is a bummer, as the template is otherwise pretty good for us.

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