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Crew member Highlight: Carla, everlasting kindness and YouTube star

Our YouTube channels became a very useful tool to help our clients in the configuration of the plugins. Taking part in this great project is Carla, one of the faces of the English channel together with María Andrea

Carla landed with her eternal smile and kindness just a few months ago in YITH. These months of work could be defined in a very simple way: growth. 

I needed to work somewhere that would allow me to grow professionally, where I could learn something new everyday and know people around the world that spoke different languages. This was it! The best word to describe everything I’ve done here since June is “growth”, both professional and personal.

Since then, she has carried out different tasks in the team:

I belong to the Customer Care Team so I talk to users over our chat and email trying to provide the best possible experience always. I’m also part of the YouTube Team so I record video tutorials to show users how to do this and that, I like it because I get to use the plugins myself. And I’m also a translator so I’m always happy to proofread or translate anything, from a small message that will be displayed on our website for a week to sections from our plugins’ documentation and more!

A large part of her day is spent answering clients who need some kind of help. It has been a complex experience at the beginning, but an enriching one. 

It was a bit exhausting at first because I was still learning about our plugins so I needed to make sure I was giving users the best option for their sites. Of course, it’s easier now and I really appreciate when users give me the examples of what they’re trying to accomplish, it’s the best way to get into their minds and know what to offer or how to help them.

And since one of her ambitions is to move forward and never go back, she plunged into the YouTube project when she was offered the opportunity.

It has been a journey! I was thrilled with the idea the moment I got asked if I wanted to do it, I was definitely not expecting it to be so complicated at first. There are a lot of steps to follow to make sure you’re giving users the best and clearest tutorial, from setting everything up to recording, editing, etc. But I can say I have learnt a lot and I can see the difference between the videos I recorded at first and the ones I’m recording now.

Carla's videos

But the experience with YouTube video tutorials left her with an important lesson.

Do your best, everything new is hard at first. If you practice and your heart’s in it, you’ll succeed.

A lesson that is quite related to one of the pieces of advice she would give to anyone:

Anything worth doing takes time and effort.

She knows exactly what she’s talking about because she learned to ride a bike three months ago. Nothing is impossible! Not even working with the rest of the team so many miles away.

We all have great relationships, I love my teams, we’re all very supportive of each other, we’re always helping each other out if needed. And everyone’s so warm, you really feel like you’re part of the team even if we’re all working from different locations.

Carla is part of YITH’s Argentine team. After graduating as a translator, she went from working in an office to working from home, something she really likes to do in order to better organize her tasks. 

The pandemic showed me that you can do almost anything from home as long as you have the right tools and the right people on it.

But if you like the outdoors and social gatherings it’s important to find a good balance. She is the happiest on sunny days, the beach, laughing and drinking mate (an Argentinean infusion) with family and friends. This together with cooking, watching good movies or series or going for a walk are her great passions.

Carla, with her eternal smile and kindness, could not have defined YITH better.

YITH is the dream team. We’re all doing our best in things that we’re talented in and in learning new skills.

That’s Carla: the willingness to learn, the kindness and constant smile. Find more information about our team and visit our YouTube channels in English, Spanish or Italian.

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