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Crew member Highlight; Carlos the Auction plugin developer

It is a really great thing to introduce our crew members to the wider YITH audience and users. Many of the developers and support staff work hard ‘behind the scenes’. Especially now we don’t attend any physical WordCamps where our customers get to meet some of the crew.
So let’s find out about Carlos and what he has been up to in the last few weeks. (the title is a big hint here)

Carlos has been working at YITH since coming out of University, actually whilst doing his studies he found himself as a scholar learning his practical skills with us. Asking how to describe working at YITH, Carlos answered:

“Great, day by day since 2016 I improve my skills as a developer and it’s really comforting that my work is helping a lot of customers in their shop. I studied computer engineering at the University of La Laguna. And after finishing, I was presented with the opportunity to work at YITH thanks to the scholarship”

How would you describe a typical day?

“I start work at 8 ‘o’clock. I spend 15 minutes checking task that my colleagues send me. After that, I start to work on tickets and I try to help customers to fix their problems on their shop pages. After lunch, I work on a different project. Plugins update, bug fixing, and improvement. Always, you can find something to do. Each day is a different day 🙂

Do you have a particular project that you manage?

“Yes, I have been very busy updating YITH Auctions for WooCommerce in the last few months, with a big new upgraded release out soon”

What were the struggles you experienced working on this plugin?
“The ignorance of how an auction page works, but after an in-depth study. This plugin is helping many people in their shop.”
Do you have a favorite type of customer? And what makes them unique?
“I think the best customer is the one that makes our job easier to try to solve their problems with the support as soon as possible.”
Carlos in the center doing a talk at WordCamp Chiclana in 2020, with Sara (left) and Nando our CEO (right)

Carlos is one of our crew members that regularly attend, and also speaks at, mainly Spanish WordCamps.

As a speaker during WordCamp Chiclana, Carlos shared how to correctly extend the WordPress functionalities, not to cause conflicts with the rest of the web components and keep them in the future, since an incorrect implementation can bring us many problems. Read about it here >

Carlos was born and bred in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and in his words, it is a special place mainly due to the good weather all year round.

“I love the beach. Whenever I can I go swimming and enjoy the waves and the tranquility.”

What food or drink gets you motivated?

“When I start the day, after a coffee, my head starts working quickly. But for food you can’t beat a good pasta or a typical Canarian dish “Papas, piñas y costillas”

Check out other crew-members’ stories and how they started working at YITH. If you want to connect with Carlos you can do so via twitter @crodriguezbrito

Carlos is sitting down on the front row, first from the right.

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