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How to encourage further purchases and increase the amount of reviews on your e-commerce store

We are used to think that the best way to increase sales in our store is to get more customers.

That is what most related Google searches ask and, consequently, that’s what most marketing strategies tend to offer.

Surely our store has a potentially endless amount of customers, considering there’s seven billion people in the world.

Counting out those without a computer, those who live in different countries (which are less likely to buy from your store), those that are not interested in your products, those who can’t afford them and those who usually shop from other stores, though… you will realise the number of potential customers is a little lower then billions.

That’s why it’s just as important to get new customers and to keep old customers coming to buy from your store again.

What if there was a way to achieve both things at the same time?

In this article we are going to find out how to motivate your customers to make further purchases and gaining a strong incentive for new ones at the same time: customer reviews.

To achieve this on your WooCommerce based store, we are going to need the combined action of two plugins.

Required plugins

The power of new and old

It’s easy to understand how getting new customer will be beneficial for your store, but you shouldn’t underestimate those who already bought from you in the past.

  • More transactions – A customer is not an exhausted resource after one single purchase. Dedicating part of your attention to keeping customers loyal to your store will allow your user base to grow and let new customers join old ones.
  • It’s easier – It is actually much easier to sell a product of yours to a customer who already experience the quality your store can guarantee.

Why invest on reviews? Consider the fact that products with 20 or more reviews reach a conversion rate that’s 80% higher than those without!

It’s a proven fact that customers who enjoy writing reviews are more likely to leave positive ratings for the products they buy. And how could they not be happy if they get rewarded for doing so?

And this is the base concept behind Review for Discount.


This plugin will reward customers reviews with a discount coupon they can use for their next purchase.

And this is how you achieve two important results:

  • You get reviews from that big part of your customer base that, out of lack of time, will or interest, are not used to write reviews for the products they buy.
  • You keep customers coming back to your store to use the discount voucher they received, thus increasing sales and keeping customers loyal.

It’s a psychological fact: customers want to use the discount vouchers they receive, since they consider it like a reward or a gift which would be a waste not to use.

Sadly, our customers don’t always remember to write their review, and that’s when Review Reminder comes into play, with it you can set an automatic email to be sent to customer in order to remind them to leave their feedback.


That’s how you can keep your customers informed about the discounts they are going to get for leaving a simple review, which will exponentially increase the effectiveness of the first plugin.

It’s just a couple of simple tricks but they will make each one of your customers be worth potentially twice as much then they used to be.

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